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This story is a sequel to Miller

In the underworld of Equestria, where lowlifes lurk and crime runs rampant, one pony is whispered about with fear and hate. Not many know where he came from or why he (accidentally) left a trail of destruction through the criminal ranks. In fact, Vinyl and Octavia were his only confidants. Now the mysterious visitor is back, and he's, well... not a he anymore.

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What kind of mess will h...er she go through this time?

A sequel to Miller got my attention. The ending to this chapter got my attention's attention. :coolphoto:

Millie will need to use her distraction magic to escape! And by "distraction magic," I mean "poke him in the eye with her horn." :twilightsheepish:

Well...that's going to make things difficult.

What do we have here? Curse you cliffhanger endings!!!

So Luna wants Miller, Er, Millie, to stay in Manehattan for some unknown reason? Maybe the princesses are wise to his, sorry, her, tendency to remove crime and are using her like that some sort of unwilling Batman? Say, if that's the case, you know what this is?


Eh, close enough.

2413805 Look, an obvious distraction!

The ballad of a tough pink mare
By Dafaddah

Millie the filly,
felt so gosh-darned silly,
stuck in Manehattan again!
She went to Octavia,
Was fed vegetaria,
And met Vinyl Scratch on the train.

The train had not departed,
when young Milie was startled,
by a Thestral Guard walking her way.
"Heh," she said to Vinyl,
"That dude may look evil,
But this filly is ready to play!"

Oh yeah! Miller is back! Or should I say Millie? :trollestia:

A tiny shame that he is a girl now, since the badassness is cut by about 25-30%.
But for the sake of comedy, I guess it's a worthy sacrifice.

You know, when I read the beginning of this chapter, I almost tought it was like in the setting of the movie Groundhogs day. But then I noticed that time had indeed passed.

Also, seems Millie is more expressionable as a mare, atleast when it comes to facial expressions. Because wasn't it so that Miller's face was very unreadable, because he didn't know how to use his ears to express feelings? Which lead to everyone believing that he was a cold blooded sociopathic killer?

Btw, you should probably put a note in the old Miller story, so that people who read that one, are notified of the sequel.

Well, looks like Miller's in a shitload of trouble...

Did, did you just r63 yourself?

2413805 This has potential.

2414459 I think mare faces in general are more expressionable. And maybe hormones have something to do with it? :twilightblush:

is that saying that girls cant be as good as guys?

Tell me, when was the last time you saw a girl, or a grown woman, ever do something manly.
Hollywood films do not count.
Maybe the French revolution, but honestly.

hmmm, I am a girl and I fight guys, I win. I am going into the military academy when im old enough and I hate sexist people because guys think girls are the weaker sex, without us the human race would die, and yes we don't have the upper body strength of a guy, but we can get it the same as you by body building. I don't even watch Hollywood films so I don't know what your talking about.

Well unless it's in self defense, I suggest you refrain from beating up others.
Good luck with the military, although there is a slim chance you will get on the battlefield.
And the reason that the most male population thinks that women are just damsels in distress is because of media.

Pretty much every TV show, movie and opera has taught us that women are the princess who needs rescue and that we are the valiant knights who have to protect you.

Also, female muscles work different than males. But you know probably know that so I have absolutely no idea why I am saying that.

believe it or not i read this before it got submitted i just didn't comment until now so i wouldn't spoil anything

You broke the rules, James Miller. We cannot allow this. Anyway, loving the story so far, especially the involvement of a seemingly omnipotent adversary that can wipe memories.

So if he a male in the first and a female in the second.. Well seems like things will get interesting in the third, if there is one. :trollestia:

And the Lunar Guard ask's Will you go out with me, like Rock Lee did.

I've got to say, I'm rather pleased with how this is turning out. There is a good blend of mysteriousness and character, and I am still chuckling about the whole "now I'm a mare" thing. Overall good work. You and Treilacl should be proud. :ajsmug:

2413735 Adam Jensen is best cyborg pony

"Soooo... What are you now, exactly?"

"Well... I mean... I have both... So... Well... LOOK A DISTRACTION!" *runs away*

So... Is this a sequel to something? I keep seeing that it could be so I will refrain from reading til I know for sure.

Why didn't I know about this sooner?

Maybe you should put that in the description.
You know, for newcomers.

2416339 Probably. In a day or two, I'll come up with a better format.

A sequel to Miller? It's not possible!

Must continue reading, even if I had other plans for today this takes the top of the list. Sex change will be funny to explain to Octavia and Vinyl now won't it Ms. Miller? :rainbowlaugh:

Really good so far. My one problem with the story is how short the chapters are. I'm breezing through them in 2-3 minutes a pop. I need more~! :pinkiecrazy:

Ahm... I hate to say this, but... Human females are weaker than males. I'm not trying to be sexist, either. It is just biologically speaking, human males build muscle faster, and in larger density. They also are more resilient when taking bodily harm, as more of the weaker genes had been weeded out back in the stone ages and before. Women, however, have higher speed tolerances, which is somehow (I read the specifics years ago, and by now have forgotten them, so you'll just have to trust me) directly related to their ability to... well, pop out children. That sounds messed up, reading it, but in all seriousness women are weaker than men in certain things. Of course, the same applies the other way as well, so I don't see any real problems.

Of course, comparing males to females is kind of like comparing apples to oranges. Males are generally more one track minded, while females are great at multitasking. Males make for better ground troops, females make for better pilots. The values on so many things are extremely different

Of course, ultimately, doesn't it seem a little silly for you to be bringing all of what you said up in comments on a story that has nothing to do with you or your thoughts? That is what blog posts are for! :twilightsmile:

And there I go doing the same thing! :twilightsheepish:

Why not shipping? *stern gaze on 70% of FimFiction*

So he can't even leave the city...yet. Well that is...an inconvenience. Although the opposite is true of having both his friends at the city with him, although they aren't friends with eachother anymore it seems.


While I appreciate that each sex has its intricacies, my comments section is not the ideal place to discuss them.

To the forums! Or perhaps, IRC

sorry, i just hate when someone posts something sexist in the comments about females, it makes me angry

Attentionception! :trollestia:

Oh Vinyl is going to get a Serious laugh out of rule 63 Miller... :rainbowlaugh:

Millie is a happily married mare .. Man! i mean Man! He would Never cheat on his wife :heart:

Damn. Here's to dedicated editors. :pinkiehappy:

*Grins* Hm...curiouser and curiouser.

Here's a Vinyl Scratch dubstep song. If you can turn up your bass, do it, because, if you do, it may mess with your head.

If you like it enough, you can download it here for free.
Wub Meh Hard

Fun jazz cello song. In my opinion, that is.

Celestia: Hey Luna! Crime is up in Manehattan again.
Luna: Pull the pin on Miller and toss him in there. Wake me when it gets dark or when the fireworks start.

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