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Cheerilee's been promoted to School Superintendent. It's a good job, but she misses being in the classroom. All that changes when Princess Luna asks the teacher to take care of a special student.

On a related note, the local vampire population increases by 100%.

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Good a new Vampire Cheerilee story. I can't wait to read it.

Nosfera-two? Nice... Or even... Cheers. :ajsmug:

I believe I already have posted my comment to you :) If you ever read it that is...
But I am still looking forwards to the next chapter :)

A 100% increase just means it doubled though... [/math nerd]


Dead...Pony-ville. Now, that does not make any sense in my mind.:twilightoops:
Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad::pinkiesmile:

While Ponyville is a town of ponies, Dead Pony-ville is a town of dead ponies.
Or, that's what seems to be the most obvious thing.


Exactly, and there was one before, that means now there are two. This must be the story where Cheerilee gets a sidekick.

Just leave it alone Teacup, looking into it further is only going to lead to tears and possibly death.

1358777 Ha Ha! The vampires have been doubled!

Well, Note not being able to kill a young girl properly makes more sense than my Rainbow Dash theory.:twilightsheepish:

Ahh...very nostalgic.
I somewhat hope that is not the case though.:twilightoops:
Applebloom barely escaped the horrors that is is the undead of The Everfree!

Favorited, thumbs upped.

Now time to read it :rainbowwild:

Oh, and comment. Because comments help stories get featured. And all Vampire Cheerilee stories need to get featured.



The blue pony walked forward into the trees (this makes it sound like another pony, not Luna, Midnight blue would work, as would any manner of 'royal' descriptions if you want to change it at all."

and headed for bed. (Cheerilee V sleeps now:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:)


Oh you sneaky bastard you. :twistnerd:

Ive never read the vampire Cheerilee series. Should I start from the beginning, or can I jump in here?

Either or. I guess I would recommend starting from the begining to get the full effect, but hopefully this story won't be hard to follow.

In previous stories I just said she didn't have to sleep much, sometimes going for days without it.


So it's more of a metaphorical tired which can be alleviated during rest? That would make since. The life of a vampire would be rather hard on the mind.

Yes, you can now be the source of my procrastination once more. //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Twilight_crazy.png

When I was reading this chapter I got an idea for another Vampire Cheerilee story. On this moment Cheerilee is just an assassin for Luna and Equestria. But what if somepony or something convinced Celestia that Vampire's can't be trusted (maybe the Nightmare?). And because that Luna trusts vampire's Luna also can't be trusted. Now Cheerilee and Luna have to find out what or who controls Celestia while fighting AGAINST Equestria, but can they find the key to this mystery before the losses get to big?

Edit: And before someone says, can't you write it yourself. I'm an idea-guy. Can't write and certainly in a language that isn't not my own...

Update, on they day of release :rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:

Oh right it's totallynotabrony and he had a extra day to write before it got posted.

I have some 20+ stories that update, TNAB you update almost as much as the rest combined.

It makes it hard to catch up on my 228 story read list and write the 1 story that is out and 2 more I am working on.

Noticed something. Both Cheerilee and Golden ring are identical cases. Both remained vampires after the pony who turned them was cured or killed. Something that normally would have turned them back to being ponies. Cheerilee was turned by Valiant - cured, Golden by Note - Killed.

Could this be the reason Luna wanted Cheerilee to save and teach her?

1360711 How observant you are.

How very observant. :trollestia:

I really hope she ends up getting sent to Ponyville.

But I also look forward to her "training" of Golden.
Which might have just become a whole lot harder...

I be got time to mercilessly kill with my fangs (pun) lets read , after bf3

I find it funny how she's wearing the glasses and trench coat to be inconspicuous, but keeps her tiara on. That's almost as good an idea as the way the changelings broke through Canterlot's shield.

Whoa! Jeez, was not expecting the ending of this chapter

I mean, yeah, it's a vampire story, but still. That was sudden.





Necromancers (Neighcromancers?:twilightsheepish:) more trouble than they are worth.

but as the undead, Cheer and Golden are especially at risk.

weirdly enough this reminds me of the T.V. show 'legend of the seeker' ...


Fuckin' necromancers man...
Always causing trouble with their crazy shenanigans.

Oh, very well. Seems interesting.:pinkiesmile:

"Fear not faithful subjects! For we have a schoolteacher!
*Throws Cheerilee*

Geeze, another chapter.

And Weakness is climbing back up hot tab to featured again. :pinkiehappy:

2 situation popped into my head when Cheerile said that "You have a lot to learn" to Golden
1. Batman and Robin superpony time!!
2. That Luna is having Cheerile teach Golden then kill Golden to make Cheerilee a more ruthless killing machine

:pinkiegasp: ANOTHER?!?

I have a feeling Tea is gonna have a role to play soon.

What do you mean another?

You clearly don't know me that well. :twilightsmile:


TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :twilightangry2:

EDIT: :yay:

I really like how this is going. I like the last one in the casino too with her near run in with :twilightoops: and the rest of :ajbemused::fluttershysad::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::duck:

However I would like to have seen her being outed to them. Besides dosn't :twilightblush: & :raritywink: already know that she is a vampire and that she works for Princess Luna, they were the one that delived her to her in a coffin in the first (second) story.

Forget nicotine I'm addicted to this series :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowdetermined2: can't wait for more good sir

also here's a Scootaloo
for luck

1364919 it may end up being 'time for tea', if you catch my drift.

Lemme guess... Golden is going to have to go to Ponyville to help investigate soon, despite not feeling quite ready to rejoin society. (Cheerilee can't risk going alone, lest she be recognized, so she'll be in a supporting position, giving Golden orders and advice every day or something.) Before that, Tea is going to somehow suspect/discover that there's a vampire living next door. (Though I'm not sure what he'd do. He might trust Cheerilee enough to not tell on them.)

I like the story!

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