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My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken - Jet_Black1980

Anthony didn't have it easy in love. Now he's a pony named HeartBreak. Find out how she'll cope.

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Black Hole Sun

Chapter 20

Black Hole Sun.

When I was a little kid my mother told me not to stare at the sun. And like all kids I listened to her. But then curiosity got the better of me. I didn’t stare at the sun for long mind you-it was bright and it hurt to do so. Later on I would find out why this was.

The lenses in your eyes act the same as those in a magnifying glass. And seeing as you’re trying to focus on the light that is coming into your eyes like with ants on a side walk, your retinas are burning inside your eyeballs.

Right now I am about to have more than just my retinas burned away. Screw what they said about the abyss. Right now I am staring at the sun, and the sun is staring right back at me. The Princess of Equestria has just told me that I am too unstable to exist. With all things considered, that might be the pot calling the kettle black. However, I’m not the one with magical unicorn powers.

I was grateful to know that Twilight and her friends would stand up for me. However against the all powerful ruler of Equestria, their cries of protest are falling on deaf ears. Moments ago however someone or.. some pony with enough gall or power has come to act as champion for me.

I am unable to turn my head as Celestia binds me tightly with her golden glow. But I don’t have to look to know that voice, it is as powerful as a thunderstorm, commanding and as mysterious as the night.

“Princess Luna,” Celestia’s focus and gaze are broken for a few precious moments. “What are you doing here?”

“We demand to know the meaning of this, Celestia!” Luna’s voice boomed through the room. I don’t know if I should be grateful or worried over her arrival. All I know is that has spared me a magical lobotomy for a few minutes.

“This is not of your concern. The matters we are conducting matters that require more experience. The...being...you see here has the possibility of becoming the new Discord. She has been saturated with -” Celestia tries to explain. However, her sister is in no mood to be talked down to.

“Not. My. Concern?” Luna shouts.

“Luna. You have not ruled for as long as I have. You have not seen the suffering that creatures like Heartbreak can bring,” Celestia responds trying to cow her sister into submission with a face that is stern and uncompromising “I will not tolerate your outbursts in this court.”

“We are more aware of this situation than you think Princess Celestia,” Luna’s smoldering voice interrupts with thunder and lightning accompanying it. Rarely if anytime did I ever see her get angry. “This Heartbreak is from a world different from our own, transported here against her will and forced into a form not of her choosing by powerful chaotic magics. “

“How-” Celestia begins.

Twilight speaks. There is a sad conviction in her voice. “I am sorry Princess Celestia. But I informed your sister of the situation with Heartbreak. There were many things, things that she shouldn’t or couldn’t have known. I felt that while I couldn’t fully believe what she was telling me was true. I had to do something to quell her fears. I now see that Heartbreaks’ fears had some sort of justification behind them.”

Celestia's face dropped, she gritted her teeth and her eyes literally became a flame. Her magical grip weakens on me but I can feel her seething rage nearly burning my coat. “My own faithful student. Committing acts of Treason against her Ruler, against her teacher!”

“It is not Twilight Sparkle that has committed any act of Treason, Dear Sister! It is you!” Luna replies.

Celestia’s horn begins to make its descent back towards my head. I squeak in fear and try to look away. And then her face changes. Mingled in the anger that she is feeling is shock over something. I Suddenly feel something wrapping around me. A cold chill that counters the burning golden magic that is holding me down. It is refreshing and light. My vision goes black and I feel myself out of one binding and in another being pulled away to the direction I heard Luna’s voice come from.

When the sudden acceleration stops, I am back on the floor and far away from Celestia. My vision returns to me but my eyes are still closed, opening them I half expect to see that horn firmly pressed against my noggin. Waiting to drill itself into my frontal lobes. I can feel myself shaking,. I was moments away from the scorching hot abyss that threatened to take anything and everything I had left. I swallow hard as I feel like I am about to either throw up or piss myself.

I jump slightly as a cool velvet softness envelopes me, a touch that gently warms and is meaning to reassure me that all is well. Looking to my right I see Princess Luna standing next to me, her wing gently folded down.

