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Thank you for adding Rainbow Dash and the Pie Sisters to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

Thanks for the fav on D=S-M, I hope you enjoy the rest. I don't normally ask, but, anything you like/dislike about it?:pinkiecrazy:

Read through chapter 5 so far. I liked how they were a much larger group. I was looking forward to the problems that would come with having to support and sustain 80 ponies. A large society wasteland story was new. The art definitely caught my eye. I liked how things didn't INSTANTLY turn to shit outside, and I liked the whole trading sequence.

Hey! Thanks for the favourite on Ouroboros! Anything you like in particular? :pinkiehappy:

I'm officially on my way to boot camp. So long! I'll be back! :twilightsmile:

- BACK! Leaving for another month soon though. I think I'll bring some printed out stories with me this time though. I had more free time than I expected there.

  • Viewing 90 - 94 of 94
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The More You Know!

I Favorite a TON of stories. I do this because then I can find it later and read it when I get though whatever else is on my plate. I've read hundreds of stories, but with more than a thousand Favorited stories, chances are I haven't actually read yours yet, even if it's on my Favorites list.

Most of the stories on my favorites list have either been featured, or I've actually read it and enjoyed it. If you need something new, feel free to browse my Favorites list.


Fimfiction needs to bring back the ability to see how many words you've read. I need to know how much time I've spent here!


If you think I've got a ridiculous amount of stories watched, you should see my collection of webcomics and other sites I visit. I used to open them all at the same time to check which ones had updated, but once it hit 100 tabs my computer just couldn't handle it. It's only gotten larger.


Despite the number of Lunaverse stories on my Favorites list, I haven't read a single one. Same with Conversion Beuro and most of the Chess Game of the Gods fics. I should probably check those out, at least so I can see if I'd be interested in the series as a whole.


I'm sure most have you have at least heard of Dwarf Fortress, and you should know it's pretty awesome. Well I found a Fallout Equestria mod of the game. Control ponies in the wasteland, survive raider attacks and robots, the whole nine yards. The problem is I have no idea how to play with the new system, and I can't find any guides. What do?