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After meeting covering the cost of lunch for a strange man with a long grey beard, mustache, blue and yellow suit a young man is sent to Equestria and, by his own request, is turned into a Digimon. He thought he had everything right, but a slip of the tongue changes that. Now he has to adjust to a new body in a new world that isn't as placid as he had hoped.

Part of the Chess Game of the Gods, approved by BlackWing
Told in first person

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 165 )

While you surprised me with having a third chapter up so soon, I would love it if you could make the chapters longer, I really like how your writing this story, and you did well describing the height cons of uh, the small version of that rabbit (sorry, I dont really memorize the digimon names) :derpytongue2: anyways, great story so far :pinkiehappy:

1019005 Thank you, 3rd chapter was already done when the story was approved it just needed some minor tweaks
Wish I could to, but honestly I cut them off when it feels right.

I don't understand why there are so many downvotes compared to the upvotes (are they called that?). This story is very well done, and it mixes two of my favourite things, MLP and Digimon.:pinkiehappy:

1020257 I don't know why either, thank you for the compliment.:twilightsmile:

thumbs up, and a fav. This is the first, if you want my opinion, good digimon mlp crossover.:heart: Great job and can't wait for more.:ajsmug:

I like the story can't wait for more.

I think its because that some of the people don't like Digimon, even if they never watch it, also not to mention some of them hate the Chessverse.

1041141 That would explain it. Complaining about shows you don't watch has more information on this obnoxious phenomena.

1041267 Dafuq is digimon?:applejackunsure:
And did you have to put in ELITE? *flashbacks to another story*
"Where the ELITE meet to beat their meat."
I would have rather not had that flashback.:pinkiesick:

1050135 ELITE, as in from MW3? Never played it so wouldn't know if I'm accidentally making a reference to it.
The Marshalls were the Caelondian equivalent of police if that's what your referring to.
As for Digimon, just look it up.

1052054 :facehoof:
No, elite is in a different story about clop.
Lyra and bon bons odd jobs II: frisky fillys

Ah, haven't read it. Sorry if I was referencing it.

1052294 :ajbemused:
How you put picture in comments!
Cant figure it out!!

1052331 gotta find it on the internet, copy url, click button next to anchor and paste it in the window, then add text in the next window

I has it in mah gallery.
Y it no come out?!
Sent it to the moon!:trollestia:

you upload it as your avatar for a little while

Yea, it said I could take it out of my gallery!
So easy my eight year bro. could do it.:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftleft::facehoof:

I just watched some Slender and then afterword took a 3-4 hour nap.so.tired.:pinkiesick:

The high school the story says is way different at just lunch. 40 or 50 minutes of eating. Try sitting out that long not eating.

Interesting so far. O.K., so far this makes 3 gender-swaps (instances of Rule 63?) that I've seen in this universe.
You even linked an episode of Digimon. I am happy about this.:moustache::yay: Digimon Season 3 was personally my favorite season.

Do you think Iron Will is going to die?

No, :pinkiegasp:unless it was some sort of zombie Iron Will that Fluttershy took assertiveness training from.\

And what did we learn today children? We learned not to mess with giant bipedal bunny-rabbits, that are super fast, and can change their hands into giant badflank axes.

I say, does the balloon-headed prince need some salve for that burn he has recieved?:moustache::eeyup:

Is it safe to say that going back to Elementary School is a bit of a blast from the past for Inaba? A nostalga attack?
Confusing people with big words: always fun.:yay::trollestia::twilightsmile::twistnerd:

“Oh yeah, then let’s hear you tell one!”

So Inaba did, and Rosy and Mist were scared for life.

So... I believe that I noticed references to "Code Lyoko", "Bionicle", and "Stargate"
The Black Vault and the Manser HQ reminds me of America's Attic. A.K.A., Warehouse 13.

Wow! This place has everything but the kitchen si-Oop! Uh, nevermind.

1152232Good for you. I'm all out of cookies, so here's a nice reclining Bon Bondl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Bonbon_gaze.png .

Great chapter.

Om nom nom nom om nom nom *crunch crunch* nom nom om nom nom om om nom nom nom om nom *smack smack* *in heavy's voice* ThAt Was DELiShoUS!!:yay:

I thought you said have a cookie and I'll just relax here.

sorry, my brain was taking a dump at the time.:trollestia:

1165248 It's O.K.. It happens to all of us.:twilightsmile:

But it happens to me more than I'd like.:applecry:

1165751 That stinks, I'm sorry to hear about that.

But not all the time.
And when I do mess up, it's just really simple.:facehoof:

I guess I'm like twilight. I over think simple things.:twilightblush:

Nice chapter. I'm faving this now because I thought I had done it and I hadn't.:facehoof:

Nice chapter, as always.

You know, I once had the same idea for a Chess Game of the Gods fic, only instead of being Antylamon, I was a Knightmon. Would you mind if I ever get to write it?

First.... Pokemon.
Now... Digimon...
What's next? Bakugan? Beyblade?

Anywhoo.. I find the story likeable. I shall track it.:moustache:

Great chapter. I hope that the next one comes out soon. Well...Those fillies are going to need therapy.

woohoo. and now there is a possible chance of mental breakdown and/or trauma

Canidae and lagomorphs, indeed. Confusing spoiled children is always great. :twilightsmile:

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