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After being exposed to radiation and misfiring age spells, Trixie was forced to relive her foalhood in the care of a mysterious, possibly insane, stallion who claims to be from another planet. Now that he's gone, Trixie will have to make her own way using the skills he taught her and a few pieces of otherworldly technology.

This story is rated M for machine gun.

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And so the story begins

So, is this another damn continuation of the travesty that is the Dream universe or is it a story in itself... if so; I shall read. :moustache:

You sir, know how to make an attention grabbing title.


So much yes....!

Woooo~ A story where I actually care about Trixie!

the Ponyville library which was currently empty after the New Princess fiasco that had occurred recently.
She’d lived with Twilight and Valiant in the library, and now that both of them had just left Ponyville for different reasons, there was no reason for her to hang around.

This seems to imply that the A Dream setting is using the canon alicorn!Twilight and the Princess Coronation. But the most recent chapter has this:

“Sorry I’m late!” called a goateed stallion, running up to us just then. He looked around. “Wow, this place is even more out of control than I thought. At least we’ve gotten rid of Post.”
“Who’s this?” I asked.
“Another member of the development team,” said Types. “Alicorn Twilight is his creation.”
“You did what?” shouted Twilight. She jerked my pistol out of its holster and blew out his brains.
“Oh my God, two creations rebelling in one day,” I exclaimed.
“More souls for me,” said Sir Win, shrugging.
As blood from the stallion’s mangled head began to pool on the ground, Twilight’s wings disappeared. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief.

(emphasis added)
Explain plox? :trixieshiftright:

Interesting. I wonder if Valient could make the Heavy's Minigun 'Sasha' from TF2. Give that to Trixie!
On another note, this reminds me of Fallout Equestria for some reason. Nuclear stuff, guns and Anti-rad medicine might be the reason.

2166045 Well, she might not be an alicorn, but she did murder somepony right in front of the Princesses

The cover image lead me to believe this was a crossover with Terminator.

2167434 Well, with an M60 it's actually closer to being a crossover with Rambo


There's that, but I'm fairly certain skateboards and sunglasses never appeared in Rambo.

I get the feeling I won't understand without reading dream. And I already have about 5 million words to read.

Dude, that is, without a doubt, the best title to a pony fan fiction I've ever seen! :pinkiecrazy:

As with the story, it's not bad. I'm interested to see what happens next.

And yet another great fanfic by totallynotabrony. I can't wait for the updates to Combat Magic and to this one, they always brighten up my day when I get an email about an update to either of those stories.
Keep up the good work.


So, is this another damn continuation of the travesty that is the Dream universe

You say that like it's a bad thing!:pinkiehappy:

"Updates every Saturday!"
Seeing as you have 61 other stories, how come you have so much time for writing?

2178707 I'm special.

Or so I'm told.

2178728 You mean you're quick at writing?

2178734 I tallied up all my stories a few weeks ago. In one year, I averaged over 2000 words per day, every day.

Not hate... exhaustion. :unsuresweetie:

hmmmmm, Trixie, the biggest boaster in all of Equestria, affected by radiation, riding a skateboard through Ponyville, carrying The Pig? hmmmmmm, this sounds interesting. carry on.

I would have preferd if Hitler was her father alien and she had an MG 42 "Hitlers Buzzsaw" 'cause it was so good that it nearly ruined the D-day invasion.

2202008 Big difference: Valiant is American, so much so that he would probably spell it 'Merican

2202053 Her father. This might make slightly more sense if you've read the Dreams Series

Mostly for entertainment because he was bored, but there was also evidence of pre-planned preparedness.

I recall you saying that the Dream series has gone off the rails as a self-insert long ago, but this line is just hilarious to me.

2209301 Is it just me, or did this chapter not send out a notification? I know I didn't upload it on the 22nd.

I don't have this on my email list. So I wouldn't know.

Wait.... what the hell?

Wait this updated?:rainbowhuh:

2209568 Apparently. Seems the site didn't send out notifications.

I only found out by accident while scrolling through my favorites list. I had to uncheck and then recheck the favorite icon to get it to show up.

I am going to enjoy this. I am going to enjoy this HARDCORE.

Yeah, it wasn't even in my list of unread chapters. I only checked on it because you mentioned updating it in your blog.

This chapter made the wait worth it. Keep up the good work!

Either somepony ran away or Trixie's now an MG-wielding bounty hunter.

Snake Oil?
Sounds like valiant isn't the only one in the oil buissness anymore


Once he gets his hooves on Flim and Flam he will be.

The great and amazeing bounty hunter TRIXIE:trixieshiftright:

I agree with how Trixie dealt with Starburst: when in doubt, hit 'em in the face with a machine gun

2246937 no, it goes like this: The Great and Badass Bounty Hunter Trixie:trixieshiftright:

I laughed way too hard at that al-Chemist pun.

I love the idea of a Jamarecan zebra. lol :pinkiehappy:

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