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Life's a game full of decisions, and most of us don't have the power to change the rules. All we can do, is make our choice, and hope it was the right one, because in the end, no matter what anyone else says or does, we choose our own destiny. I don't know an awful lot about life, how to cheat at it, for instance, has always eluded me, but I do know that what I say is true.

If I've truly learned anything worth knowing, leading the life I do, it's that all are equal in death. The legacies we each leave behind, that is what truly determines the worth of someone.

So with that in mind, I've got just under 70 cycles to carve my name into history, 'fore I bite it that is.

Time's a wastin', let's get crackin'.

When a House of Winter Fallen dropship is reduced to a smoldering wreck of twisted metal by a Vex Cyclops, Skell-Rook, a dreg who's reluctant to accept his lot in life as a pirate, does all he can to survive the encounter with the murderous Vex.

He makes a decision that will forever change the course of his life.

Join Skell-Rook the Fallen dreg in his last-ditch effort to survive, an endeavor that will take him to a place he never imagined possible, free of the myriad of warring species he once knew all too well. A place where no one knows what a "Fallen" is, where no one judges him for what he is. A place where he can start over.

A place, called Equis.

A big thanks to all my pre-readers who helped me refine and shape this story into a tale that is worth your time.

Santa Shaxx
That One Hunter

Author's Note: Eliksni = Fallen, its the proper name for Skell-Rook's species.

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There are many legends whispered among the ponies of Equestria, but none are stranger than that of the metal man that fell from the stars. Legend has it that the metal man's suit of armor still exists to this very day, slumbering the centuries away in the Canterlot Archives ...

Takes place during the season four finale.

Here's some quick background info on what you need to know, seeing as the 40K universe is huge and no one can be expected to know everything.

The Space Marine chapter involved in this story is a little known chapter known as the Celestial Lions, who are a descendant of the Imperial Fists. They were targeted for destruction by the Inquisition after defying them on an Exterminatus that was due to purge a world the Lions had fought for and saved. They fought during the Third War for Armageddon mainly, and during the fighting, they were reduced from 950+ battle brothers to just 96. Their numbers are even lower now, due to events that will be explored during this story.

Edited and Proofread by the amazing Loyalist. He's seen some heresy.

Featured on 4/26/15 and again on 7/25/15

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When Celestia is woken in the dead of night, her world is forever changed by the enigmatic voice in her head, known only as Adam.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged!

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Imagine holding dominion over life and death, laughing the grim reaper in the face, day after day, unafraid of the painful end that most people eventually meet.

Imagine resurrecting the dead in an instant, restoring them to life, pushing back the veil of darkness with one fell swoop of an ingenious, yet morally questionable device.

Imagine, for a moment, that this device was produced in the hundreds, given to 1,000 soldiers to fight increasingly tough enemies. Suddenly, those 1,000 soldiers become 10,000 soldiers, and over time, even more as they become more and more experienced, yet are unable to die, being revived, over and over again. It takes a toll on a man, slowly chipping away at his perception of reality ... But a person can only outrun death for so long.

They were the Lazarus Men.

But what happens when you can't run anymore? What happens when it all catches up to you?

This is the story, of the last member of the Lazarus Men.

He is Ðorde Živkovic.

Lazarus himself.

But when a routine fight against a monster on Shear ends in catastrophe, Lazarus is there to pick up the pieces, dragging those that would submit to death's cold grasp back to life. Yet an unfortunate chain of events ends up backfiring, with Lazarus' device at the center of it all.

Follow the final member of The Lazarus Men as him and his fellow hunters face their greatest challenge yet, in a place where they had least expected it.

Evolve x MLP Crossover

Will be updated whenever I have time to write more.

Chapters will almost always be between 4k-5k words.

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During the invasion of Canterlot, the changeling horde easily overwhelmed the Equestrian Royal Guard, and Queen Chrysalis easily defeated Celestia as well. Yet, something saved them, defeating the changeling horde and Chrysalis swiftly, and without mercy. The mane 6 saw and experienced something that day ... Something they had agreed to never speak of again. Something horrible, and yet something entirely needed. They experienced violence, bloodshed, and brutality.

They witnessed truth.

They witnessed Aatrox.

Should there be another chapter? You guys decide.

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A Japanese warrior monk, known as Saito Musashibo Benkei, finds himself still alive and kicking, despite having died only days earlier. He finds himself in a strange, confusing, yet wondrous land, full of magical talking ponies who speak an equally bizzare language.

