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Leather-Winged Oddity - Deyeaz

More often than not, we don't always become what we want when we go to Equestria.

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II - Of Wings And Talons

Leather-Winged Oddity

II - Of Wings and Talons


Pure, sheer, indescribable pain.

Before I begin breaking down the agony I'm feeling, I want to ask you a question: have you ever had a hangover before? If you say yes, cheers, mate: you can begin to get a glimpse of what I feel. If not, then allow me to break it down for you, even though you already know what it is.

Say one night, you and your buddies go out to a bar and start your booze Crusades. After getting heavily shitfaced, you take a cab or L-Train home to sleep it off.

Unfortunately, said shitfacing brings on the horrors of the hangover.

When you wake up the next morning, your head will be pounding furiously, like your brain suddenly decides that it wants to climb out of your skull. Since a transition from a dark environment to a bright one catches your eyes by surprise and makes your head throb even more, you have no choice but to either stay asleep in bed or put on sunglasses. Your gag reflexes heighten, and the urge to puke decides to make itself known every other five minutes.

But that almost never happens to us Irish people. Nope: anyone of Celtic descent is considered a god of drinking due to the ability to stay sober after two dozen bottles of booze. Hell, give me a liter of whiskey and watch me go to town on it. I bet you anything that I'll still be coherent.

...Yet I digress. This is no normal morning wake-up call. To understand the grasp of excruciation I'm undergoing, imagine that the migraine from a typical hangover had been magnified by twice its strength, along with the feeling that every part of your body had been beaten and battered to the point where you lose the feeling in them.

I try to open my tired eyes, yet when the light of the sun struck them, I snap them shut immediately to avoid increasing the pain of my already head-splitting headache. I quickly, yet gently, rub my temples to deaden the migraine's pain. I try opening my eyes again, yet ever so slowly. Once they are sent fully ajar, I start to recall the incident from before I was robbed of my consciousness.

I got in a fight and won....

The substitute dean sent me to her office....

She asked me if I wanted to go to Equestria....


Wait a damn minute.

I prop myself up from my facedown prone position quickly, and regret it almost instantly. My headache returns from how suddenly I sit up. I clutch my head in my right hand while the left kept me prop up. Yet I couldn't help but smile at how my hands remain the same as always.

But still... that woman's last words still ring in my ears.

In order for it to work... you just need... a little bit of magic....

And boom, that's all she freakin' wrote... literally.

I rub the spot on my forehead where that abnormal pencil had struck me. I'm right when I say that she isn't just a run-of-the-mill cosplayer.

Then it all starts to click.

Blue eyes and hair? Moon earrings? Saying it isn't impossible to get to Equestria? Knowing of the existence of bronies? She isn't just a fanatical cosplayer, or some crazy woman trying to rustle my jimmies. Based off of her appearance, and her strange ability to make that pencil knock me out in one blow, I can only assume that she is--


Sweet, merciful God....

Princess motherfreaking Luna….

I knew there is something up with her! The students are such delinquents that any substitute staff member would practically cower before them. But something about her seems to just radiate power and authority. I guess being a goddess of the moon gives you that perk.

If I ever get the chance, I'll probably ask her if she's heard from her lunar friend Skippy the moon rock. While I'd receive a questioning stare from her if she didn't know what I am talking about and a thousand years on the moon if she did know, I think the question would be worth asking.

Plus, I hear Skippy throws some wicked parties.

But I'm going off on a tangent. Of all the people to pick, why me? Surely, there must be other capable bronies out there that can do much better than me... unless they've undergone the same thing as I have, to be teleported here to Equestria as something else. Now that I think about it, I did read about some people disappearing in the news.

And what about my body? What if, instead of Luna actually bringing my whole body and mind here, a part of me is here, while the other part is back on Earth, like some sort of John Carter experience? Hell, my body on Earth might be behaving as stupidly, unpredictably, and neurotically as a dog with half its brain surgically removed. Now that I mention it, my other half is probably running around school campus on all fours, humping legs and pissing on trees as it barks and howls the My Little Pony theme song.

But am I really in Equestria? Only one way to find out.

I take a small look at my surroundings, and I am shell-shocked by what my graces my eyes.

I'm laying in the midst of an immense beach. The electric blue waters, white in the sunlight, oscillate back and forth, washing over the sands that rest beneath me.

I don't need to look down to realize that I am stark naked. The warm sand on my giblets and the cool breeze blowing my body make my enigmatic nudity evident.

"Sonuvabitch...." I face-palm from this series of unfortunate events.

Aw well, better a beach than an alleyway on Colfax avenue. Baaaad things happen there.

I crawl over to the waters of the ocean and splash the salt-laced water into my face. The cold fluid woke me up as it trickles down my chin. As soon as the seawater stops rippling from me disturbing it, however, I begin trembling at what I see in my reflection.

