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Following the zombie apocalypse, Flash, a young stallion, decides to record the events surrounding his settlement's survival, with hopes that someone will find it and learn from it, be it from their mistakes or triumphs. Throughout his entries, he must deal with death, constant change - including travel -, romance, infighting, and a deeper, darker notion behind the entire outbreak.

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Ah, yes, here it is. This will make reading so much simpler for me, also, you might want to take out some of those author notes and the chapter select (Not needed and brings to g-docs). Anyways, can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

Best zombie crossover fic I have seen to date!:pinkiehappy:


You dont know how long i have been waiting for them to appear.

Sweet update. You just made my day.

I gotta tell ya.
I was a little skeptical at the beginning, but heck this is so far one of the best fanfics I've read! Keep up the good work.

I want MOARRRRRRRRRRR!:flutterrage: Please?:fluttershbad:

A jenny is a female donkey.
You're welcome.

been a while
but I guess it was worth the wait
I like this story A LOT!
mostly due to it being actually interesting, like a book I read from HP lovecraft (cant exactly remember the name)
but yeah I like this, so 2 things:

Finally! :D One of my first stories updated! Awesome work! Can't wait for the next update! :pinkiehappy:

I know it's been quite a while... but I just caught up, and I DEMAND MOAR :flutterrage:

This needs to be updated... URGENTLY :flutterrage: !!! I was with this story from the start...ish and would really like to see some updates... please :fluttershysad: ???

Seriously?! You dummy! Flashes friend put water on that pony/zombie when she came to get help and she disintegrated! Just do the same to the other zombies!! Otherwise great story! Seems like a journal to me.

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