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What does Rarity have in common with a werewolf, a vampire, a tall computer specialist, a psychic reformed redneck, and a foul-mouthed wizard? Well, at the moment they're all human. And saving the world.

Editing by Northwest Brony and Suke

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Wait, so Rarity is anthromorphic?


And so, Raritys adventure on Earth begins! :pinkiehappy:

Well... I-i can only assume its on Earth because 1. Kevelar and 2. Human tag

"Foul-mouthed wizard"?
You got Dresden involved?

1876609 Well, you ARE the author...
*nudge nudge*


LOLz, she must have gone through hell

1876262 dude, Rarity's a human.

T, you are an evil evil beast. Looks like Suke is working well and good luck to ya both. Still waiting for a pic of that mohawk tho. :coolphoto:

Hmmmmmmmm, alright I'm in.

1877031 I know someone who deosn't know what anthromorphic means. :ajsmug:


1877309 Oooo! Me! Me!

Nah, I kid.


All characters in MLP, with the possible excception of Tom, Winona, and some of the other nonspeaking animals, are anthropomorphic. Merriam-Webster definition

261 views, already featured. How do you do it?

This seems as though it's going to be a very enjoyable ride. :raritywink:


"Anthropomorphism or personification is any attribution of human characteristics (or characteristics assumed to belong only to humans) to other animals, non-living things, phenomena, material states, objects or abstract concepts, such as organizations, governments, spirits or deities."

Humans aren't anthropomorphic. Short version - anthropomorphic means 'human-like', humans aren't 'like humans', they -are- humans.

:raritydespair:"I'm blonde?! This is the worst. Possible. THING!"

1877910 Thanks, for intentionally or otherwise coming to my defense while I was unaware.

1877309 So I suspect you may have a different answer than you intended :trollestia: (Purely meant to be gentle teasing, honest.)

Awesome. Can't wait for more.

Also, these names. Is this a crossover with something, or is it just me? :rainbowhuh:

1877822 I'm kind of curious, myself. It slipped off the front page with less than 100 views, and three hours later it's in the featured box. I have given up on figuring out the featuring process.

1878076 Crossover with nothing but my head. I've actually written stories about each of these characters in my past non-pony work and have backstories for them all.

1877799 What? You changed your avatar? You monster!


1878161 People got to be advised.


1878169 But Luna needs her kush!


I'll be honest. It was more a case of getting an excuse to be all clever and stuff while looking like the good guy.

...Which I just ruined by admitting that.

I'm not very good at this. :unsuresweetie:


1878173 People NEED to be advised.


Why would you need to balance out the American? This is PA after all.

Hm, i would've expected her to have her purple hair. Great story so far.

1878241 Luna needs her motherfucking blunt! For the love of not it, change it back!

Rarity is supposed to have a British twang

B-but who would want to kill rarity? :raritydespair:


1878364 Listen, if Daniel Tosh can change clothing styles every season, then I'm going to change avatar styles every year.

This year is about longnecks.


1878402 Me.

1878439 If you don't change your avatar back, Luna doesn't get her weed. When Luna doesn't get her weed, Luna starts sending niggas to the moon! Do you want Luna to send your ass to the moon?!


1878463 Sure.


1878218 Don't worry you're still my hero *swoons* Spike fantasy mode engaged

1878519 Liam... there are no tits on the moon! None, zero, nil! It is completely titless. Do you really want that?


1878578 Sure. I got my own.


1878771 You got some tits!? :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: Congrats, man!

Good start !
A kevlar top had would be cool.
Right ?

By the way, you should put the title image in transparent background. My reading background is light gray, so it creates a big white zone in the middle of the screen.

1878822 Ach, you're right. I'll fix that ASAP

:rainbowkiss: nice so far, and a moustache for a good story :moustache: :derpyderp1::derpyderp2:

1877309 The word for 'humanish' (which is what is presumably meant) is anthropomorphic. And Rarity started out as an anthropomorphic pony, anyway.

And on another note, I keep expecting Rarity to encounter a big red guy with a stone hand to fill out the group.

Yes! Fight the cliches of keeping their abnormal hair colors! Seriously, what would it take to have genes to code for pastels, anyways?

Ooh. I like where this is headed.:rainbowhuh:
Onward to the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Rarity has precision, it appears. What can one do with precision magic?
Wild Guesses:
1) Sniper Rifle, increase accuracy/power by making a cylinder of magic added to the barrel, or out right guidance
2) Jedi style swordplay, or levitating knives around her.
3) Grabbing coffee from across the room without moving your lazy/injured ass.
4) Trip people w/o blowing out their legs. (aka force nudge, the lesser cousin of force push)
5) An extra hand for grappling
6) Impaling someone on a spoon. I don't know how.
7) Grabbing someone's heart (damn, that's scary)
8) Driving a personalized vehicle that only you can drive because you need two extra limbs, hidden controls, etc.
9) Lockpick
10) Reloading a gun one (zero?) handedly.

Rarity: But I'm not cold.:duck:
Morgan & Rob: That's okay-*oof*:twilightblush:
Bear: Idiots.:facehoof:
Hehehe...me and my crazy head....:twilightsheepish:

Great story. I must say I'm hooked.:pinkiehappy:

1879752 The possibilites are absolutely marvelous.:pinkiecrazy:

A pony wants Rarity dead.:rainbowderp:
What a :twistnerd:


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