My facial features remain the same: same thin nose, same black messy hair, same face. My eyes, instead of being steel-gray, are as scarlet as blood. It is a modification that I can get used to in time. However, the thing that terrifies me the most is what had happened to the sides of my head.

Wings as large as Spartan shields sprout a centimeter above my ears. The appendages of flight are black as night and leathery, like the wings of a bat. Ignoring the dull yet evident pain in my body, I jump back and start backing away from it. I only frighten myself more when I see my feet.

Replacing the Caucasian skin of my feet are two eagle claws, with proportions to make them resemble human feet. Rather than five whole toes per foot, I only had four talons that resemble toes, with three in front and one in back. From the ankles of my new walking limbs to the area underneath my knees are feathers as black as my wings. I subconsciously send a hand towards my right, feather-bearing leg and grab a lone feather. I rip it out, and a small jolt of pain shoots right through the spot the feather had been forcefully yank from.

So it isn't a dream... My brain, which I deem rather hallucinogenic at this point, isn't just making up this... this terrifying phenomenon.

It's all real....

Half of me is astonished by my transformation, drooling at the thought of what I can do in this new form. While the other half, after being confronted with this situation...


...chooses the more logical approach.

After a few seconds of shouting at the top of my lungs, I stop to try and catch my breath: one could've mistaken me for performing opera I was screaming so long.

One question rings in my head, like someone smacked a gong right next to my ears.

What have I become?

This day can't possibly get any worse, can it?



...Apparently, it can. For God had answered my rhetorical question in the form of something heavy landing on my head.

The object that dive-bombs my scalp fall behind me with a small thump. I clutch my head again, as the object reawakens my devastating migraine. I look behind me and see that the item is my backpack. "Thanks, brah!" I shout at the sky.

"You're welcome."

...Whoa... I need to lay off Nana's brownies.

"Ah! Who said that!?" While many deem it illogical and possibly crazy for someone to be talking to nothing, I have no choice but to do so. But it doesn't feel like there's nothing there. The voice that had spoken seems to be coming from all sides. A strange chill runs up my body as I quickly stand up, ignoring the small aches of my legs and my still-raging headache.

There's a paranormal presence in the air... I'm not alone.

"Fear not, young creature. I mean you no harm whatsoever."

"Wh... who are you? Princess Luna?" I ask shakily. To my surprise, the voice laughs like I had told a witty joke.

"I am not the Equestrian goddess of the moon, Luna Everfree. I am the Egyptian sky goddess, Nut--"

Yeah, you are one.

"I heard that."

…Shit. "Nut" chuckles again at the misfortune of my thoughts being heard by her.

"So, my little pawn, are you ready?" she asks.

"Ready for what?" I say skeptically. Pawn? What is she talking about?

"To be part of this world, of course." It isn't what she said... it's the way she said it, like she's casually telling the weather, as if she and possibly several other gods send random humans to a universe that shouldn't even exist like it's a sport. A favorite pastime.

While the idea of appearing in Equestria sounds nice, I'm a little disappointed. So it isn't Luna who sent me here. Rather, it is a mythological Sky Goddess whose Egyptian origin clashes with the goddesses' and powerful Unicorn magicians' Equestrian roots. But since Nut is depicted as a blue woman in Ancient Egyptian mythology, and the woman who imposed as my dean is a woman clad in all blue, I can see the reasoning behind that.

But still, the question remains....

"Nut? What am I?"

"You are what I would refer to as a 'Devil Imp', my boy," Nut answers honestly. Devil Imp? I've heard of that before... haven't I? While it definitely doesn't have anything to do with the show, I have a feeling I've come across it before...

Ah... Gaia Online... of course.....

Nut chuckles again. Apparently, she knew about my discovering what I derive from. I face-palm again. "But of all the people to choose, why me?" I ask.

"My dear Damien... I've seen you fight those three men, and against all odds and against their constant triumphs over you, you took a stand and ended their reign of terror. Plus I wanted to test your mettle. You fought for a justice that was never properly given to you. Now that is something that is worth rewarding."

"How many more are here? More transfigured humans, I mean."

"Believe me when I say that there are many more, better and worse, out there in this world. Some have been considered magnificent legends. Some are humble travelers, preferring to maintain a low profile."

"Like who?"

"A griffin, slayer of dragons; a cat-human, sufferer of a lost limb; a Diamond Dog, the silent protector of the people; a changeling, the misunderstood melody-bringer; A wolf-man, master of combat; a woman, stripped of her godly powers." I laugh at the words 'woman' and 'stripped'. What? You would, too, asshole. "So many more await your travels. You have no idea who you will meet, when you meet them, or what order you meet them. Just know that they will prove to either be great friends, or great enemies."

I gulp. I didn't like the sound of making enemies. "But what did you mean when you called me your pawn?"

Nut only chuckles again. "I think you'll find out in due time...." And with that not-so fine farewell, the supernatual presence that Nut seems to emulate vanishes into nothingness. What does she mean when she says that I'll find out in due time?

