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A Young Homosexual Alone in The Corner, Crying – Suttree, Cormac McCarthy.


Approaching his fortieth birthday, Hoity Toity -- Canterlot's fashion king -- struggles with his growing obscurity as a designer, an unspoken rivalry with 'Miss Rarity from Ponyville', his disillusion with youth culture in Canterlot and his inability and lack of desire to re-invent himself.

(I feel I should mention this story has shades of M/M, Drug Use, Alcohol abuse and is quite overly pessimistic and cynical.)

*The Amazing Artwork is provided by the multi-talented Pandemonia.

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I honestly find this less terrifying than that image of Hoity Toity.


Honestly. That image was better than the story image

Comment posted by Guy_Incognito deleted Jan 30th, 2013

2045676 Oh buck, oh buck. Must unsee, must unsee. :fluttershbad:

Meh. Shouldn't you be out telling people that the thieves' guild is just a bunch of thugs? Or maybe dealing with people who got their sweetrolls stolen?

Or commenting that the Redguards have curved swords.



Dunno were all those downvotes are coming from.


Thanks, dude. And thanks for 'favoriting' also. It's kind of a shame, I feel, that people see the cover art and are put off by it; because, personally, I found it flippin' amazing; it's so wonderfully twisted and fantastically morbid. I felt I had to write a story that fit in with the image. I guess, some people didn't feel that way, and I'm sure there's a 'Niche' group of people on this site who'll enjoy this story, but I think otherwise I'll just have to settle for what it is.

But, I do really appreciate you being a fan. So, thank you very much for that :twilightblush:

For what it's worth, I like the cover art. It's unique, for sure.

Thus far, I like the way you've got the story moving along and I hope there will be more chapters. :twilightsmile:

Why is this in my church
Oh gos why

What is this and what is it doing in my group? Are you member of our group.

I don't see a game crossover in this fic. :ajbemused:

The hell is that image?!

2053976 Because it is awesome and you damn well know it.

It's a pic of Hoity Toity with some (I think) fantastic artistic liberties taken to it?
I respectfully understand you not liking the story, I totally get that it's not for everyone, but can't we all just get along and agree that even if it is 'Your Church', the 'congregation' should be open to everyone? Isn't that the point of this site; fan's writing fiction about characters? It's like Lennon said "Give Pete A Chance" (P.S. I love your love with Nirvana; Kurt Cobain single handedly influenced an entire generation with them.)
Yeah. Hi, I'm a member of your group and I just figured 'Posting A Story Couldn't Hurt' If I broke rules or upset you in any way, feel free to get rid of it; but, you know, live and let live, right?

2056382 Oh no, I didin't dislike the fic, quite from the oposite; Upvotes all around! Just wondering why it got in my church.

Also, thanks! Kurt was awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Sorry, that cover image is too fucking scary for me to read the story.

The description kinda makes me think of the typical male mid-life crisis.


Mr. Bitey.....I (Platonically) love you! Thank you for being a total trooper and supporting my story in the face of much discouragement. I'm sure it sounds totally weird and awkward (And probably borderline creepy) hearing this from a stranger across the internets but you've been a fan of my work for a long time and I can't thank you enough for being 'That Guy' and standing up for me.

I feel like I'm that kid who ate glue and got my face shoved into the sandpit on the playground, and you're that kid who was like "Hey...he's this kid has a PS1 and Crash Bandicoot at his place."

Um, bad example but, honestly, thanks for the support; it's guys like you who make writing stuff like this totally worth it :rainbowwild:

Well, I guess you can't please everyone. Sorry my story (and the artwork) bothered you enough that you had to let me know about it :-p

I like it. Keep it up.


(With all due respect and a thousand pardons if this offends anyone :rainbowwild:)

2062794 If something bothers me enough, i'll let people know, because making others feel bad makes me feel better, but making others feel good also makes me feel better.


People weren't nice to you in high school, were they?

2072668 and some of Elementary and all of Middle School, yes!

Please please finish this! :raritywink:


Hey, dude. Hush that fuss. I'm sorry if we got off on the wrong foot; I'm just not used to people so unabashedly hating my work, but, that doesn't mean we can't keep the peace. You seem like a pretty decent guy, even if you hate my work. Wanna start fresh?

Thank you kindly good sir. I'm struggling for ideas on where/how to continue it; this was sort of just an experiment in 'First Person Narrative' for me, but, I've got some ideas for like 'sequel/spinoffs' of this that could focus on Vinyl Scratch and Octavia's relationship (The troubles that come with dating in the spotlight. Maybe Vinyl has a bit of a drinking/partying problem? Maybe Octavia has insecurity issues? Mommy Issues? Who knows?) and a Fancy/Fluer story that I think has potential. Either way, I really appreciate you enjoying the story enough to want more of it.

2078282 Focus on Vinyl! I'll love you :L Give her her own spin off :raritywink: Vinyl is great!

2078282 Wut, we didn't get off on the wrong hoof at all, i'm just playin' witcha. But no really, that story image scares me.

This is the best. most original thing that I have read on this site in a long time.