In front of me on the throne however I see a very angry Celestia that is nearing the height of what could be called a supernova. Her very being flares and lights the room as with a great wing beats she rises into the air.
“You may feel the need to jeopardize the safety of our land, neigh our world for this...creature... Luna,” She retorts. “But I shall not! Never Again!”

With those words she flies down from her loft, her horn once again pointed directly at me. Even with Luna at my side I can’t help but cringe. I am frozen in fear.

“Princess Stop!” Twilight Sparkle commands. I feel the ground under me shudder and I open my eyes to see

Celestia at a full stop rearing up before Twilight. Her eyes have filled with tears and determination. “This is not you! This isn’t something that you would do!”

Celestia’s angry eyes look down at her faithful student, for a moment I almost think that her hooves are about to come down and crush her.

“It must be done for the good of all!” Celestia says her eyes refocusing on me.

“Ya keep saying that Princess,” Applejack says stepping forward. “But with what Princess Luna has been say’ng and how ya been reacting, I’m not too sure that yer’ being honest about that..”

Fluttershy walks in a meek manner next to Twilight. “Princess please.. Can’t you give her a chance? She hasn’t even been here a day..” I can see her flinch slightly.

Pinkie Pie joins the mix striking a dramatic pose. “Yeah! And I haven’t even gotten to party with her!” She says. “And when I first met her, I Pinkie Promised Myself That I Would. And No pony breaks a Pinkie Promise! Not even me!”

“Fluttershy is right. Heartbreak might not have any manners in matters, But you are the Princess of Equestria!” Rarity says shooting Celestia a scathing gaze. “And This Is Not How Princesses Behave. Please, If I can see fit to give her a chance than surely you could?”

“Right!” Rainbow Dash says zipping into the group. “If she had some friends to stick by her side, she could get to that stage of um...what was it called again? Acceptance?” Rainbow asks looking at Pinkie Pie. Pinkie momentarily bobbles her head in a nod. “Right! Acceptance! And who knows what she could do after that?”

The Princess is taken aback. Hell, I’m taken aback. No pony questions Princess Celestia. She has absolute power, she has complete control, her word is law..She-

Celestia’s hooves come down and the composure on her face crumpled slightly. She turns away from the wall of ponies begging her not to destroy me. She is definitely not used to this. I know what she expected. She expected the six here to see the wisdom in her actions, that she was doing this for the good of all Equestria. I know I saw that. However my survival instinct was rather strong in this matter.

Luna walks away from my side and places a wing on Twilight’s shoulder.
“Please my loyal subjects. Stand down..” She says.

“But Princess-” Twilight begins.

Luna looks at me and then back at Twilight as if to share a secret message. The pony wall parts and Luna walks through.

“Sister... Do you not remember the first thing you said when I was restored to you?” Luna looks over her sister's shoulder. “You told me that we are meant to rule Equestria together.”

“Luna this matter is different.. there is no other way..” Celestia responds.

“Celestia.. You remember the night that Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon? I remember your words to her were exactly the same.” Luna approaches Celestia. “That night you lost me for a thousand years. Please Celestia.. If you go through with this, it will not be you who loses me, but I who loses you. Do not let all those many years of regret blind you.. We can bring this Heartbreak back into harmony in a way that will not jeopardize our world and will be of her own will.” Luna raises a hoof and places it on Celestia’s shoulder. “Heartbreak may know much about us, our lands, and our lives, but with what she has been through dear sister, she barely knows herself anymore. Please, give her time to learn who she is, that she may help bring herself back into harmony.”

There is a moment of silence.

“Very well.” Celestia replies, the rolling anger in her voice still palpable. “If you think that Equestria can withstand the danger that Heartbreak brings, then we shall do this your way sister.”

The group relaxes almost instantly as compromise is met. Twilight gives me a sad smile of reassurance. However, I am saving my judgements until the moment we can pass through the broken doors behind us. I jump in surprise as I feel a tugging on my leg and the dried blood-soaked cloth is removed from my leg. Glass and wood on the floor clatters and begins to float with Celestia’s golden glow. She focuses her power and brings all of these things together. There is the sound of magic at work, the almost glittery sparkling sound of magic being used that builds upon itself before fashioning itself into a form.

