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My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken - Jet_Black1980

Anthony didn't have it easy in love. Now he's a pony named HeartBreak. Find out how she'll cope.

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The Race is On

Chapter 15

The Race is On.

Twilight zipped out the door of the train leading to Canterlot. “She just bolted out of the door?!” Twilight said in a panicked manner. “And you didn’t stop her?!”

“Hey, I didn’t think she would run either Twi’.” Spike replied. “I only caught like a small tidbit of the conversation through the door. She said something about not wanting to see the Princess right?”

“Right! But there isn’t time to.. There she is!” Twilight shouted pointing out a quickly bumbling Heartbreak as she quickly ran through the crowds and down the street. “Rainbow Dash! I need you to catch her!”

“Uuuuugh! Really Twilight?” Rainbow Dash asked her eyes showing complete fatigue.

“Yes! I told the Princess that we were coming and that it was Urgent! When I...” Twilight started to explain.

“Twi’ I’m running on fumes right now. It’s bad enough that I didn’t get enough sleep on this train ride, but I have work really late tonight. And I-” Rainbow yawned.

Twilight zipped over to the food cart. “Coffee... Coffee. Coffee!” She quickly took a cup and poured a steaming cup and then poured in a large amount of sugar. Using her magic she hovered it over to the exhausted Rainbow Dash. “Here! Drink this! Quickly!” She commanded.

Rainbow took the cup. “Twi’ this is really hot!”

“Ugh! Um..” She focused on the cup and cooled it down. “There! Now Drink it!”

Dash took a sip. “Bleh! Cold Coffee! Yuck!”

“Drink It!” Twilight shouted looking near frazzled.

“Fine!” Dash said quickly gulping down the near icy coffee. “UGH! Ice headache!”

Twilight zipped back to the door. “Dash! She’s about to turn a corner! We can’t loose her!”

Dash felt the energy coming back to her limbs, she cracked her neck and zipped out of the door. “Right, I see her!” She said flying out. Twilight exited the train just as her friends did.

“Twilight?” Rarity asked. “What’s going on? Where is Rainbow Dash going and...” She looked in the cart. “Where’s Heartbreak?”

“Heartbreak is on the run!” Twilight said making for a full gallop. “Rainbow Dash is going after her, but there’s no telling what tricks she could have on her hooves!”

“Why did she run Twilight? What happened?” Fluttershy asked.

“We’re going on a chase!?” Pinkie Pie shouted. “I knew it! She is a secret pony agent! That whole alternate universe thing is just a cover story!”

“Darn it, Ah knew Ah shouldn’t have left her alone with you Twi!” AppleJack shouts catching up with the group.

“It isn’t your fault Applejack. Heartbreak has it in her mind that if she goes to see Princess Celestia, that the Princess is going to do something horrible to her!” Twilight explained.

“See?! That proves it! She is a secret pony agent!” Pinkie Exclaims.

“Pinkie that doesn’t even make any sense!” Twilight shouts over the crowds. “She is just really scared of the Princess for some reason.”

Fluttershy flies next to Twilight. “Why is she afraid of Princess Celestia?”

“I don’t know Fluttershy! Well she sorta explained it being that she thinks that the Princess solves her problems by encasing them in stone.” Twilight explained.

“Pffffft! That’s just part of her cover story Twilight!” Pinkie said. “Really what’s happening is that she was caught and now has to get back to H.Q. undetected! She just doesn’t want to let the Princess know that her cover was blown!” The five ponies turned down a street corner.

Rarity caught up with Twilight. “You see Twilight? This only shows that this Heartbreak is more trouble than she’s worth.” She snorts. “I could have used this time to shop, but now we’re going to have to run through the streets after her.”

Twilight rolled her eyes. Rarity was being Rarity, but she did have one point. In the long run, Heartbreak might not be worth it.

Rainbow Dash sped off over the crowds and after Heartbreak. The coffee did her some good but fatigue ebbed at every one of her senses. “Ugh, Had I known that she’d be this much trouble, I’d have just left her with the Cloudsdale authorities!” She said building up some speed. Heartbreak wasn’t fast, but today just wasn’t Rainbows’ day.

She went through a list in her head.

“Up for more than twelve hours with out my naps? Check. Had a cup of cold coffee? Check having to dodge Canterlot crowds? Check.” She rolled her eyes. “Geeze, Now I’m sounding like Twilight!”

