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Last Hearth's Warming, I gave you my heart
The very next day, you gave it away.
This year,
To save me from tears,
I'll give it to someone special...

It's been almost a year since Blues broke up with his coltfriend, yet everywhere he goes he can't stop seeing him - not even in the new stallion Blues has been asked to train...

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Wait do people dis like this because it's about 2 colt who love each other ?, well I believe love is for every pony but the second someone makes a story about 2 mare's loving each other it is a hit... aybe i am being to blunt about this but it is just a opinion, Quill and Ink out.:eeyup:

That's a disproportionate number of downvotes for an author who's generally pretty high-quality.

There were a few places with a few errors, like a missing word, or an additional one, like this part:

"What's the that?" Blues asked.

It's the last one, and the only one I can remember at the top of my head, waaay too tired to reread the entire thing to find more. xD

But overall? I liked the story, took a slow reader like me most of the day to read, but it was worth it.

This is a story you can be proud of.

That was a damn good story that doesn't deserve the amount of downvotes it recived. And Quill and Ink, while I agree with your point, it was rather painful to read

it was good, however it felt cliche at the end


While a part of me is inclined to say that that was inevitable - I was aiming for a very Christmas special sort of feel, which... well, you know. Still though, may I ask how exactly you felt it was cliched?

it felt like the apology at the end of it where he poured out his heart and soul telling the other felt like it has done before, because it has. i dont have time to list the stories that do, but if you IMO really want me to, i will find them.


Aheh... well, considering I may well have WRITTEN a couple of those...

No, I do see your point. I'll admit the pacing of the story, and of my writing, changes near the end - Originally I'd wanted the ending to be a bit more low-key, but that would have taken more time to write than I had, alas.

meh,sometimes cliche is good but i think in this case it detracted from the story

I disagree with the comment before me, I don't think it's cliche, and apart from a couple writing errors here and there, is a solid romance story. Made for a good read before bed (albeit a long one). Liked and Faved.

Oh shoot I didn't even realize that you wrote this one

Whelp, this is going on my watch list.

This is nice. Good writing, good technical skills and a fuzzy story to warm chill hearts.

I could have understood downvotes on an editing basis. The mechanics were a tad... shaky. That said, most of the initial downvotes were probably that lovely "EW GAY" kneejerk reaction we see so much 'round here.

This was a nice little story. Lots of sweet moments to balance out the heartbreaking ones. I fully sympathize with the protagonist, and found myself rooting for him to make a move right up until the end, which was very warm. I hope there is a sequel, as I would like to see these two stallions develop their relationship further. Good work! :twilightsmile:


Ah... er, well, yes... sadly my work turned busy a week before Christmas and I had to scrabble to get this out on time, so I was barely even able to do an editing pass of my own and, well, you know how well those go even at the best of times...

although regarding in beginning downvotes, I honestly think it might have something to do with the fact that I have 'jerk' scrawled across a well-liked character as my story image...

Oh great, now the song is in my head again. And I can't believe I would ever see such a crossover.

This is beautiful story really, you deserve more on this.

The story gave me many feels.

So much so that I had to stop reading the story quite a few times. If I didn't stop I would
get that achey, twisty, clenching feel in my chest and get feels all over my keyboard.

I loved the story, being able to relate to it in many ways. Liking boys, having an Ex that I still think about and then finding someone new, someone better. :3

Its like this story specially crafted just so I would like it ! <3

I officially hate you for making me add such an error-ridden mess to my favorites, you jerk! Why does my weakness for gay romance have to extend to ponyfics?

Happy tears at the end. :fluttercry:

I really enjoyed this one, and it definitely hit close to home. So you get my faves for that. However, I strongly recommend splitting this up into a few chapters, adding the Blues (Noteworthy) character tag, and giving it an editing pass. Lots of little errors. Still a heartwarming, enjoyable story, though. :heart:

Creme raised an eyebrow at this, but if there was something on his mind he didn't say it right away. He pulled his hoof away just a bit, not enough for Blues to really notice. “Well, no,” he said finally. “You should never have to 'share' if you don't want to. It's not like he was a toy firetruck.

“Bicycle might be more appropriate,” Blues said, smiling a bit more genuinely at the quip. Creme blinked, but continued.

Oh god please tell me you didn't go there and please tell me this fic is teen rated

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