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Starting at a new school, tracking a serial killer, and hiding her thirst for blood is driving Cheerilee crazy. What's a poor undead schoolteacher to do?

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Like and fav cause your awesome!

Hmm. Cherilee=vampire? I don't know :applejackunsure:

I love how vampire Cheerilee is always batshit insane.

Faved. Without reading.

I require moar.

Lol, Sneaky way to get readers onto this new story, totally. Still, it means more vampire Cherilee, so I can't even blame you.

What does that make this now....
the sequel of a followup of sidequel to a crossover of a self insert comedy??

Haven't read this yet, but to people considering, would recomend starting with Adventures of Vampire Cherilee --> Night Shift --> this.

This really should be just awful and incredibly mentally damaging, so why is it so entertaining? Really hope to see more from this series soon.

This is a sequel you should probably read the previous storys first.

The only issue I have here is Cheerilees ability to fake a heartbeat. I feel like the lack of that ability could have been a plot point later on.
That said, I love seeing her blatantly exploit her powers like that. Who needs time and care when you can just beat up a countertop with your face?

Glad to hear you're coming back.:pinkiesmile:

this is looking good so far!
glad you are back totallyabrony :twilightsmile:

again, i saw this when i first came on here
and this is the 2nd time in a row and story on here made my day/weekened/week
this awesome one right here

Vampire? Batshit insane?
Unintentional puns for the win!

It's like mythbusters, except she's using herself as a test dummy. Brilliant--if you can't die, you should use this to your advantage.

in our world, they'd used forensics to figure out if this was a murder or not
or, we could act like Cheerilee and defy the laws of nature to find out the answer

Brilliant! More stories to read, and a vampire one at that. I love this series, keep it up man.

Ahh yeah, Cheerilee is back and as much of a badass as ever. :rainbowdetermined2:

Hah! Using yourself for forensic testing, brilliant!

She is fucking hardcore.

"Need to know if the injury that brutally and messily killed the old lady could have been an accident?

Re-enact it!"

As much as I adore this series, I hope your not completely abandoning the show characters.

I really hope you update as fast as people say you do! :pinkiehappy:

It's been a while since I've read the previous stories in this series (and "A Dream", which spawned it), but it seems the writing style has changed. I'm not saying it's deteriorated, it just seems different from what I remember.

dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png Vampire: the Masquerade allows characters to do things similar to this with "the blush of health"; spend some blood and look like you're still alive for a while.

Claire Bennet in Heroes does the same thing in the episode "Jump, Push, Fall". She tries to figure out her roommate's death by simulating jumping, falling, and being pushed out of her window. Except instead of a dummy, she does it herself. (Of course, dramatic tension dictates that she gets caught regenerating on the pavement below!)

1152223 Oh, well then, ok. Won't like or dislike yet.

1151518 No! Of course not! I didn't like or dislike! I just said, "Ok?" :raritydespair:

1153165 That's a great idea, Cheerilee! Way to use your head!

1153934 Oh yeah, I had totally forgotten about that.

My theory so far is that its either that Note kid or Blossom

Very fascinating stuff, I can't wait for more.

Hmm, you're right. This series started out as a spinoff of a cracfic, so it was at least funny. Maybe I've lost something in trying to be serious.

Looks like I've got some writing to do.

I'm starting to get a serious Jojo's Bizarre Adventure vibe from this story. Which is a good thing.

I read the wikipedia article, but it didn't really tell me what it's about.

1155999 Basically it's a series from the 80's or so about a vampire named Dio and the Joestar family that he has a blood feud with. His powers are a lot like Cheerilees and everyone on both sides is clever as heck. The series focuses on the fights between Dio and various Joestar descendants, all of whom can be called Jojo. I compare the two because, like I said, Cheerilee is both powerful and pragmatic. There's an emphasis on outwitting your opponents instead of overpowering them.

Or as I like to say: Tracked.

just got around to reading the last two chapters and magically another one is here :pinkiegasp: you made me a very happy pony TNaB

This series is amazing!
Keep it up.

My notifications have failed. I could have been reading this instead of sleeping. Damnit.

BTW one of my V Cheerilee is one of my favorite characters and the Night Shift one of my favorite stories.


Fix it, oh god, the drop in quality IT MAKES ME ANGRY. :pinkiehappy:

I is interested. I have always like vampires. I'm watching you.


i'm gonna call it now, note either has something to do with the muders or he spotted cherrilee being all vampony like.

You know what'd be cool? Note figures out Cheerilee's secret, and he becomes her sidekick, kinda like Bucky and Captain America. Or she cuts him open. That'd work too.


Note is totally the one that kicked her flank. Children vampires, you can never trust them.

cool, never seen that show but aren't all the people from that show have like super powers or something?
so it would makes sense that lady could do that

So, I've got a couple of guesses.
1: Considering the excess of blood, and the frequent violent murders, and the nature of the secret agent school teacher investigating the killings, someone's trying to get Vampire Cheerilee in trouble.
2: Note starts becoming antisocial and nervous around Cheerilee very shortly after somepony attacks her violently. Say, where was Note during that whole fiasco? And with Cheerilee always eating alone, has she ever observed his eating habits?

1157886 Of course! 'Historical fantasy' indeed!

hmmmm, I'm getting a serious NCIS LA reference in there
cheerliee thought all the murders were random, but each of seemed to be planned out
so this might be anorther Phantom case
from the NCIS LA episode: "Random on Purpose"

1158055 He's doing a research project on his father for 'bring your parent to school' day, so he knows better what he shouldn't say. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, most of the main cast have super-human powers. The others are either related to another main character, or achieve powers artificially.

Claire Bennet is a regenerator, including regenerating from death. (At one point a stick gets shoved into her brain, and after the medical examiner removes it during the autopsy, she comes back to life.) Based on another regenerator character who was playing samurai in feudal Japan (and is still alive in the present), she also won't grow old.

Other main characters have electricity manipulation, muscle memory, phasing through objects, "black tears"*, immunity to the black tears*, power amplification, precognition, space/time manipulation, telepathy, pre/postcognitive dreams, flight, power mimicry, control over technology, super strength, water manipulation (including ice), earth manipulation, enhanced agility & reflexes, and power theft (generally includes scalping the target).

* The character begins crying black tears, and everyone around her begins doing the same, they lose consciousness, and then they die. She's accused of containing a darkness that could kill the Devil. Her twin brother is immune to her power and is able to reverse the effects if he arrives quickly enough.

There are dozens of other 'posthuman' or 'evolved human' characters that appear in the show as well.

1160426 dude, i didn't want an entire summary of teh show

1162417 why not? Now you don't have to even watch it

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