“A Year and a Day.” Celestia states as we look upon her creation. It is an hour glass whose top is filled with small red marbles. “That is how long all of you have to bring Heartbreak back into harmony with Equestria and more importantly herself.”

She walks past the mane six, hourglass aloft, I jump back a little as she stops in front of me. The look in her eyes reminding me of how she still views me. I am an interloper. A disruption, a threat, and only a pony in form.

“All of us?” Rarity asks a bit confused.

Celestia turns her head in response. “You six believe that Heartbreak is worthy of redemption, and as such you shall be her Teachers. You shall help her adjust to her new life and teach her the ways of Harmony.” Her attention snaps back at me. “This however isn’t a one way endeavor. You are to report to me with a letter explaining what you have learned about the Elements of Harmony or something profound that you have learned about yourself.” She comes face to face with me. “For every letter you send that meets these conditions, one of these pearls will fall white. Failure to do so and a red one will fall. For every red pearl that falls, that taints, that contaminates the rest, I will remove a part of you at the end of this time period. Understood?”

“Fond of letters much?” I meekly ask. Her eyes narrow and her nostrils flare. “Uh! I mean Y-y-y-yes P-p-princess Celestia! A Letter once a month!” I reply cowering back. “Please don’t hurt me...” comes a small whisper. She turns away from me and walks back towards her throne. I nearly feel myself melt.

“Princess..” Twilight begins.

“This is my decree, Twilight Sparkle.” With a shaky voice her head turns back and I can see her fighting back tears. I am not sure if they are from the fact that her sister and her subjects had to stand up to her, that she was told that she was wrong, or something else entirely. At this moment I am just happy to still be me. “Now Leave. Leave before I reconsider this tenuous position.”

“As...as you wish Princess...” Twilight says dismayed.

The six of them bow to their ruler. They escort me out the doors and back down the hallway from which we came. Looking behind me for a moment, I see Celestia talking sadly with Luna, Luna puts a wing over her sister and comforts her. I nearly stumble as I am not focusing on my walking. Twilight and Fluttershy glance in my direction momentarily, however I am able to catch myself.

The doors open and the cool night air runs through my mane. It is only after the doors close behind us that I feel safe and I breath a sigh of relief. The rest of the group is understandably quiet. Like me, they have had their whole world shaken under their hooves. As we approach the bottom of the stairs Rainbow Dash breaks the silence.

“Sooooo, Yeah... I think we should go back home. I’m not sure after all that... that the Princess is going to want us sticking around. Besides, I need to let Cloudsdale Security know why I am about to miss a day of work...”

“Normally I would disagree with you Rainbow Dash...” Rarity looks back at the castle. “But with all things considered I suppose you’re right..”

“So when’s the next train back to Ponyville due to arrive?” Applejack asks.

“Assuming that they haven’t changed the schedules on me, about fifteen minutes.” Twilight replies. “We can make it there just in time. Good thing I bought round trip tickets!”

Pinkie Pie is still bouncing and dressed up in her spy outfit. She then walks up next to me. “Sooooo, I am just taking a stab at this... but You aren’t a super secret spy?” She asks me.

“No Pinkie... I’m not.” I reply.

“That’s ok! Now I can have the out of this world alien party!” She says smiling.

I shake my head. “I’m still not in the mood to party Pinkie.”

“I didn’t hear you say that you would never ever, Ever, Ever, EVER be in the mood to party, “ She says bouncing a bit. “So when you Are finally in the mood to party...” She puts on a pair of dark shades. “I’ll be prepared..”

I sigh. That’s Pinkie Pie for you.

Fluttershy isn’t saying anything but gives me a weak smile. I look at the ground and then smile weakly back at her.


