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This story is a sequel to My Little Heartbreak: Creativi-Tea

For the whole of April, Heartbreak has been confined to the library under Twilight’s orders. By the time May starts, being cooped up is starting to give her a serious case of cabin fever. Heartbreak wants some open space, some fresh air and a bit of grass under her hooves. Twilight wants Heartbreak to learn a bit more discipline and honesty about things. The two would butt heads, but Twilight finds a compromise.
Send her off to help Applejack with the first season’s apple harvest!
But how will a pony like Applejack, whose motto is, “Honesty is the Best Policy,” deal with a pony like Heartbreak, who has wrapped herself up in webs upon webs of lies just to cope with her situation?

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We're on story three! So awesome! :rainbowkiss:

I love your pacing, and I can't wait to see where this goes.




Aw! Damn that poor drawing.... Okay, new plan. We practice you with drinks in your hooves -away- from any pieces of paper.

Can't wait to see how this turns out. Least we know there won't be any magical tea... right? :twilightoops:

Dis gun be good

887970 shouldn't that second image have Lyra on Bon Bon's hoof? You know, from the whole....... Hand puppet debacle (I know it wasn't a hand puppet, I just feel better calling it that)

888562 Links zwo drei vier... wait... Holy shit, Rammstein sings Heartbreaks theme song.... Seriously especially for the walking part

It's great to see Story 3 is up, I look forward to more updates. :pinkiesmile:

Yes!! Read ALL the Heartbreaks!


924977 I do have to admit, seeing that sometimes I am not very nice to myself, that I do enjoy tormenting myself. Thusly, Yes. Yes I do.

Well... by comparison, I guess I had the best damned parents ever. Getting beat for wetting yourself? Not doing the dishes fast enough? Seriously? :facehoof:

925310 It wasn't a daily thing. But those two events are things that stick out in my mind.

I had a book thrown at me once. I believe it was a hymnal.

"Lol, you called?" - totally get what you mean when you say that. Things work the best, when you avoid sentences like that...

926367 They are the magic sentences of the universe. "It could be worse." "At least it wasn't me" and "It worked on Voyager!"
It's like telling the universe off and then it saying "Oh...really now? Let's screw with This one":trixieshiftleft:

That last line... I love it when anecdotes go full-circle! I'm going to meditate now and prepare myself for the pasta scene.

Whatever you do, H.B., do not let her know that you used to be a human. She'll go nuts about it.

Oh dear Celestia, no...


This won't end well for H.B. :fluttershysad:

For all those who want to know what lies through that door way... First mention of the Tumbler Room

928699 IF she finds out. Which is doubtful. And Oberon is on earth in Seattle. Now, you might not get why, but later it is sure to be explained. ^.^

oh look humans exist in the equestria... ahaha and heartbreak still can not say it! :rainbowlaugh:

934320 -Did- exist, then again, they're mythological. Now they only exists as concepts.

heh I bet it's gonna be obvious what she is trying to say now that there is context to put it in.

:heartbreak:- Lyra is member of the 'p-pony lovers club' and I am a p-pony!
:trollestia:- Hear that she wants to be a pony! *powers up lobotomizer magic*
:twilightoops:- That's not what she is telling us at all... I think.
:moustache:- I find it strange she never wore a dress, and feel like she is hiding things from us!
:ajsmug:- Ah'm just glad she is gonna end up at mah farm soon to do ouh work... er ah mean learn about honesty! ...and do ouh work
:eeyup:- eeeyup... *breaks out the fold out chairs*

954302 You aren't going to stop reading cause of Crazy Lyra are you?

“Right...Sorry, Heartbreak,” Lyra says, looking at me. “But, a Human is a mythological race of beings that are said to have lived in Equestria at one time. They walked bipedally all the time, were mostly hairless, had creepy eyes, wore clothes all the time and best of all...” she pulls out a drawing from her saddle bag, “They had hands!”

I thought she was going to say pants...

954924 It's story three. There are ten to 11 more stories to be written. If H.B. comes out of her shell, it will be on her own terms.

Oh H.B, you poor poor mare. Nopony should have to go through an encounter with 'fannon' Lyra.

I think my overactive imagination enjoyed that shower scene a little too much.

I wonder how HB would feel about that...

whooo fanon Lyra~ I hope she isn't a one time reference!

Great job with Lyra and Bon-bon! Hehe. Bon-bon is probably just like nonstop mentally facehoofing :derpytongue2:

Nice, avoided the existential crisis discussion. Also, good luck with Twilight being your mentor...

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