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After a long talk with her mother, Vinyl is kicked out of the comforts of her home and forced to move to a new town. But her new home is far from perfect, as the place seems to be... haunted. Vinyl talks to her landlord who makes a bet that she can't capture the ghost of the mysterious cellist that was murdered years ago. Vinyl takes the challenge, and the whole town is taken aback by the mysterious truth that surrounds the home.

[So here I am, taking a small break from writing my typical stuff to do another one shot, this time, I'm going to practice my "comedy" and "mystery" writing. I'm going to warn you, my humor is pretty bad, but comedy is relative.... like time... or something.... ugh! At least I don't completely suck at mystery....:raritycry:]

I'm just going to add a little disclaimer here.... If you think I should change this rating at any time, be sure to let me know :twilightsmile:

WARNING! This contains: Inappropriate humor, stoner humor, death mysteries, murder, sexy jokes, alcohol, drug use, lesbian pony romance, and ghosts.

I'm so sorry for this....

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Lol, that author's note! My sides are splitting!:rainbowlaugh:

You should check your spelling.

He hasn't updated in like, forever, and there's a few stories I'd love to see a conclusion on. I hope he's okay... :unsuresweetie:

6861262 Same, I'm a big fan of First Impressions and Syncopation

6861272 Have you tried looking for one in the Groups?

Yeah I'm waiting for the sequel of First Impressions to finish heheheh.....

But no I haven't looked for one in the groups. I do have Jabber Brony, but I haven't seen him around, and the more people proofreading the merrier :twilightsmile:

Can't wait to see how Vinyl reacts in the morning to having a Tiny Octavia sleeping on her chest. :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Octavia has lost her mind to keep from falling into depression.

Yep. Octy's lost her marbles. Let's see if Vynal can track them down for her.

Now I is confused. Is Octy dead or is there going to be one of those HEY I'M ACTUALLY ALIVE plot twists?

That is a GREAT question my dear Watson! I will answer with this: The story is giving you hints to make you're own decision, but I won't spoil anything. But despite the "twist", the real fun is in how characters react to situations and problems with the knowledge they have, regardless of what the reader knows, or not. That would explain why sometimes stories play out like you don't know about something big, but that's because the surprise isn't for you, the surprise is for the characters, whatever that may be in any given story. :pinkiehappy:

... You're right..... oh Celestia what dark matter has transfused from my hooves into the keyboard?! :raritydespair:

the poor dear needs to see a therapist:ajsleepy:. when is the next chapter coming out I hope it comes out soon:pinkiecrazy:

I agree! I'm keeping up with all three stories. My internet is being fickle (it's getting shut of for a little while) so it might take a little over a week to update. :fluttershyouch:

I know! I'll be done with my play through of Half Life 3 by the time she updates this!

Oh wait....

I made a blog post explaining why I took a long break from this. Sorry for the delay :fluttercry:

the title reminded me of scene in a fantasy novel where a ghost actually said, "good heavens! you look like you've seen a ghost!"
-"winds of fury" by Mercedes Lackey.

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Generally if an ad seems to have been written with you in mind something is up.

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