The sound of the moving train fills my ears once again. Out the passenger's side window there is Canterlot. The Shining City upon the mountains in which all Equestria was founded. A single spire is darkened tonight.
Sitting at a booth in the main dinning cart is much better than in one of the sleeping carts. Getting into the booth was a pain in the tail, both figuratively and literally. Applejack attempted to help with that.
Rainbow nearly collapsed the moment she found a bunk and the others wanted to sit and talk with me, but I asked for some space. I am slightly numb, but still feeling so much. Worry, shame, guilt, anger and fear all mingle together. Somewhere in there there is a glimmer of hope.

I lean my head against my ankle. Seeing that I can’t really lean it against my hoof or even my non-existent hand. Celestia’s ‘gift’ sits before me, the blood red marbles’ shine reminding me of how much time I have and what I have to do.

“Eleven.” I think to myself. “Eleven months. How kind of you Celestia. Either you forgot a month, aren’t counting this month, or the equestrian calendar only has eleven months...” I sigh. I don’t care about those trivial bits of knowledge that are running through my head, but they are keeping me from thinking about what has happened.

The hour glass glows with magic and is moved slightly away from me.
“You might not want to break that.” Twilights’ voice says. “We don’t need one more thing for Celestia to be upset about.”

“Oh but why not Twilight? I’m sooo good at being the cause of so many other broken things...” I pull my hoof away from the hourglass and frump my face down on the table. Great. I am sounding rather sarcastic again.

Twilight gives me a rather stern look. I put my hooves atop my head in a slight triangle shape. Ugh and I thought hooves and everything else was weird. I didn’t realize that my ears were in the wrong places until now. It is something of a sensation freak out here.

Twilight closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She then looks at me.

“Right, now see here. I have just been appointed your teacher. This is something new to me, but if you know our lives as well as you seem to...” She gives me a questioning look. “Then I know a pony that was exactly once in your position.”

I drop my hooves from atop my head. “Really? Cause unless I missed something, I don’t recall a pony who crashed into your world, caused you more trouble than... she.. was worth, and nearly caused Celestia to become Solar Flare.”

“No Heartbreak.” She says lifting the hourglass and nudging me to remove myself from the booth. With much difficulty I begrudgingly get out of the booth. She starts walking to the sliding door that leads to the adjoining sleeping cart.

“Then what?” I quip, regaining my balance and finding my footing.

“Being the New Pony.” Twilight responds. “I know what it is like to not be sure of where you stand with the others. The need to find your place and even to find yourself. When I first came to ponyville...” She says hushing her voice as we walk into the darkened cart.

“I know the story Twilight...” I say in quieted tone. “Please don’t start singing.”

Twilight looks confused and then gives me a stern look. “I’m your new teacher Heartbreak. Don’t interrupt me when I am telling a story.” She says. I look away in an apologetic manner.

“Right. When I first came to ponyville I didn’t know where I belonged. But with the help of good friends, I found where I fit in.” She looked at me as we approached an empty bunk. “Granted I wasn’t being forced to do this under pain of being removed from existence.... But now it is your turn to learn that. And it is my turn to be the teacher.” She moves the blanket off the bunk and then pats the bed.

“And ask your new teacher, my first assignments to you are as follows.” She looks at me to see if I am paying attention. “One. Smile, you are not allowed to be this sad.”

I roll my eyes and then she gives me a “I’m Serious” Look. I force out a rather terrible looking smile. It doesn’t take long to fall away from my face.

“That’s a start.” She says. “Two. Get some sleep. I am sure you need it after what you have been through.”

Sighing I push my front half onto the bed and wiggle my lower half up to follow it. Like with everything, it’s a little easier this time but not by much.

“Good.” She says placing the hourglass somewhere safe. She then trots to the door. “Now my student. Rest well and good night.” I feel the blanket tucking me in. Geeze unicorn magic is weird.

I gaze up at the bunk above me. “Twilight...” I begin.

“Yes?” She asks.

“I...” I feel the need to say something, but the words aren’t coming I sigh. “Never mind. Good night Twilight.”

“Good night HeartBreak.” She replies.

“Um Twilight?” Damn it. Just let her go and get some sleep this can wait till morning.

“Yes?” She asks patiently.