Rainbow Dash was already catching up to Heartbreak despite all the things tugging her down. “Alright you!” She shouted flying almost next to her. “Let’s not make this any harder than it already is Heartbreak.”

The mare snorted and looked focused. “My. Name. Isn’t. Heartbreak!” She shouted before chucking herself into Rainbow Dashs’ side.

“Ah!” Rainbow would have normally recovered from that hit, but with her current state of mind, some unsuspecting bystandards, and a magazine rack, she was sent into a crash. After a few moments of the world spinning, she picked herself up and shook the papers off herself.

“Oh! It. Is. On!” She cringed and took off flying. “Rarity.


I look behind me momentarily seeing Rainbow Dash crashing into something, I cringe and keep running. I am not happy about that. I didn’t have a favorite pony really, I like them all for various reasons. I like Twilight because she and I share a lot of personality traits, Pinkie Pie because she is random crazy, Rainbow Dash because she is well... Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy is adorable. AppleJack and Rarity have their moments but I never thought of them too much.

The good news is that running is becoming a lot easier. Sorta. The bad news is that Rainbow Dash is going to be on my tail faster than I can figure out how to gallop properly.

I would be absolutely enamored with the streets of Canterlot if it weren’t for the fact that I am trying to outrun and avoid the mane six trying to take me to Celestia. They are as beautiful, if not more so, now that I can see them for myself. Currently shops litter the streets and are selling all sorts of wares. Hats, coats, ugh dresses, perfumes and jewelry.

The wonderful glamour and glitz of all this is shattered by remembering that I am still being chased by Rainbow Dash. Speaking of which..

“Hey!” I hear her voice right behind me. “Nopony makes me crash and gets away with it!”

I try to gallop faster, but know that it is a loosing battle. If there was just some... That could work.. As I am coming towards a coffee shoppe I spy a familiar mode of transportation. One that served me very well over the years due to the fact that I never had a car.

A Bicycle.

The pony who owns said bike has his back turned and is ordering. I calculate what I need to do rather quickly and take a flying leap a few feet from the bike.

“Oh please, please, please please!” I land on the bike seat best I can. It is a rather uncomfortable and painful experience. Whoever says that a girl can’t be kicked in the jewels...

Rainbow Dash has nearly caught up with me.

“Ah-Ha!” She shouts grabbing a hoof at me. “Now I got you-Huh?!”

I might not be able to walk or run properly, but ride a bike? Now that’s something easy for me. The simple up and down motion of ones legs is a lot easier, Sure a little wobbly at first, but then it’s just like well.. riding a bike.

“Hey!” Shouts the owner of this bike.

“I’m Just borrowing it! Don’t worry! And Thanks!” I shout back at him “Ha.. Haha!” I laugh.. Well almost laugh. After getting my back hooves into the proper places, I speed away from Rainbow Dash. Now all I have to worry about are any ponies in front of me.

“Out of the Way!” I shout as I zip past blurs of ponies. I can already see a small rainbow coloured blob in the corner of my eye and the oddest feeling of exhilaration takes me.

Somewhere deep inside my fear stricken mind there is a little fan boy or girl screaming something like this:
“OhMyGosh!OhMyGosh!OhMyGosh!OhMyGosh!OhMyGosh! I... am... Racing Rainbow Dash!”

However that same voice knows something very important. Despite her being very tired, despite me being on a bike, or any other factor:
I’m racing with Rainbow Dash and I’m going to Lose.

You know that warning label of “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” on most convex mirrors they put on cars and bikes? Right now that warning is rather useless as she speeds up next to me.

“HA! Nothing can slow me down! And a bike!? You think you can out race me on a bike?!” She shouts angrily as she comes head to head with me. I look forward very worried. I can’t out race Rainbow Dash. She’s Equestrias’ top flyer, she’s faster than fast, she’s done more sonic rainbooms than anypony. But I see something up ahead of me. Oh, if she was angry with me for the magazine rack.. She’s going to be Furious with me for this.. But I need to delay her.

“Ha! Out race you? THE Rainbow Dash? Come on! Give me more Credit than that! You’re the one who has pulled off the Sonic Rainboom, saved the Wonderbolts, Kicked a Dragon in the face and has had a h-h-hoof! in saving Equestria more than once!” I shout.

Dash blinks and looks a little proud. Good I have appealed to her sense of pride. But she quickly shakes it off.
“Yeah, I admit that I’m pretty awesome, Which is why I’m going to catch you!” She says about to grab at me. I counter by ducking and weaving. Not an easy feat and she comes pretty close to actually grabbing me.

