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Octavia Melody is a young woman with an old chip on her shoulder. Turned into a vampire against her will, there’s no going back to her old life, only revenge.

Her partner is Vinyl Scratch, a carefree two hundred year-old werewolf.

They kill people.

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Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 144 )

It's a wacky cartoon about a cat and a mouse! Everyone laugh!

But I really do like this idea just from reading the description. Keep it up! :)

A pretty cool start to this, nicely written TNaB :yay:

Huh... no "Vinyl is a vampire" trope... well done.

Ooh, this looks very interesting. You have my attention.

..... vampire and werewolf assassins........ YES. I WANT MOAR.

..... they literally skull fucked her.

Heehehehe, well, that was certainly something interesting :rainbowkiss: Nicely done.

The concept seems cool but I can't resist a Simpsons joke:yay:

Nice story. I love the fact that Octavia is the vampire and vinyl the werewolf instead of the usual reverse.
But in chanter 2, it's not "vivant" (masculine), but rather "vivante" (feminine).
Also, what is Fleur qualifing as "magnifique" ? Because if she is talking about the taste of the blood, it's better to say "savoureux", "succulent", "exquis" or "délicieux".
Trust me, i'm french.

Hehehe, and here's the end... well, this is going awesomely, can't wait for more dude!

I'm sorry, but before I read this, I have to mention that this popped in my head.

Impossible, your English is too good for you to be French. At most, I'll believe you are Canadian :trollestia:

I was going to ask why they left Octavia alive. Then I read the end. Then went back and read the flashback again. That's just sick.:pinkiesick:

Me french. Me no speak good english. :raritywink:


I feel like I should draw attention to an earlier part in the story

“Look, he fell on a chair leg. Nice big hole right here.”

“Oh, I guess I don’t need the daughter, then.”

I think it's less about the direct taste and more about how it makes her feel. I will, however, go back and change to the correct gendered phrase. This is where Google Translate gets me.

What I get from that is that the vampire that was going to screw Octavia decided to screw the hole created by the chair leg. Hence, my reaction.:pinkiesick:

I do like how the ancient vampire is playing vidya games. It's not too often you see ancient creatures in works of fiction who bother to really enjoy and take part in modern entertainment.

I am convinced that Fancy Pants was playing Counter Strike and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise.

EDIT: Unless it's Doom.

Hmmmm... this story is great and hoping for more. I cant get rid of that feeling that there is something familliar... maybe some protagonist with shadow/light powers who deals with warewolves, vamps and zombies.

Whatever it is, it's definitely PvP. More about Fancypants next chapter.


Bullshit, I didn't see a single 'hon hon hon' in there anywhere. Either TV lied to me or you are, and the magical talky box is my friend!

Hon hon hon...
Satisfied ?:raritydespair:


It's all according to the douchebag vampire sexiness scale:

Less Sexy

  • Still twitching mildly warm body
  • Type AB-
  • Smooth neck
  • Open sores
  • Daughters
  • Bleeding profusely
  • Perforated legs
  • Sucking chest wounds

More Sexy

And then you met Vinyl.

Excellent job not making friends.

So... will there be a Poochie?

What was this tripe about making friends? She was here to kill people.

:rainbowlaugh: Oooh this is beautiful, good show.

I say, good show. Vinyl will warm you up eventually with fuzzies.

So, that's how she first got into the killing business. Now, on to her meeting Vinyl and her first kill.

another great chapter

Poochie. I wonder if there's anything close to a single bone of pride in vinyl's body :derpytongue2:

“Does it have anything to do with me being on a leash?” Vinyl asked. “Because I brought it.”

ok so now we know vinyl might like pet play

Vinyl masquerading as a dog, huh? The fact that she even has a leash and collar is kinda weird, but hey to each their own . . .

. . . Wait, so if I call her a bitch, what would her reaction be?

Or she's just genre savvy.

Not gonna lie, when I imagined Vinyl as a werewolf, I half pictured her as becoming one of the Werewolves from Underworld as opposed to becoming actual wolves. But regardless, it's good shit!

"moving violation" is an americanism.

that probably is it
its called a traffic violation in america
unless your in a boat or plane
its a moving violation then

There isn't one. It wouldn't be obvious to us what it means for a violation to be moving, because that sounds like "violation" is a noun - a pack of violations moving through the air!

Instead we talk about the specific crime, here that'd just be "driving without a licence" in casual speech.

New chapter, lovely.

Written here, Octavia and Vinyl feel very natural together. Partners, cohorts, friends, what-have-you.
Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

Shipping for the shipping God!
Cuddles for the cuddle throne!

Jokes apart, they really are good together, as lovers or otherwise :twilightsmile:

This is pretty adorable, I like it, nicely done!

Cops in this neighborhood are as rare as Italian vampires.

That quote reminds me so much of this greentext.

Their dynamic is so dynamically dynamic that dynamite spontaneously explodes into existence and out.

I love the way 'Itchy & Scratchy' play off each other.:derpytongue2:

I believe the proper term for 'cock-blocking' a female is 'blue beaning'.

Lil' tidbit there for ya.

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