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Nothing is as they seem. Equestria, a land that many would assume to be the most wonderful world to exist, is all a miraculous illusion. Its joyous environment and lovable equines are all an incredibly convincing lie. Beneath the folds of this world's false beauty is an environment so horrifying, that the most rudimentary of the truth would chill the blood and freeze the heart. Trust me. I would know... a freak like me has seen this world on the inside and out, and has witnessed the terrors it contains.

You think I'm mad... I can see it by the look in your eyes. You think my story is impossible, eh? Well, it's not your fault for thinking that. Who WOULDN'T be driven mad by the horrors I'd seen? But I assure you... all of it, every last word down to the last period, is true.

Now sit down, please... and I shall tell you a tale like none which you have ever heard.

Part of the magnificent world created by the legendary authors Rust and Blackwing. Told in first person, in present-tense.

Art by me.

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oh look... another generic HiE....

EDIT: ok fine its not that bad but the "bullied for liking ponies" threw me off a bit

Here I thought the picture was about an Incubus (if I remember correctly was a male succubus). I am wondering on what you mean about Chess Game of The Gods but I figure several different humans (all bronies if not most of them) are chosen by several gods/goddesses of Equestria are chosen for something... but I can't think straight so yeah, mind wanders >.>

860924 i dont think humans end up being weird eagle human things in most HiEs, so to say generic is... incorrect.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_unsuresweetie_flip.png
Also along the lines of generic, i see your picture is what im assuming your 'amazing' OC or self turned into a pony with the standard pony generator, not to mention the fact that you made them an alicorn... honestly i think your picture is more generic than this story... also why are you in the group human in equestria if you think that there are so many 'unoriginal' HiEs out there...

just thought i would point out some things, before you bash a new story so that would be the first comment people see. I, for one, welcome our new HiE overlords

860924 Well it isn't honestly that bad. It's funny, that's one thing going for it.

But in the words of someone less famous (and hella funny) "polish a turd, it'll still be a turd"

Eh, it's not that bad so I'll let it slide.

861008 ok you have a point its not THE generic

also i aint saying im so golden or anything and the only reason i use a pony generator for my "amazing OC" is because my scanner doesnt connect to my computer cuz its a douchebag (by that i mean the scanner)
hey um thanks miss derpy for an icon man/girl for bashing my avatar

and my reasons for being in the HiE group is cuz... umm i dont even remember anymore... also not all of them are bad

861087 its perfectly fine my good friend.

Whoa... didn't expect THIS to happen.:applejackconfused:

Well since no one else from our lovely group has commented here I might as well.
I like your creativity with what you become, kinda looks like a harpy but alittle less feral.
Good story so far but no offense but the bullied for MLP thing is alittle played out in our group.
Keep going dude, I'm actually interested in these shenanigans.
But please do tell me where you first land, it get's annoying trying to read through several dozen other fictions to make sure i dont mess with anyones story.
Anyways Good Luck and hope to god we dont met in the game!

Gutter mind? Puh-leez, I can top that easy; my mind hasn't been in the gutter in years.

It's been in the Sewer, the moss is much prettier down here.


On a more serious note, I await the next chapter eagerly, and hope to see where this story goes.

And it appears Luna is a Player, not a Piece this time...

I liked it so far, can't wait to see where this goes :twilightsmile:

aaaaaaaaaaaw shit le plot thickens

looks more like a male harpy than a demon.

For anyone whose ever been on the international website Gaia Online, the devil imp is one of the things you become with a potion.:pinkiesmile:

And man! I thought it would be bad, but Ai didn't think it'd be THAT bad.

861844 .........:pinkiecrazy:......This.....this.....this is AWESOME! :pinkiecrazy: I need more! moar moar moar! :pinkiecrazy: If I don't get more soon, I will turn you inside out and bury you in the ever green forest. :I. Make more.

"A great story for a great princess." Directed to Luna,~SSTB

861844 Dude, not bad. I am having mine approved right now. Love to see where you land. Because boy, Shit. Gets. Crazy.

Not bad, the cover-art is sexy and you've definitely got the witty teenager portion down pat.

Who's your GM (the deity who sent you here), it's pretty heavily implied to be Luna but she's already in use so I'm curious as to who it actually is.

862126... Crap, I thought Luna would be unavailable. I WAS gonna use Cadance, but IDK if she can cross dimension.

862136 I don't think Cadance is capable of that.

Might I suggest Nut, the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky? She was typically painted blue so it still fits with the human form.

...Yes.. it shall happen. I guess we can safely assume that because we've either both read the Carter Kane Chronicles, or we've just get a certain thing for Egyptian mythology.

862183 Rick Riordan is a god to me

I demand a brohoof for our love for Rick Riordan. /]

Oh, and thanks for the idea of Nut: it'll totally work

Why are you apologizing? The cover art is amazing ;3

I can see some of the generic traits of a commonplace HiE littered about what with the bullied for bronydom, knows and preforms martial arts well, isn't afraid of a fight, and has a slightly dirty mind. But I still think it's too early to make any big judgements here. I mean yeah, there are some pretty standard stuff, but that doesn't mean it will be copypasta. At least, not yet. I hope not. But for a comparison, how many "thrilling, gun totting, super spy/cop/everyday guy set in the future" movies have come out in the past two years. I for one will stick around a little while longer to see where our author takes us.


interesting. I will be reading this... when i'm not trying to kick my own muse into doing it's damn job :derpytongue2:

Thanks, man. Also, The Vampony Chronicles is fascinating. Amazing work. :yay:


I do believe that I've made the right decision in sticking around,
I feel that this is going to be pretty good

Thanks for sticking around, High_Wind. I really do appreciate it.

D: i wish he coulda been dovakiin insteda a devil imp beacuse FUS RO DAH! ing in a iron helmet is much more bad ass than flying

I am somewhat disappointed that Luna was already in use.....:twilightangry2:, will more of POed, but meh. I will await your next chapter. :ajbemused:

863509. I think would've squealed like a fan girl when he becomes a dovahkiin, but I don't wanna try and bring famous video games into the story. Although being a dovahkiin would be awesome.

863524 I was upset when Luna was in use, too, but you know what they say. First come, first serve. Aw well, at least there were other deities I could use.

maybe its a nice idea for a nother story for you to maybe do? eh shadow

Perhaps... in the future, it shall happen.:rainbowdetermined2:

That Demotivational poster... it is awesome. Thank you for the compliment.:twilightsmile:

863701 No Problem bro. We both are the latest additions. You're on the main land though while I'm stuck on a fucking ISLAND with Kobolds, goblins, harpies and other shit. The latter two aren't shown yet though. Hope to see some good stuff man.

epic win, dude. :3 I think your story will be very successful.

863757 Thanks, we both will if we keep it you.

LOL of course! Skeleton Jack is a very good read!

I bet you didn't know that Dohvakiin was not created for TES. It was originally in D&D.

I so wanna see where you go with this. Consider yourself faved and watched. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Perhaps a few days. I take it you like it?

873505 Like it!? LIKE IT!? Yes. I do. :twistnerd: And also. Blarg. You will get the saying soon.

Thanks for the support there, my friend! :pinkiehappy:

Edit: Dat reference... I liked it very much. XD

873510 I get that reference.

873518 Good show sir. Good show. :moustache:

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