Follow Benkei as he copes with his new world, discovers new allies and friends, and comes to appreciate his new life. But Benkei was not sent to Equestria by chance to enjoy himself and live the rest of his days happily and care free. He was sent for a reason.

He was sent to help.

He was sent to enlighten others.

But most importantly, he was sent, to save Equestria.

Meanwhile, an oddly intelligent bunny by the name of Akeeta befriends Benkei, discovers the truth behind her consciousness, all while dealing with mixed feelings about a certain white bunny.

Note: Character tags will be added as they appear in the story. The mane 6, Spike, and Princess Celestia are the main cast from the show appearing in this story, but appear later on.

This will be my first shot at a historical fiction (sort've, since it's a legend crossed with MLP) , which means I actually had to do a fair bit of research on Japanese warrior monks and folklore to accomplish accurately and smoothly. That said, this is fiction, this is the MLP Universe, and Benkei himself is from a legend, so its still gonna be pretty unrealistic in that sense. I decided against using the japanese names for armor as it just serves to confuse people. However, if you prefer the japanese names, here is a helpful diagram. Also, the weapon Benkei is holding in the cover art is a naginata, in case that wasn't clear.

Also, for those wondering, no, Benkei will not be speaking Japanese for the whole story as I don't actually speak Japanese and have been relying on painstaking crosschecking with google translate to get the simple Japanese phrases that have been included to make sense when translated back to English. Don't worry, he'll be speaking English soon enough.

Lastly, this story will be updated every month . Its sortve a background project I want to continue to write to see how far I can take it while I write other things.

Side Note: Sex Tag is for references to sex, talk about sex, and some heated situations. This is a teen story, and there will be no directly written clop. Sorry!

Comments are very much welcome, even if you just want to say you hate it, so long as a valid reason is provided to enable me to grow as a writer. Thanks for reading!

Below is a simple summary of Benkei's REAL legend that happened preceeding chapter 1, and partially during the prologue.

Japanese legend tells of a man named Saito Musashibo Benkei. The origins of his birth are unknown, and the first time Benkei was seen, he was a fully grown man. After joining a monastery of monks, and then being exiled from it Benkei built a shrine next to a bridge and stood guard. He defeated 999 swordsmen before being bested, and in a display of honor, he became his adversary's retainer. Benkei fought during the Genpei wars, the giant of a man bringing death on the swift wings of his naginata, a bladed pole sword. He lived a long and exciting life, but all good things come to an end, and Benkei died defending the bridge to his master's castle. He defeated 300 samurai before finally dying of mortal wounds, but Benkei did not fall. He died standing up, at least that's how the legend goes.

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Look at your hand. Is it really there, or are you just imagining things? How are you able to know for sure that it's actually there. What if it was something small, unnoticeable, like a single skin cell out of place. But because of that one skin cell, you're now out of the loop of reality. Will you have ever known that that one cell was out of place, or will you just assume it's right where its always been? What about when another, and another cell becomes desynced from reality. You won't even feel yourself shifting ever so slightly, all you'll feel, is what you want to feel. You'll feel like those cells have always been there, and you won't even percieve yourself changing. It'll be reality. But not the true reality, your reality.

Join Discord, as he reveals the truth about reality to Twilight.

[I encourage everyone who likes this story to recommend it to friends and followers, it really helps a lot. If you disliked it, please leave a comment explaining why so I can grow as a writer. Thanks!]

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With Celestia executed, and everlasting night enacted upon the nation of Equestria, it seems all is lost for the side of the righteous. But with a mysterious force contemplating the implications of everlasting night, and the hatred and fear that fuels it, a time of reckoning approaches. At the helm of all of this is the insidious Nightmare Moon. How unlucky for her, that today is the day, that her soul will be measured, by the only one who can stop her. A god by many accounts, he is the whisper on the wind. He is the Curator of a world long gone. He is, Nasus ...

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For a long time, a lonely soul has wandered the void, lusting for knowledge, craving something more than just a simple existence. He wants information. Data. Facts. He wants to know as much as he can, about anything he can. And he will stop at nothing to acquire it ... But when a strange new land is presented to him, prior to his foray into Runeterra, what will he discover about this place, and by extension, himself? Preliminary testing, has begun. Prep the subjects, for Vel'Koz has arrived.

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