Thank you kindly, dude! I really appreciate comments like yours, it really brightened my day!

I think you'll be glad to know I'm working on a second chapter right now; it's a little different from this one but I hope it lives up to the hype.

Seriously, you manage to make Hoity a gloriously half broken character. Maybe it's just cause of my own occassional fits of existentialism, but this is one of the most engaging stories that I've read in quite a while.

As I told you before I adore this story and it feels just incredibly beautiful. I actually find myself thinking you ought to be getting this sort of stuff published as such beautiful touching pieces are rarer than they should be.

This definitely feels like a finale but I still find myself craving more. Perhaps what you had suggested earlier? Touching on the other friend's lives? Fancy, Fleur, Tavi, Vinyl? I could see a piece from Rip's POV being appealing.

I like the idea of this being part of interconnected stories. Various characters tangentially related to each other and each vignette focuses on their experiences and lives.

Hey! I can't honestly say 'Thank you' enough times for everything you've done to help me with this story; not just reading it, but offering insight, expressing your opinions on the pros and cons and just generally being an awesome sort of fan who looked past certain flaws in the story and took time to let me know that you liked it. IT really means a lot to hear positive feedback on work you put a lot of time into and you've really made writing it seem so worth it. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little upset with how this story's been received (It's kind of fallen into some kind of 1 view every couple of week limbo) but, it's been a great learning experience for what people like to read/don't like to read and just as a writing exercise. I've been plotting out a couple of 'Sequel/Spin Off' stories that can still keep the sort of 'Cynical/Bohemian/Nihilisticic' style of Glamorama without making it read exactly the same, and, I think my next story will focus on Vinyl Dash and Octavia. I'm sure there's a bigger audience out there for those two as apposed to Hoity Toity, but I'd still like to do it proper justice and give it a sort of 'Glamorama feel'.

Either way, thanks so much for all the help you've given me.


Hey, you sir just made my entire day; like I said, this story has a really small 'Niche' audience and hearing a review like this made writing it so worth it; I'm not exactly sure I'm done with Hoity (There's a wealth of storylines that can come from a Hoity dates a guy half his age can turn into, but, I don't want to push my luck and turn this from what it is into some kind of totally melodramatic love story, so, until I can come up with a halfway decent idea for a new chapter I'll just keep it as is I think.) That being said, I'm trying to work out the kinks to a Octavia/Vinyl Scratch that follows the same 'Cynical/Existential' sort of writing scheme as this.

That being said, you're so awesome for reading and reviewing. I can't thank you enough. IT's fans like you who've made writing it worth it.

Damn fine story.



If you liked this you should check out Different Strokes (Also, that's a kinda shameless promotion) but a lot of people seem to really like it.

I love it.

And while I do think you've ended HT's story at the right moment, I definitely want to see more of this deliciously joyless little universe you've made here.

I like this quite a bit. Glad Nothin' sent me over.

Have a gold star favorite thing

Really good chapter. Hope to see this continue

Seriously one of the better things that I've read. It's really quite fantastic. Please say you'll do more?


Thank you very much. Of all the 'homo sex pony' stories I've written, Glamorama is both my personal favourite to write and my proudest accomplishment (If that doesn't make me sound too conceited?)

I'd love to say I could continue it, but I can't seem to plot out where to take the story. I'm not calling it quits, because there's a way to keep it going and make it 'feel' the same as the first two chapters, but I'm putting it on the backburner for now. That said, I'm dying to do some kind of 'spiritual sequel' to this; maybe focus a story on Vinyl/Octavia's relationship 'Blue Valentine' style. Maybe do a Fancy/Fleur unhappy marriage story. Or, maybe just do something totally random.

I could write a whole review on your ponified drinks and song titles. I'll have to try and spread their use.

This was delightfully ...gritty, I think I'll call it. The pacing was spectacular, in that I waited while Hoity waited, I felt rushed when he did... and somehow I know, already, what it is to feel old.

Bravo, sir. Bravo.


Thank you.

I've written a few 'horse stories' for this site, but I'm not especially proud of any of them but this one. I wish I could crawl back to whatever rat's nest hole all the delightfully drab and droll energy came from long enough to write a third chapter, or, better, something to expand the story.


I'll stick to writing harmless, light and fluffy gay pony stories until I can.

You must continue! I want to see how this pans out between Rip and Hoity. :heart:

I sound like such a voyeur :raritydespair:

I am very glad I took the time to read this story - it was genuinely riveting. You have a real talent.

This is absolutely amazing and the writing style is outstanding! The only thing I wish is to see some more this story.



You might wanna check this one out. It's not the same, really, but I tried to give it a coat of drab and dreary to match Glamorama.

6904441 Too late, I've already read and faved this one and I really liked it, especially the part with the paddle.):raritywink: Still, it's not Glamorama. Hoitie's condition and his devastating depression is way more deep and serious than what you described in your Vinil-Tavi story.

I still don't get why did you stop writing this fic, it's pure gold. It doesn't even really need a profound script or anything, it's just really interesting to observe all of the mundane day-to-day chores that the main hero engages into (as well as his inner dialogue).

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