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I may not be a great writer,


Surely she must be sick. Unusual actions, strange thoughts, and new feelings...
Yep, just a bit under the weather. Nothing a little hard work can't cure.

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Wow, cute as fuck. :ajsmug::derpytongue2:


Amazing, you are fantastic at cute romance.

Hahhaha! That "kiss"

One word for this: Lulz

Well, that was rather unexpected. *laughs in the background*

"...That... was weird." She finally regained control of her eyes, fixing them on her pink friend. "It's not just me--that was weird, right?!"

Nah AJ that was normal...:pinkiecrazy: Also moe as fuck.:eeyup:



Thanks! Glad you guys like it so far! :twilightsmile:

Let's see, Adorbs, Using Derpy, And kissing.
Yup! Definitely upvote :pinkiehappy:

This is adorbs. I give it...20 out of 20 hearts.

Lets see, adorable, Derpy, muffins, yep, this gets and upvote. :ajsmug::derpytongue2::heart:

I'm trying to contain my laughter, but I'm failing miserably.

:rainbowlaugh: Brillient!!!!!!!! MOAR!!!!! GIVE ME MOAR!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

........ Seriously tho, more :twilightsmile:

Derpy is going to get in line for muffins and I'm going to get in line for the next part of this story ^^

Cute, adorable Derpy and my faves farmer. The AWESOME:rainbowkiss:
Who could live without it?

No seriously, who? I need to find and fix.:pinkiecrazy:

holy hell that was cute as all get out. eagerly awaiting more dear author.

That was cute, and ridiculous. :derpytongue2: I wasn't expecting to follow this story, but I think I'll see what happens next!

oh a.j.
if life has taught me anything its that nothing is ever better in the morning.

Well looks like AJ has a pretty bad case of mind-and-body/heart conflict. She has all the qualifications and symptoms:
1. She's never really had any romantic interest/experience before this.
2. Her personality makes her a very likely denier. (Tsundere!:rainbowkiss:)
3. SInce she has no experience her mind and body are both trying to react in the most familiar way, hence the queasiness.
4. She's falling REAL hard for Derpy here.
5. It's impossible to NOT fall in love with that lovable grey pegasus.

Especially after a long night of drinking

began the lomg trek back to Sweet Apple Acres.

I believe it is a long trek back. :raritywink:

4386372 Oops, thanks. I wrote the end of the chapter on my phone at 1 in the morning... :twilightblush:

Yeah, AJ just jinxed herself real hard xD

:ajbemused:: I've a bit of a problem. Th'thing is that I cain't seem t' stop thinkin' bout Derpy, 'cuz she's adorable and cute and, and...
:applejackunsure:: ...
:ajbemused:: Darn.

4386411 You should start a group for this ship. After you think of a clever name of course.

4496166 Huh, I figured there'd have been a group for it already. All I could think of now is DerpyJack, but I wanna come up with something more clever.

Derppleyjack? :rainbowlaugh:

looks good so far! but needs more updates :derpytongue2: well I hope for some soon anyway! lol
good luck and have fun!

well, this seems a bit odd. I can't wait for it to become a full Applederp story, though.

Author's Note:
Okay, there is no way it's been two years. No. Impossible. :rainbowderp:

[ sarcastically ] Mmmmhmmm...

What's this? This adorable crackship lives?

Well then...

This made my day. :applejackconfused::heart::derpytongue2:

well this is interesting ...... i love it! :ajsmug::heart::derpytongue2:


Such an adorable chapter, hehehe seems it's like AJ is quite the late bloomer if she never really experienced blushing to that extent.

It's good to see this finally updated. I had to read the previous chapters again to get a better idea of what has happened so far.Though now that I see the description again I'm wondering about the "sad" tag and what it entails. Hopefully it isn't anything too distressing.

Would you look at that, someone learned necromancy.

Wow, I had to check to remember which story this was. Looking forward to reading the new chapter! :)

What did I just read? Seriously, though, that is just plain weird. I love that what Pinkie found weird was Derpy ordering an apple muffin on Tuesday, and not that she just orally molested AJ.

I love Pinkie completely missing the point

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