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My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken - Jet_Black1980

Anthony didn't have it easy in love. Now he's a pony named HeartBreak. Find out how she'll cope.

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Crash and Burn

Chapter Three

Crash And Burn

Rainbow Dash sat rather bored in front of blipping screens. As leader of the Weather Team and general all around awesome pony, this was not her idea of a good time.

"Security detail. Bucking Security detail." She unwrapped a stick of chewing gum and popped it in her mouth. At least she could bring a book.

The whole job bugged her on a very uncool level. The maintenance pony explained what all the buttons, knobs and other deals did. The only thing that she had understood in all that was she was to mark down any unidentified bogies flying too close to Cloudsdale, and what colours they would be. All incoming targets would start at the edge of the screen and a line would track their movement. Green lights were other pegasi that had authorization. Blue lights were passer-by who were friendly. Yellow lights meant caution and Red lights were hostile bogies. With everything that followed, she had given him a blank and rather unhappy look.

He rolled his eyes in return and said that if the big red button was flashing to give him a call. Then he'd come and look at the problem. That was three and a half hours ago. She chewed on the peppermint gum.

"Right Dash. It's just for a week, four days are down, three more to go, it's extra bits, and you Want that Daring Do collectible." She said looking at her well worn copy of “Daring Do And the Infernal Machine”. She had read this book four times over, more times than any book she had ever read. "Who am I kidding? If this wasn't mandatory I wouldn't be here..."

She opened the book. It was still an awesome book, the characters were still grabbing her attention. But this job was just so boring!

"Gaaaaah!" She shouted five minutes into reading. She pushed the book away. "I'm sorry Daring. It's not you, it's me. Nothing happens on this shift!" She looked frustrated at the blipping screen.

"I got plenty of blue and green dots already! Would it hurt to have some red or even a yellow dot appear?!" She said glaring in an almost joking quasi-serious manner. She grumped and turned slightly rolling her eyes.

"Like I expected anything to.." The screen blipped brightly with a Yellow light that just suddenly appeared in the upper right beta quadrant. "Gremlin didn't say anything about that..." She slowly picked up the phone next to her and tapped one of the buttons.

"Uhm, Hello!" Came the rather spazzed voice on the other end.

"Gremlin. This is RD, I know what all the colours mean, and that they are sposta travel in lines right?" She looked at the screen. Already the yellow dot was diminishing in brightness.

"Yeah.." Gremlin replied snorting.

"What does it mean when a Yellow dot just suddenly appears without a...path behind it?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Um.. Well. Either the machine is malfunctioning, somepony got past Cloudsdale Security, or that somehow, some unicorn got it up into their heads to teleport all the way up here. Seeing that the last two are -ehm- near Impoooosible, It looks like I am going to actually go down there and take a look at your security system." He replied in a rather eggheaded manner.

Dash grumped. The yellow dot was now traveling in a straight line downward if she was reading this thing right.

"What if it was one of the other two Gremlin?" She asked in a slightly worried tone.

"Um...well...Erf!" Gremlin replied with the sounds of tools being lugged in the background. "In the Extremely Uuuunlikely event that it Was indeed one of those two...I would guess...That if they didn't have anything to hold them on the clouds that they would be in some really Big trouble. I mean Cloudsdale is pretty high up -ehm-..."

"Then it would be worth my time to dash down there and check it out right?" Rainbow said in an abrupt and quick manner.

"I could just send down a security detail, RD.." Gremlin replied. There was a pause as he waited for her response. "Um RD? Hello? I'm coming down there now...RD?"

However he was only greeted with the squeaking sound of a swiveling chair. Rainbow Dash had left ten seconds before he could even ask his question.


The shadowed rainbow contrail was the only thing that most of the security ponies saw as Rainbow sped by them. Part of her was in it for the speed, part of her was in it to see if Gremlin was wrong, part of her was in it for the thought of playing hero and saving some feather brained unicorn who had the nerve to pop up to Cloudsdale without any protection. But really she just wanted to get away from those blipping screens.

It didn't take long to get to where she needed to be. The door was clearly marked as Beta-41A.

"Wait a tick," She said coming to a sudden halt. "This is the Rainbow Room...Of all places, they had to pop up here?!"

That set up a whole new set of problems. While she wasn't sure about the inner workings of that machine back there, rainbows were her thing. Some of the things that were in rainbows were kinda painful if they got into the wrong places. She chuckled a bit remembering the time Pinkie Pie tried tasting one. She shook a giggle off and put on her serious face. No time for reminiscing, the situation needs to addressed.

She nearly charged through the door. And nothing...On first glance the room looked completely untouched.

"Ah horse feathers.." She grumped assessing that nothing had happened. "Great, now I am sure Gremlin is going to get all upset with Me-eeeee!" Her left front hoof stepped on a place where there should have been floor. Instead she caught herself about to fall through a pony sized hole in the clouds.

"Whoa...Um that's not good..." There wasn't any detail in the hole to make out anything about the pony of course. However there was a splatter of liquid rainbow that lead back to one of the bigger tanks. The door opened again.

"Halt! Who Goes There?" Asked a commanding voice.

Rainbow Dash put her hoof up to cover her eyes from the bright light that was now blinding her.

"Whoa! Hold it!" She picked up her security badge. "I am just checking out what happened here. Something showed up on the security screens!"

"So that's where you ran off too." The security pony said. "Gremlin thought he told you that a security detail was coming this way. However when he arrived-"

"And it's a good thing that you got here too!" Rainbow interrupted pointing at the pony sized hole in the floor."It looks like some pony just teleported here, jumped out of the rainbow tank there, and fell through the floor over here!" The security pony looked at her blinking.

"Right.. So what you are saying is that there was a breach of security.. " He looked at her. "...On your watch."

Rainbow looked panicked. "What?! No! I am just the one that was watching the screen back in Central Monitoring."

"Funny, this tag says that you are also part of Security." He blinked. ”And I would love to investigate this more, but my shift is almost up.”

"Huh?" Rainbow Dash asked confused like.

"See, the Security Pony who gets to the scene of what has happened first, takes care of the investigation into any Breeches." He smirked. "Along with any paperwork that comes with it..."

Rainbow now was totally confused.

"And until the paperwork is done, Cloudsdale Security Detail can't clock out." He explained.

"Can't Clock Out?" She asked worriedly.

"Nope. What's worse is that it eats into your work time." He started to walk back to the door. "You better get to investigating who, how and why this breech happened. Or all that work might be for nothing." He said.

Dash slapped her face and rolled her eyes before diving into the hole in the floor.

The security pony chuckled and rolled his eyes. "That's one less thing I have to do. New Foals. They are so easy to mess with..."

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