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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ · 9:13am

Looking for callsigns for the rest of the crew.

So far, I'm thinking of using "Killer Tomato" for Ginny.  Maybe Neville can pick up the discarded "Doctor Badass" moniker.  I don't have any ideas for anybody else.

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>>2437314 Ah, okay.  Yeah, I got busy these last few weeks.  

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>>2437268 oops this was supposed to be on the blog commentary for steve and the insert deathly hallows pun here thing. Good news is since steve is going to be at hogwarts the entire time voldemort is running the show you get to make up the adventures of the happenings at hogwarts

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okay you can't sit here and do these dumps of chapters and then sit there and take forever to do the conclusion unless youre going to do the thing in three parts like the filmnonly one more

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The Hat Man hasn't responded, has he?

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