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Son of Princess Luna. A Bat Pony Alicorn who's small for his age.


So, Luna finds two colts in the streets of Canterlot. They've had a hard beginning to life and Luna hopes to make it better for them. Read as the two brothers have an adventure as royalty.

This story is to honor Peanut Butter Brony's story "The Life and Adventures of Peanut Butter."

And yes, it is about Night Mist and Peanut Butter, since he was kind enough to have my OC in his story, I'm putting his in my story. Have fun reading.

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just got done reading the fic and hears a thumb behind him and sees his cousin Valarie passed out on the floor huh I guess you can pass out from too much cuteness better get the smelling salts but first gets out black derringer marker gives her a Mustache

6409484 Very smart. Never pass up an opportunity.

6413924 it was all a funny idea i had to put on here glade you liked it though

More adventures with Nighty and Peanut? Count me in...

6665210 Hmmm..... do you mean pull you into this story? Or did you just mean that you want to read more of the adventure when I add it? Ow! Brain freeze!

6665351 I'd like to be a foal in it at some point...

6665356 Hmmmm... well this is a puzzlement. Gonna have to think of a good way to pull you into this. Wanna give me some ideas in PMs?

I wonder... who is the mysterious mare who wanted to overthrow the princesses....
I have an idea who it may be but it is very likely to be wrong...

Looking forward to the next chapter :scootangel:

Wet's see wat adventuwes we have now, widdwe bwo...

DAWWWWWWWWWWWWW wate what will hapin when blue blood meats them oh i hope he gets in trubul oh i can just imagine him being well him and luna giving him nightmares that discord will find harsh

6695599 Nah, just turn him into a foal and have Celestia and Luna give him a back-to-back spanking.

"Those Rumors were completely false. Bat Ponies were around far before even Princess Luna's birth and crowning as a princess. To say they were unholy spawns of Nightmare Moon is unjustified," Princesss Cadence interjected.


A great way to point out a spelling mistake ^-^

Is there going to be another chapter?

Yes, there will be. I'm just really busy as of right now. I plan to continue.

It is now over two years, as incentive I offer this https://youtu.be/0Ax43zHFVhI may it inspire you to return to this story.

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