“Could you call me H.B. Instead? I think I like that better.” I request.

“Alright.. Good night. H.B.” She says the door closing behind her.

The train is quiet after she leaves. Despite Twilight telling me to get some sleep, I am not terribly tired. My job required that I was a night owl. The moonlight spills through the window casting shadows on the wall. I lift my hooves up and look at the shapes they cast. I cross them, move these ... clumsy things around. But unlike my hands these things don’t make too many shapes.

I almost tear up, but then I give myself a hug and push myself not to think about this. Just get some sleep. After all tomorrow might be worth it.


Author's Note:

Here is a link to the Next Story as it was suggested to me. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/20657/my-little-heartbreak-creativitea

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I would like to take the time to thank all the bronies out there from Equestria Daily that helped me with this story. It has been something that has been in my brain and wanting out for the longest bit of time now and I am not even sure how long I have been writing it. So Thanks Waspinator, Exlolguy, MoodyMan, Kiyye, NoPonySpecial, Aerial, Applebloom, (I will have a list of ponies to add here that I want to thank) Ruhadir, Laurn Faust, the creative team at hasbro, the song writers and every pony who has been cheering me on in this creative endeavor. Particularly Colleen. You might have seen alluded but there are going to be eleven more stories to this whole thing. Below is a link to a video that you must listen to after reading all this. You Must. You Must. YOU. MUST. Rarity commands it. :raritywink:


Well shit, I remember this story.

When you write the next one, I'll do a better job of keeping up with the proofreading. I've had a hectic month, you know that. I'm so sorry I couldn't stay on top of it though.

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Pretty good story, I have to assume theres a sequel coming soon? If so I'm looking forward to it.

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Any pony can make a story about ponies playing ro-sham-bo, where they kick each other in the nads, but this is a mental bucking. The mental states of the characters and how they have to react to everything... Yeah.


Seems that you have had changes in your speech. Don't fight it. So Sayth Celestia.

I like the concept, and feel bad for the poor guy.
Quick question, you say the end in this chapter but the story is marked incomplete? I'm assuming there will be a sequel, or at least I'm hoping so. :pinkiehappy:

433979 That and I don't know how to mark things as complete. :derpytongue2:

Hehe, happens to the best of us.

Okay, now this was good. I opened it and started reading right after I was talking to you earlier, and I havent really stopped but for walking between classes and driving to work.

It was great, it was good. You kept me sucked into the story and there were no big things, or really any small things, that tugged me out.

444983 Squee. Hopefully Creativi-Tea is going to be just as good of a read.

Hey Jet_Black its me, TrustWorthy. Figured I would let you know on Fimfiction as well that I enjoyed your story. As I stated before, I like the way you made Celestia out to be the bad pony even with good intentions in mind. Look forward to reading more :)

There are 4 words to describe this story: Heartbreak is best pony!!!!!

This was a very riveting read.
I don't normally enjoy sad stories, (even less dark ones),
but here I am enjoying this story. :pinkiesmile:
There were quite a few twists in the story, some I predicted, others caught me by surprise. :pinkiegasp:
All in all, very well done. I only hope for a sequel, I would definitely read it. :raritywink:

629023 There is a sequel. Creativi-Tea.

663614 What's a GB-Oh! Genderbending! Yes. Yes it is.

665070 Nope. Oberon is someone else...Necros is... unpleasant.

664573 Yay. Scott Pilgrim jokes. It's already been done. I swear I didn't do the seven exes thing on purpose. I just did it as a salute to Green Lantern. Plus I really have had that many people in my life as far as relationships go.

665183 Yup! This chapter was meant to be dark. And twisted.

665183 Yup! This chapter was meant to be dark. And twisted.665241 Celestia will do anything to protect Equestia. And any threat she sees to her realm... Well keep reading. Your only hope is that there is a second story currently out.

665331 That is a good question. If there is a puck, he is else where. Just like Oberon. I haven't thought of any stories involving him. But... he might make a showing up else where... hmmm I will have to suggest it to the one writing the companion stories to these stories... Two other writers joined me in the endeavor.

