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A Young Homosexual Alone in The Corner, Crying – Suttree, Cormac McCarthy.


Flight School is where it started for her. An infatuation with Rainbow Dash that Fluttershy would carry for seven years, eight months and fifteen days (not that she's been counting). All she has to do is tell Rainbow Dash how she feels, and, really, its not as if its a daunting task.


Cover Art by the amazingly generous iJab

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I for one dont want Rainbow Dash to be happy,
Fluttershy on the otherhand...
I mean who doesnt love Fluttershy?

... I, for once, have no idea what to say. or think. I really don't want Dash to be happy. But if Fluttershy keeps on being like this... I just don't know. wait. I lied. I want AJ with Rarity. that's all I know. :rainbowhuh::derpyderp1:

I like it, *smashes chapter* another!

In the words of the Interceptor... "I like it!"

Sometimes, when I write, I just write what I know, What I want to write, what I think I should write. I don't know if it can be considered good, or bad, or right, or wrong, it's just what I know. I can't judge something that I created, only other people can tell me if what I made is good, or bad, or right, or wrong.
And I just want you to know, this, what you've made here, is good. Great, in fact. It may or may not be right, or wrong, but it's just a story. A good story isn't made to be right, a good story is made to say something. And this...this is a Good story.

That is the cutest picture. So many D'aww.

3394316 Not a fan of Rainbow Dash I'm guessing?

How did you find out?!?!
I thought i kept that secret well hidden!!

You got Fluttershy's voice down pat, sir. Superb story.

W@W its a good story but an old one that no one wants to read but like all stories it has its place in time, this isn't the time for me

Not a fan of this pair in the slightest (Absolutely Abhor it), but my god sir, you are a brilliant writer and I will give you my like.

Keeping being amazing good sir.


Comment posted by Late Registrator deleted Oct 25th, 2013

3394643 It's ok my friend, I'm not exactly her biggest fan either.
In fact I almost entirely hate her guts. :ajsmug:

Well it looks like i found a new best friend!

This is going to end in tears. :facehoof:

For once in my life, I found myself just staring at the end where the authors notes should be, just blinking. wondering what the hay to say about this. This story made me look my happy thoughts on AppleDash and hate them. A lot. It made me want to throw everything I thought about AppleDash on the ground, soak it in gasoline, light a match, and watch it burn. It made me hate everything about the stupid, pixelized (Idk how to spell that), Rainbow Dash that follows my mouse right now. It left me with that sad, unsatisfied, feeling. It made me want the story to end with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Not... that.... him and her and you and she and I and everything under Celestias sun! It made me not want Rainbow Dash to be happy with Applejack for once. And I can tell you, that's saying something coming from a AppleDash shipper. You'v seriously outdone yourself sir. On a scale from 1 to 10 on how good this story is, you get over 9,000.

Honestly, this is one of the better romance stories centered around Fluttershy. Really, Flutters is one the harder characters to do, and, call this extreme fanboy bias, but I do believe that you pulled it off damn near flawlessly. I have some issues with the constant line breaks, but other than that, 10/10 would read more.

Didn't I read through this story a while ago for you? I think I did...

Hm. I like it.

Comment posted by Shadowflash deleted Oct 25th, 2013
Comment posted by The Elusive Badgerpony deleted Oct 25th, 2013
Comment posted by Shadowflash deleted Oct 25th, 2013

By god, I'm a psychic...

I'll go against the trend and hope that yes, this does stick to the current ships (me? biased? never~). However, that was a strong portrayal of unrequited feelings from Flutters. Maybe a bit OOC... Not sure She has it in her to sound so... needy, I guess? But this is fanfic, there's leeway, so it works.

I'm wondering if this is complete though. If it is, it's a nice "moving on" story. If it isn't... not sure I want to read the rest D:

I kinda thought that it was really... Anti-Climactic.

I mean, Fluttershy likes Rainbow, but she won't fight for her feelings, instead, she'll just settle for someone who likes her, then fool herself into thinking that she'll be happy.