"Don't think too hard on it, Damien," I tell myself. "Just... find a way off this beach... and maybe even throw on some clothes." I look at the backpack next to me. While I should know by now that there is nothing in there but my schoolbooks and binders, it's worth a shot. Plus, it'll help get my mind off of what had just happened.

I kneel down in front of the backpack, pull away the two zippers of the main pocket, and open it. Rather than finding my usual school equipment, however, I discover something that is a curious sight to see.

Inside the bag are my earphones and iTouch, still intact from its infinite-league descent; several pairs of boxer briefs, a pair of brown baggy pants, and a red length of cloth that I assume is a sash, and each article of clothing is folded and fresh-smelling, like they came from the dryer. I didn't hesitate in pulling out the pants and a pair of underwear from inside and putting them on, even though I had to curl my talons to avoid shredding them to pieces. They are warm, clean, and easy on the skin and feathers, yet very durable. I delve deeper into the large pocket of my bag for more things inside; a week's supply of rations, map, and some First-Aid kits, a reasonable thing to include when you are somewhere foreign and supposedly unfamiliar; and a large, thin sword.

The sword makes me raise an eyebrow. How can such a large weapon fit inside such a small carrying item? A possible theory might be similar to when Harry Potter pulled the Sword of Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat: magic. It is the only thing that could serve as the reasonable answer.

And since I can only assume that this is Equestria....

I slowly reach inside the bag and pull the sword out by the scabbard. My theory is proven right. it had fit inside the bag through magic. The scabbard has a crimson shell, with a belt strap, four gold bands around the middle, and a gold-protected end. The mouth for the blade is a semicircle about the size of a tennis ball and is two centimeters thick, adorned with half a black gem. The blade also shares a semicircle hilt and half-gem. The two connect to form a complete circle and black diamond. I grip the red fabric-wrapped handle of the sword, my hand taking up four-fifths of the handle, and pull it out from its scabbard. The blade resembles a falchion sword, and is equivalent in length to a long-board. Rather than being wrought from steel, the exotic-looking sword is a pitch black. The dark gray edge looks devastatingly sharp, possibly sharp enough to cut a feather by weight alone. I pick up my plucked feather from off the sandy floor and drop it on the blade. Sure enough, the blade cuts through it like it was nothing.

"Jesus Christ..." I mutter. I give the air a quick slash. The air seems to... sing around the blade as it travels through the air. I slash again. Same effect, like the blade is sharp enough to even cut the air. I sheathe the sword. A chain that had one of those secure locking hooks is locked through a triangular hole at the exposed end of the handle. The chain dangles as I hold the sheathed weapon in front of me. At the end of the chain is a black devil wing the size of an eyeball. I look up at the sky again, and smile at it. "Thanks again, Nut," I whisper.

I delve back into the backpack and retrieve the map. After opening it, I scan its contents. Equestria is in the middle of the map, the star possibly resembling the capital, Canterlot. To the northwest, north, and northeast were the Dragon Badlands and Changling Wasteland, Gem Fido, and the Griffin Dominion, in that respective order. To the southwest, south, and southeast, in the same order, were the Volcanic Wastes, the Great Southern Rainforest, and the Black Marsh. A monolithic body of water known as the Ring Sea had been placed at the equator of the planet, beginning from the east of Equestria and ending at the west of it, making the province of equines a large and beautiful jewel upon an aquatic band of electric blue. To the east and right of Equestria in the middle of the Ring Sea were the Zebraconian Islands. A little settlement to the far southeast known as Signal sat on one of the islands.

What really catches my eye, however, is the unexplored land beneath the Rainforest. Its khaki hue must symbolize that it is a desert.

I like what that desert has to offer, but right now, I have to get used to being in a new world. World of Warcraft has taught me to never go into unexplored territory when you're a noob. I was going to put the map away until I see writing on the back. I flip the parchment over to read what had been inscribed on it.

'The sword you are wielding is one of ancient lore. Crafted from the internal meteoritic ore known as mithril, the sword is as light as a stick, yet as strong as dragon scales, and almost as sharp. The previous owner named it after herself, Nightlock, one of this world's many heroines. Use it wisely, and use it well.


N? Really? This bitch can't be any less subtle.

"Nightlock, eh?" I look at the sword on the ground. I flip the map over and begin to try memorizing its contents.

A few minutes passed until I memorize the geography and towns on the map, from Ponyville to Tailton Springs in the west and Wethoof in the Rainforest. I put the map away before undoing the scabbard's belt, then redoing it so that the scabbard is at my left waist, allowing me to quickly pull it out with my right hand. I zip my backpack closed and put it on.

First thing's first: I need to get out of here, and head west to Equestria, for I'm stuck on the eastern shore. I turn towards the green scenery behind me and walk on.

A second question come to me as the sand beneath by claws transitioned to soil and grass....

How the hell do I fly?

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