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I am currently writing a story called Friends Make Life Worth Living (or FMLWL for short), but after I have more free time I may start another series/story as well.


The girls play a game of truth or dare whilst opening each other's gifts which leads to the group learning about Twilight's hobby which directly involves Rainbow Dash, much to her surprise.

Pre-read by Krebons12

Art by Wodahseht

Chapters (2)
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I lIkre this story. it makes me laugh :twilightsmile:

I'm liking this idea.:scootangel:

and it is really cute please keep it up



I will and thank you :twilightsmile:


I'm glad it makes you laugh :pinkiehappy:

I agree with foxsama cute, keep it up :3:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::heart: 3 moustaches for this story :3 :moustache::moustache::moustache:

O god this is just amazing, I havent seen many stories done like this, I love it and find it just so adorable especially at the end with rainbow unknowingly admits her thoughts on the matter XD

Looking forward to the next update ^.^



Hehe thanks :twilightblush: This is actually my first TwiDash fic I've ever attempted so it's nice to know I'm not too bad at it :derpytongue2:

Also for those of you who were wondering, the next chapters will be longer than the first one, usually I don't write less than 5k words per chapter but I was rushed for time due to Xmas and New Years stuffs.

It's ship-ception! A brilliant concept really! I love it already! :twilightsmile:

Dear Author -
Pinkie threatening me is one thing that would certainly get my attention. Do you have a secure bunker set up? Is there any way to Pinkie proof something?

I have set up a pinkie proofing service exactly for this situation

“Hey!” shouted Pinkie, “You can’t just control-z my work! That was the best dialogue of the century!”

“Sorry Applejack,” said Twilight with a smirk, “sometimes, authors are just mean like that.”
“Yes. Yes they are,” said Pinkie as she glared at the man through screen as was typing out a series of words while imagining how soft Luna’s fur would be.
“Pinkie, who are you staring at?” asked Rarity.
Yes Pinkie, who ARE you staring at?
Pinkies glare intensified as she muttered, “I know where you live.” She then turned back to her glamorous friend with a friendly grin, “Nopony, Rarity.”
Nopony indeed.

Wow. You've taken fourth-wall breaking to the next level.


One does not simply contain Pinkie within said wall XD

On a side note, I'm suddenly getting a lot of favs/views for this story and I have no idea why. That's not a complaint by the way.

Edit: ooooh it was recently put in the TwiDash group.

4344599 Yep, that's how I found it. The Twidash group.
Definitely enjoying it so far! Pinkie's self-insert was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

I have high hopes for this story! keep doing what your doing!


Well due to the sudden influx of interest in this story, I think I'll deviate from my schedule this once and update this rather than my other story :derpytongue2:

This is so damn funny.

her five other friends followed suit.

Oh, how sweet. The closest thing Spike has to a family is spending a holiday that celebrates love and togetherness without him.

the sound of four pony’s plus one dragon’s jaws dropping

So he was there? That's a sin: *ding* Dialogue heavily implies that Pinkie Pie does not view Spike as a friend.

so he promptly left to check on his gems.

*ding* Spike walks out of the story, taking any possibility of boosting the humor with his sardonic remarks with him.


Oh my Celestia, your job with Pinkie Pie is simply marvelous! :pinkiehappy:

Is this gonna be another one of those stories that ends up completely forgotten?I hope not,or else me adding this to my favorites would be completely useless.

*pokepoke* is it dead?



...did it die?

Do I need to do the Frankenstein Experiment?


Well, after a long while of being dead/not writing because I'm weird like that, I'm actually currently in the middle of planning and reworking bits and pieces of both my stories.

6109880 I thought you died because of Pinkie... :pinkiecrazy:

6109880 this is brilliant! We need ore soon!:rainbowlaugh:

MOAR! :flutterrage: I mean if you want...

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