No regrets. And Big Macintosh is a huge regret, 'Shy.

I just thought I'd write a general reply to everyone who commented instead of doing individual ones.

Thank you guys, readers, editors, likers, dislikers, and commenters for getting this to the feature box, and, mainly, for enjoying it.

The ending was kinda rushed, it is a bit anti-climactic, but, there will be more chapters that'll hopefully balance it out over the long run.

In the meantime, thanks for making this something special for me.

I feel obligated to mention that you have two misuses of "Its" (lacking an apostrophe) in your story's description.

This story left me feeling icky all over. Don't get me wrong, it is well written and objectively very good but that whole bit with Big Mac just felt wrong. So she's going to force herself to like Big Mac (and it's not even stated whether she likes stallions at all) just to please Rainbow? No that's kinda messed up, and will come back to bite her in the ass with no one happy in the end. The fact that there might be more chapters gives me a little hope but not much.

Very nice! This is one example of a story that is begging for an expansion, a sequel, anything! I've got to see how everything turns out for Flutters!

That hurts, damn i do get shy is sad but, poor Mac :c, this wont fix anything Flutters dont do it

3394316 I don't. She's a shallow character whose (one and only) appeal is pity. All she does is try to learn how to be more bold; and she fails nearly every single time. The gag is getting old really fast. About as meaningful as a graffiti writing made by an arthritic, junkless junkie on your living room ceiling.

Rainbow Dash, however, is a much better character than Flutteruseless.


...I take it one of those many down votes came from you?

*Doesnt say anything*
*Simply stares at you with large green eyes*
*Suddenly another pair of Green eyes pops up next to you...
And another, And another And another..
until eventually all you can see, are green, glowing, emotionless eyes...*
*And then... you see nothing at all....or ever agian...*

3394316 How can you not like Rainbow Dash? :facehoof:

You like all my rainbow stories >.>

3396952 Ignore the down votes. Most downvotes come from three types of people.



Grammar Nazi's

Not a single downvote comes from anyone worth your time.

I just don't like Flutterdash :P

3397002 See first article of my list then XD:trollestia:

No i like you....
The amount of good stories you produce,
lets me ignore all the rainbow dash ones.
And the only one i really liked involved
rainbow dash being treated like a house pet.
Oh and it contained large amounts of fluttershy.

it's going to be a flutterdash fanfic isn't it? I love flutterdash :yay:

3397007 Oh you flatterer you.

Now why would you think that?
*Covers up the description with muffins*
Err, pay no attention to the words behind the muffin!

Or the photo.
*covers the photo with Erotic Twilight Pho-I mean..muffins...Yeah, muffins.*

3397039 I can tell by the picture that it's going to be a flutterdash fanfic

Erotic Twilight shaped muffins?
*Starts to drool*
err ehem i mean,....
*Unable to think clearly blurts out*
Some Random Comment That Makes No Sense!!

Or or or!
Mabey rainbowdash thinks fluttershy is a muffin and is trying to eat her.
...... What?
Oh dont act like you havent confused a pony with a muffin,
and then proceded to bite them only to taste weird copper flavored filling.
*Looks around nervously at all the ponies looking at him*

Just one thing. TRY at least a bit to reference the characters with names sometimes. I actually had to re-read this to understand who said what and all these shenanigans...
Other than that, good story.


Welcome to story conflicts.The story would be boring as hell if it didn't had them.

Now let's see what comes next.

3396952 Nope, I don't mind the story, really. Plus, downvoting without reading is something reserved for the autistic and pediatric doctors.

3396973 Cute, ponybruh. Lower the Na⁺ intake, plea

3397000 Except when people really dislike it for good, solid reasons, I take it? Ignore the bad, carry on as if you're never wrong.
I find it very amusing that you refer to people with a different taste than yours as "losers" and "haters". Such a narrow view, oh my... Well, ignorance is bliss, or so I'm told.

*Is completely confused as to the meaning of a Na Square*
i wonder if it has anything to do with a Ya Circle?

3397267 It has something to do with basic education, which tells me a lot.

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