“Oh yeah! And I admit that you can catch me and I won’t be able to out run you or out bike you!” Almost there. Just a little more... “But there’s something I can do at these speeds that you can’t Dashie!”

She looks miffed, I can’t tell if it is over me calling her “Dashie” or that I have claimed to be able to do something that she can’t.

“Oh Yeah!? And What’s that!?” She shouts at me nearly getting up in my face.

“Stop!” I shout pulling on the brakes of the bike the best I can.

“What?!” Dash says as she keeps speeding forward. She then crashes into a fruit and pie stand.

As I am coming to a full stop, I ponder this situation for a moment. Ask me about this a month ago and I would have found the image of Rainbow Dash with melons on her shoulders and a pie for a face rather amusing. But as what looks to be a cherry pie falls off her face, I see a very angry Dash.

There is a tense moment between the two of us and then I can hear the rest of the mane six’s voices behind me. My front hoof acidentally brushes the bike’s horn. “Beep-Beep!” Rainbow clenches her teeth and nearly growls. My legs seem to act on their own accord and start pedaling the bike. I still don’t have a clue where I am going. All I know is that I want to be away from everypony.


Rainbow Dash was steaming. “How in all Equestria could I have fallen for that!? And she has the nerve to honk that horn?!”

“Rainbow Dash!” Twilight shouts. “What happened! You almost had her!”

“Yeah, I did almost have her! But she distracted me!” Rainbow slams her hooves down into two melons. “Ugh!”

“Wow! She’s a good spy if she can distract even you Dash. Usually the only way that spies distract others in movies is by using their charms! She didn’t use her wiles on you did she Dash?” Pinkie asked waggling her eye brows.

“What?! No! Gross!” Rainbow Dash protested.

“Pinkie! We have no time for that, Right. I think we need a plan. Cause it looks like we’re going to have to corner and capture her.” Twilight paces. “Can you catch up with her Dash?”

“Easily.” Rainbow replies.

“I want you to catch up with her but stay out of sight.” She put her hoof to her chin thoughtfully. “Alright, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy. The way she was acting to you two yesterday...There is something up with that. And you two will be providing a distraction, as such you’re going to be with Rainbow Dash. Catch up with her any way you can and try to lead her near the closest alley possible.”

“Um Twilight...” Fluttershy raised a hoof.

“Yes Fluttershy?” Twilight asked.

“We aren’t going to um hurt her are we?”

“No, at least not intentionally.” Twilight looked at Fluttershy, her kindness was a mixed blessing of sorts. Particularly in situations like this. “Look Fluttershy, right now she is a confused, mixed up, scared pony. That makes her unpredictable and possibly dangerous. She needs help, but to do that we might have to drag her to the princess. Possibly kicking and screaming.”

“Um... Can’t we ...reason with her?” Fluttershy asked. “Just you know... talk to her?”

“Actually that’s what I want you to do. We don’t need you two to attack or do anything physical, just talk to her. Once she’s distracted Rarity and I will spring a trap. Then Rainbow Dash...” Fluttershy looked nervously at Pinkie Pie.

“I really hope we don’t have to hurt her..” She told the pink puff of a pony whiles Twilight started talking about the details of her plan.

“Hurt her? She’s a pony spy! She can take care of herself! She most likely has all sorts of gadgets and gizmos! We need to worry about her hurting us! She most likely has over a thousand ways of killing a pony with her ears! That bike she was riding must turn into something really cool!” Pinkie replied.

“Well... what if she isn’t a spy and she’s really really scared? I mean I don’t understand why she is afraid of Princess Celestia, but every pony has their fears...” Fluttershy responded.

“Ha! Fears? Fluttershy, Spy ponies are Fearless! They scoff at things like fear and laugh at death!” Pinkie Pie said. “And Twilight wants us to catch her, must be to turn her into the Princess herself... You don’t think Twilight is a secret pony spy too do you?”

“Um no but Pinkie...” Fluttershy tries to get her attention.

“Well.. if we are going to have to catch this spy then we are going to have to think like spies!”

“Everypony got what they need to do?” Twilight asked.

“Totally!” Pinkie shouts.

“Um Twilight...” Fluttershy began.

Twilight looked at Fluttershy. “We aren’t going to hurt her Fluttershy. I promise.”

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