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I may not be a great writer,


Twilight has little experience in the world of dating, and decides to ask Rainbow Dash for help on the matter. Rainbow's "practice date" seems like a good idea: two good friends, one helping the other out in their quest for love. As friends. Just friends. Nothing more. Right?

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I liked this, it was quite cute.

Kail #2 · Aug 5th, 2013 · · ·

Cute. I love fluffy TwiDash fics.

The only problem I had with this story was where RD taught Twilight table manners and poise. Twilight is a princess now and I very much doubt it she never learned those things till now.

Besides that, very cute. Good work.

Alright. This wasn't too bad.

Pacing was pretty good and it read quite well. A bit drawn out, but, eh. It's still a good read.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Twilight's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. (Get it? Because they were... eating... sorry)

I found that way too amusing. Probably something to do with the fact that I'm up at 1:40 AM reading fanfiction.

EXACTLY 5000 words, very nice.
Will read later, but I have a good feeling.

EddWar #7 · Aug 5th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Good and cute story, :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

This is adorable. Nice work. :twilightsmile:


I dont even like this shiping And I still liked it.

A really good story. However, there were a couple of thing that slightly bothered me. First of all, you never explained why Twi went to Dash for advice. You'd think Rarity would be a no-brainer for romance. It can be attributed to Twi's crush, but still! Second-all that talk about table manners and posture... I can't really see Dash paying THAT much attention to the way she sits-I think it'd be more of an unconscious act for her, holding her back straight and stuff.

Still, I enjoyed this story greatly and can probably sum up my emotions with "Squeee".

But still, why Dash? She isn't exactly the type of gal to know all about romance!

Adorable, simply adorable.

I see Rainbow as more of the "dating" type and Rarity as more of a "social" type (group outings, business dinners, charity events, etc). Just one point of view, though... I can understand it being the other way around.

:rainbowwild: Twilight, I am playing hoofsie with you on our practice date.
:twilightoops: Damn it wings, She must not know.

Cute, funny, and sweet story. Love the pic.


Agreed. It's just a Twidash for Twidash's sake. Sorry for sounding like a jerk, but 'big honkin' surpirse.' :twilightsheepish:

Des92 #17 · Aug 5th, 2013 · · 2 ·

You say that as if it's a bad thing. We always need more TwiDash.


It's not a bad thing...

freaking adorable, well done sir:twilightsmile:

I just can't see Rainbow Dash of all ponies seriously trying to lecture Twilight on table etiquette and such, and there are some perspective issues, but that aside, this is a cute bit of fluffy Twidash.


Neither of them noticed or remembered that Rainbow Dash had just eaten an onion-smothered pizza.

Easily the best line in the entire fic. This was very adorable and fun to read, any concerns I have were pointed out somewhere above in the comments. I hope to see more from you soon! :twilightsmile:

I normally prefer darker tales, but this...was absolutely delightful. Bravo!

Buck confusion.

But I didn't do anything!

Dat cover art makes reading this obligatory. Into the RL it goes.

How is it that nobody commented on the fact that Dash ordered, and ate, a pepperoni pizza?

Pepperoni is a type of meat, and just to push the 'ick' factor up a notch it's made from a combination of pork and beef. Oh, and Lasagna al Forne is normally prepared with ground beef as well, though it can be vegetarian. A pony society that consumes beef would explain why AJ was proficient in herding cattle, but damn. Eating other sapients is pretty dark.

2995749 "Pepperoni" means small, very hot bell peppers 'round where I live - what you call "pepperoni" is "pepperoni salami" here. Besides, there are explanations for the cattle - they might not eat meat, but they do use milk. The pigs, on the other hand...

This is absolutely adorable.
I still don't know why of all ponies she chose Rainbow Dash when asking for dating advice, but it still really cute. :rainbowlaugh:
Rainbow Dash and Twilight need to have babies. And lots of them.
I said nothing!......:twilightoops:

DAT COVER ART! xD (Is it bad that I read it in an adult male African American's voice?)

