• Published 7th Dec 2012
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Different Strokes - Guy_Incognito

Gentle Strokes is a cynical drunk from Dodge Junction. Stormy is the proud black sheep of a wealthy Manehattan family. College is a place for 'experimenting'.

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Dead Poet's Society

Dead Poet's Society.

Ode to a Silly Farm Pony.

He carries himself on pride filled hooves

The way any good farmhoof would,

He’s tough, although inherently nice:

Like, a cat who is afraid of mice.

He smells not like lavender, nor thyme

And it’s really hard to find words which rhyme,

With the smell of my silly farm pony

Which is of.....morning mist?


P.S. Buck it, I tried....

Stormy Weather.

Like the weather he’s named after,

He’s careless, reckless, though wrapped in laughter

He’s the single best part of a day,

to a pony who recently realized he’s gay

For the cutest colt this side of Baltimare

And I’m glad it’s with him, my bed I share.

-Gentle Strokes.

P.S. That's how poetry is properly done, Stormy.

P.P.S. How is this your major?

Humbled Rebuttal.

Thanks again for showing me,

What it means to really be

embarrassed and humbled by

An admittedly very handsome guy

Cheesy doesn’t even begin to

Describe these poems I write to you

Seriously, If Jag ever got hooves on this

The school would forever be in fits

of manic laughter, taunts and jabs

Till I hid away like a hermit crab

….and took you with me.


P.S. I know it doesn't rhyme at the end, but sue me. Just call it 'Post Modern.'.

Every Morning.

I watch him turn, I watch him toss

A dreary dreamscape he cannot cross

His face is pained and filled with woe

Stormy, what troubles you so?

He says he’s fine, though soft and defeated

My wish was it were an ail that could be treated

There’s a stack of letters that go unread

From a father who gives him dread

Poor, poor, Stormy is this your trouble?

Can’t I make it never double?

-Gentle Strokes.

Family Matters.

My father’s rich, you see

and my brother successful

Which to a pony like me

Can be quite stressful

Regardless I’ve found personal wealth

with a colt who’s just my type

Better than riches and good health

Is knowing my body fits his hooves just right.


P.S. I changed the rhyme scheme from 'Clerihew' to 'Cinquain' because that's what we're going over in my class now. Personally, I think poetry sounds better as an 'A.A/B.B.' kind of poem, over a 'A.B/A.B.' type, but that's just me.

This Is Getting Silly.

I get you must practice for your class

But, do I really need to make an ass

Of myself all the time

By writing silly words in rhyme?

I must admit, it’s getting even harder

knowing you use writing these as barter

In exchange for sex

...um, and that’s a hex?

-Gentle Strokes.

P.S. Wanna grab dinner tonight? Or do I have to ask you out in a poem now?

Sorry, Strokes

I know it’s getting kind of lame

Playing this stupid sexy game

that I call ‘Incentive Studying’, but

Once I get an ‘A +’ from the nut

Who calls himself my poetry prof

All night long, my salad you may toss


P.S. Dinner sounds great. Nell’s?

Capital ‘G’ ‘A’ ‘Y’

Yeah. I’m not going to try to

Write a poem or anything

I’m just going to come outright and say it

I found your stupid poetry journal hidden

In your sock drawer when

I was going to borrow some lube

for this chick I brought home who was

really into...um, never mind

forget I said that.

Anyways..I just wanted to let you know

that it’s really, really, really

really, really, really



-Jagged Horn

P.S. I ate that leftover salad from Nell's that you had in the fridge....


Shut up, Jag!

-Stormy/Gentle Strokes.