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This story is a sequel to House that Heartbreak Rebuilt

Heartbreak, after a roller-coaster ride of an adventure, is finally in a home of her own, and an honorary Cutie Mark Crusader to boot! Unfortunately, her time with the Crusaders and the Summer Readers Club is more than just social calls - it's also a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Equestrian germs.

It's Fluttershy's turn to teach Heartbreak a lesson in friendship, but it will be a struggle to get a real understanding of kindness through to the sickest, most stubborn tan mare in Equestria.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Heartbreak: Meanwhile, Back at the Farm

It has been settled. This month, Twilight and CO agree that for Heartbreak to live in Equestria, she needs an actual place to live in. A real home. With money tight, and Heartbreak not having much of anything of her own, how are they going to get her this dream home?
The answer will drag both Heartbreak and Rarity kicking and nearly screaming through a series of seemingly unfortunate events involving travel, discovery, and later on: The Cutie Mark Crusaders!
But there are dark secrets still being harbored within both Heartbreak and her new home. Will Rarity, a pony who prides herself on her looks, charms and grace be able to teach a pony who doesn't care about any of those things anything about generosity? Hopefully. And hopefully before one of them strangles the other.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Heartbreak: Creativi-Tea

For the whole of April, Heartbreak has been confined to the library under Twilight’s orders. By the time May starts, being cooped up is starting to give her a serious case of cabin fever. Heartbreak wants some open space, some fresh air and a bit of grass under her hooves. Twilight wants Heartbreak to learn a bit more discipline and honesty about things. The two would butt heads, but Twilight finds a compromise.
Send her off to help Applejack with the first season’s apple harvest!
But how will a pony like Applejack, whose motto is, “Honesty is the Best Policy,” deal with a pony like Heartbreak, who has wrapped herself up in webs upon webs of lies just to cope with her situation?

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This story is a sequel to My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken

It's a week later, and Twilight is nagging Heartbreak into learning more about herself and what her special talents really are! Heartbreak shows herself to be the artistic type but with learning to be a pony and contending with ponies curious about the new mare in Ponyville, it's a rocky start that is leaving Heartbreak feeling more than drained of her ability to express herself. Let alone learn how to use a pencil with her mouth. Perhaps Zecora can help with a special brew she calls "Creativi-Tea"? Or will this just going to lead to a lot of Insani-tea?

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When it came to matters of the heart, Anthony just couldn't win. In his path, a rainbow coloured trail of broken hearts were left. With the final relationship he had, his strange exes decided they had enough. Now crashing through the universe and robbed of everything that makes him who he is: Anthony has been abandoned, branded and renamed by his exes. Find out how a pony named HeartBreak has to learn -her- place in this new world.

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