I was talking about Scott being punished just as harshly since he was a nice guy and a great one to hang out, but a TERRIBLE boyfriend. But all he got was being haunted by Nega-Scott just to remind him how bad a boyfriend he was and all the break ups were his fault. It just seem like the situation here would do that to him.

Well I did now, at first I thought that Celestia was a fake (maybe one of the Council of Nine, the one that believed that he could find a way out of here) or mind controlled and ready to jump the gun at her if she doesn't back off on trying to erase his memories. It was just strange that now all of a sudden that Celestia was dead serious about all this and it wasn't even some kind of test. I feel like Twilight's perception of Celestia has changed because of this now.

It was an interesting read or skimming. Yeah, I mostly skimmed your story except for maybe the first two or three, Ch. 6, and the last two or three chapters. The reason I ended up being here, was because I was linked here from DA by someone doing a fan art of your story and mentions transformation. When I started skimming I was surprised that this story is mostly like First Pony View except with Anthony going to Ponyville and was more paranoid then the main character from FPV, before it turned out that he was properly paranoid. Anyway, like I said it was an interesting skim, I wish you luck on completing the whole thing.

665528 Squeee! There is a reason why everything here is happening. There is a reason why Celestia is acting the way she is, why I have put everything that I have put here.
I do hope you keep reading. It's going to be one hell of a magic carpet ride.

665571 You are welcome to disagree. I am not going to give you any spoilers though.


Heh heh, kind of like my story. But sorry I'm not that much interested in it. But I don't mind if you skim through mine as well. ^^;

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I had one person say that every plot point was a negative to the story. From Alpha to Zed.

667401There is a sequel. Creativi-Tea. Oh Heartbreak... You amuse me so..


Can't tell you how sad that made me when Shin was telling me I was getting people interested in a bad way. Anyway, I was wondering is it okay that I can add your story to a group called transformations to see if the rest of the members like it.


Okay it's done, even though I made a mistake once and I fixed that, but your story is now in the main Transformations page, Humans into Ponies, and Gender.

For every pony who has read the description. Here is the continuing story. Have a cup of Creativi-tea. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/20657/My-Little-Heartbreak%3A-Creativi-Tea


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705939 But show me how you got those pictures on your page. I -Want- to know how.

705939 Heartbreak was once human. She watched the show and knew a great deal about fan fiction. She -knows- better than to take strange things from strange ponies. Then you stare at her branding and you fall in love. You'll find out why in one of the future stories.

705959 Yes the drawings. I have Heartbreak drawings...

705976 Hmhmha. The Psychopath is...strange, for sure. But he means no ill will. The vials he creates only have one effect, and they can be quite beneficial if said pony was kind with him. The Illogical can triumph over many things, such as chaos can manipulate the landscape however it wants.

705980 Let's see...all you have to do is go on your page. Don't use the edit things in the black bar up there. They don't help. Once on your page, you should have "Edit user page" above your profile name. Click on that, and you'll have all the little modules that you can also edit. If you want to add modules, it's preferable to use custom box. Then just choose "edit module" and click on the picture box(the one near the anchor). Your picture has to be on a site somewhere, and only it can show, otherwise the pic won't work. Copy the URL then paste it in the box that appears above, click "ok", and the thing should be pasted. Normally, once you save the editing of both the module and your page, it should show the picture. If it shows a red X, then you need to try with another site.

Silver Dragon does not like the Fae, but he knows that punishment was in order. However, to such an extent...Perhaps a short break from ruling over the Silver Dragon tribe and hunting demons once more could prove to be amusing.

705959 Yes the drawings. I have Heartbreak drawings...706162 Amusing, but I have ... Stories in my head. They need out. And they will get out.

705959 Yes the drawings. I have Heartbreak drawings...706162 Amusing, but I have ... Stories in my head. They need out. And they will get out.706008 I'm confused here. It has to be on this site?

706217 No. It has to be posted on another site. When you google, you find images. If you click on the image link on the right bar, normally, you get to a page that only has the image. Try posting the image on places like image shack with an account of yours or something.

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