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Leather-Winged Oddity - Deyeaz

More often than not, we don't always become what we want when we go to Equestria.

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Visions of the Future (X): Elegy of Warfare

Leather-Winged Oddity

Visions of the Future (X): Elegy of Warfare

"Do not fear the enemies that lay before you... for you are one of many who will save us all."

This isn't the average war.

No... this is both Hell and Tartarus breaking loose.

These shadow-like entities, these... shades... they won't stop coming.

And the battle that Damien the Devil Imp, Skeleton Jack the Goddess, Kaileena and Khajiit "Jack" the Basts, and Zeta Chi the Cynogriffin are fighting makes the Trojan War look like two old ladies fighting over a fruitcake.

"Damien, watch out!" Skeleton Jack shouts to Damien as they battle through the fields in the dead of night. Rather than glance to his right because of his missing right eye, now cladding a black eyepatch, he turns his whole head to the right to see an oncoming shade ready to attack him. He quickly thrusts his left open hand and grabs it by the throat, his whole arm being of a powerful metal. With a grunt of exertion, the magic of the topaz on the back of his hand surged through the arm and affected the shade with terawatts of heartstopping lightning energy, causing the shade to burst into black mist. Jack grabs Rift with her right and only hand and throws it at the next cluster of shades. Rift spins through the air like a deadly boomerang, slashing and shredding the shades into the same nothingness as before. Jack summons the blade back to her and grabs Rift again by the handle.

"Kaileena, on your left!" Khajiit shouts. Kaileena strokes one of her swords and kills the next few shades in the middle with one swing. Khajiit runs up to Kaileena, who crouches low as he jumps off of her back and stabs the next shade in the throat with the concealed blade of his prosthetic arm, right before the shade could touch the female Bast.

However, she doesn't see the next shade coming behind her.

Damien rushes at the shade and slices its head off with Ellipsis. "Stay away from me wife, ya nasty fucker!"

"C'mon, everyone!" Kaileena roars at us. "We need to get to New Canterlot, now!"

Indeed they must. LordCaptain Griffin and Sir Aoi had mailed them earlier that every single Chess Piece was needed at New Canterlot: Apparently, High-General Knightmare's ship, the Ragnarok, had been inconceivably trashed, and that the several crew members were maimed, beaten, bruised, and what have you. The rebuilt city is currently under attack by the shades, just like they are now.

"That, I can understand, but the only problem is that these Goddamn shades are poppin' out of the ground like fucking daisies!" Zeta shouts at the Bast after he rips out the proverbial throat of one shade and slashes another. If this kept up, they'd be nowhere near our goal.

That's when the most brilliant, yet craziest idea hits Damien like a sledgehammer.

"Everyone, grab onto my bandolier!" He hollers at them. They huddle closer to him and do so, not letting up their assault on the shades. He looks at Ellipsis with a wick smile, the light of the now-white gem shining like a beacon. "Inviolabolis! Celeritas!" The light of the gem dims significantly as he enchants them with an invincibility and a haste spell. He takes one last swing at the armada of shades and holds the scythe like a trusty lance.

The others go wide-eyed, "Damien, what the hell are you--" With a flap of his wings, Damien takes off like a raging locomotive, Ellipsis slashing and tearing the enemies to shreds with both the blade and the rendered wind.

"DOIIIIIIIIIIIING?!" They barely cling onto the Devil Imp as he charges through the army of shades.

"SNOOTCH TO THE MOTHERFUCKIN' NOOOOOOTCH!!!!" He wails with a crazy look in his eyes.

'Thank you, Jay and Silent Bob,' He thinks gratefully.


"ONWAAAARD!" Damien shouts at the top of his lungs. Almost immediately, a rumbling noise of something rapidly smacking the earth multiple times begins to make itself known. At once, a whole swarm of Diamond Dogs, Bast, ponies, and griffins charge on, doing all in their power to slash, cut, kick, bite, scratch, stab, hack, smash, and destroy the shades that stood in their way.

"YOU CHAPS GO ON AHEAD!" Fancypants shouts. "WE'LL CATCH UP!"

"YEAH!" Vinyl Scratch roars at them. "GO SAVE EQUESTRIA!"

Unbeknownst to them, the Chess Pawns all think the same thing:

'New Canterlot, here we come....'