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A Young Homosexual Alone in The Corner, Crying – Suttree, Cormac McCarthy.


It's Button Mash's birthday and he's finally legal across all of Equestria. All he wants to do is stay in, work on his kill to death ratio in Thirst for Blood and maybe catch up on some back issues of Moanin' Mares. Unfortunately for him, he has two best friends who've decided they've had enough of him being helpless, repressed and anti-social.

Rumble has a plan: a night of bar hopping from one end of Ponyville to the other where, hopefully, Button Mash can find a girl to take home. Rumble is absolutely sure this is the going to be the best night of Button Mash's life. Button Mash is absolutely sure he just wanted to stay in. Shady Daze is absolutely sure he wants to keep his two best friends out of a prison cell.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

(Set in the same world as Einhander's 'Royals' and Cola_Bubble_Gum's 'Rum Punch'. All the events are set after both stories.)

Cover art by Silver_Tip
Edited by SpaceCommie
Proof-Read and Co-Written by Shub-Niggurath

Chapters (17)

Flight School is where it started for her. An infatuation with Rainbow Dash that Fluttershy would carry for seven years, eight months and fifteen days (not that she's been counting). All she has to do is tell Rainbow Dash how she feels, and, really, its not as if its a daunting task.


Cover Art by the amazingly generous iJab

Chapters (1)

Approaching his fortieth birthday, Hoity Toity -- Canterlot's fashion king -- struggles with his growing obscurity as a designer, an unspoken rivalry with 'Miss Rarity from Ponyville', his disillusion with youth culture in Canterlot and his inability and lack of desire to re-invent himself.

(I feel I should mention this story has shades of M/M, Drug Use, Alcohol abuse and is quite overly pessimistic and cynical.)

*The Amazing Artwork is provided by the multi-talented Pandemonia.

Chapters (2)

Gentle Strokes is a cynical drunk from Dodge Junction. Stormy is the proud black sheep of a wealthy Manehattan family. Together they're two shining examples of the student body at Camden — Equestria's most prestigious liberal arts college. Navigating their way through one night stands, flirty professors, "End Of The World" parties, junkie roommates, family melodrama, sex, drugs and Rock 'N' Roll as they try their hooves at a college relationship.

Cover art provided by the wonderful: Kill Joy.

Chapters (17)