Just the cover art is so adorable! I can't stahp looking at it!

I know! I should read the story!

I kinda wondered about that myself... :pinkiegasp: I think we can safely assume the Lasagna al Forne is vegetarian (a spinach lasagna, or made with portobello mushrooms, possibly)?, but the pepperoni is... um... :twilightoops:

2993370 You have a point, but "Proper" posture and "Date" posture are two different things. One endeavors to appear aloof and in control, while the other strives for approach-ability and attractiveness.

2993660 Perhaps I'm a bit more conniving than most; but were I in this situation, I may be tempted to ask the friend I was interested in how THEY pictured a good date.

I read these storyies,
So I ask myself:
'Why am I reading this'
I get finished

I love it. Great story, branches could be made for this story, PLEASE

Point, but it still seemed a little strange that RD made a whole little lecture about that stuff.

That cover pic...

That story pic, THAT'S FU**** FUNNY! HAHA

Interesting, it must be a regional thing, because a general search on 'pepperoni' only brings up the meat. Reading into its wiki there's a mention that's the word comes from the Italian for peppers, but that they use peperoni (single 'p') to refer only to sweet peppers like the bell variety.

Oh, and I was just joking about the beef consumption because I thought, 'pepperoni' was a typo on the part of the author. The cows are certainly milk-producers, I think Pinkie even references that in one episode, but the pigs could also be kept for less carnivorous purposes. They're excellent truffle hunters and the Apples could certainly keep them to find such treats.
Unless I just over-analyzed a joke you were making in return. :twilightblush:

I'm gonna go with "magic unidentified meat-like substance" that just appears out of nowhere, and the ponies just call it pepperoni because it's spicy (like real pepperoni is). So it's like the MLP version of pepperoni.

"Unidentified meat" is practically what half of our food industry is, anyway...

I guess I could have called it "ponyoni" but that would have raised even more questions and debate. :twilightblush:

Aside from the blunt foreshadowing and some unnecessary narration, this was pretty cute. And normally I'm not really a fan of the wingboner meme, but that scene made me lol :rainbowlaugh:

Darn! I was trying to make it flow well, but if I had made it any less foreshadowy, it would have been all "Sure, I'll be a good friend and help out. Oh, by the way, I suddenly have feelings for you." *kiss* --> *sex*

Oh well, maybe my romance skills will improve once I start writing a bit more of it. Celestia knows I won't be getting any real-life experience anytime soon. :rainbowlaugh:

2996770 Yes, "regional" as in "German". :twilightsmile: At least now you're prepared for this particular false friend in case you ever deal with any Germans - even those with a pretty good grounding in English will likely not know about this particular wrinkle.

well, I did too; but then again I am a young adult african-american male, sooo...:twilightsheepish:

with pepperoni

Uuuummm WAT?

"I'll have a small pizza, with pepperoni and onions.


"I'll have a small pizza, with pepperoni and onions.


2996839 But that's the thing; Twilight's feelings are foreshadowed subtly (perhaps a little too subtly at first, but it's plenty noticeable by the end). Rainbow Dash just says it outright (and multiple times at that!).

I may be biased (my own writing style has progressively gotten more showy and less tell-y over time), but it's just a little blunt for my tastes to have Dash say it every couple of paragraphs. And you may argue that fits in with her brash, over-compensatory confidence and secret fears of rejection, but it still felt out of place, at least to me.

I know the feeling of lacking IRL romance experience, though P:

Exactly 5000 words.
Twilight would be so proud.

Another very cute pairing. Awesome story! :twilightsmile:

Very predictable, but good enough that the reader won't care.

Reminds me of the date scene in Xenophilia - was there some inspiration there or just paralell evolution?

No, I haven't read Xenophilia yet - it's actually in my read later. Buried along with around 250 others. :twilightsheepish:

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