• Published 3rd Apr 2012
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My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken - Jet_Black1980

Anthony didn't have it easy in love. Now he's a pony named HeartBreak. Find out how she'll cope.

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Horsing Around

Chapter 17

Horsing Around.

The walk to Canterlot Castle felt almost like a death march. I don't think I’ve disliked the sound of hooves on hard cobblestone anymore than I do now.

I’m recapping what had happened in the past.., what? Twenty four hours. About this time last night, I had ridden my bike back from work. I opened the door to my apartment and removed my work uniform to prepare for a shower. A few hours later and that's where all this mess started from.

First there was Dave's clammy hand over my face. Then there was discovering that all my exes were strange creatures with the ability to send me to an alternate reality. This was followed by a strange disembodied voice stripping me down to my bare essentials. Then I fell from the sky and into Twilight Sparkle’s window. One by one her friends showed up to figure out what they could do about this situation. Somewhere in the middle of that the Council of Nine dealt their final blow. Any attempts to find a way back from the path I came were severed. If I wasn't in such a state of despair right now, I would make a joke about them being emo.

Then I passed out, had a dream that didn't seem like my own. What was up with that? Was it a really a dream, or like my inability to swear and use all my old pronouns, Equestria's way of reinforcing the fact that I am now a pony?

I woke up on a train, learned how to walk, mostly. Got something to eat and drink, depressed the hell out of myself, and when the train arrived here in Canterlot, led Twilight and her friends on a wild goose chase that only ended in tears-Fluttershy's tears.

"That's not the fun adventure that I wanted," I think still looking at the ground. I chew uncomfortably on the bit of the bridle that Rarity used to silence me. Most likely for the best seeing that everything I say sounds sarcastic, cutting or just plain wrong.

I look up from a rather awkward position. I can see a dot of yellow and pink flying away in the sky.. back down on the street, Twilight is at the entrance of the alleyway. Spike is with her and it looks like she is having him take a letter. He finishes it and there is a burst of oddly coloured fire as he sends it off to the castle.

"Most likely to tell Celestia of how well her plan went or some sort of lesson that she learned from all this..." I know that she isn't writing a lesson about this. That's just the bitterness of the situation talking. "I wonder what lesson I learned from this? I can see it now:

'Dear Princess Celestia. Today I learned that all my exes were strange magical fae creatures, a wizard and a werewolf. This is scarcely odd due to the fact that magic, as I knew it twenty-four hours ago, didn't exist in my world. Boy was I ever sorry to be wrong! I then learned the wonders not of friendship, but pain! And how pain can be there for you no matter what! Whether you are flying into a rainbow, a window or your friendly neighborhood Canterlot brick wall! Pain can be there for everypony!

Signed ...."

I try to think of the name that I would sign this as. The letter sounded kinda funny in a dark sorta perky-goth way. Now it sounds unfinished. I sigh realizing that there is a name there-one that was stuck there. And like my old name, when someone asks what your name is, it pops right up. Only this name isn't welcome. It is like an unwanted stranger. But it's the only one that comes up.

"Signed.. the pony named ...Heartbreak."


"Ugh.." Rainbow Dash sighed.

"Something ta' matter there Rainbow?" Applejack asked.

"Um No... Well... Not really.. Well.." She paused. Ugh she was starting to sound like Fluttershy. "Right, Normally it wouldn't be a big deal. But seriously, I am wiped. Seriously exhausted."

"Really? I wouldn't think that anything could tucker you out there Sugarcube." Applejack replied.

"Well it has. I've been up for like over twelve hours with little to no naps and the coffee that Twilight had me guzzle down, Which was cold, is starting to lose its power." Rainbow Dash said landing on the sidewalk. Her hooves dragged on the pavement.

"And what do you want Us to do about it Darling?" Rarity asked.

Rainbow Dash spied a pony drawn carriage. It looked like it might seat four ponies.

"Want to split a carriage?" Dash asked in an almost desperate tired manner.

"Dash, ah didn't plan on a trip ta Canterlot in the last day." Applejack Replied.

Rarity looked at the carriage thoughtfully. "Well, we are in Canterlot. Even with... baggage, if we are going to travel to the castle, we might as well do it in style. I'm in."

"Baggage?" Pinkie asked. "We don't have any baggage!"

"She means Heartbreak, Pinkie." Applejack said.

Pinkie looked at the bound and gagged pony resting uncomfortably on Applejack's back. Heartbreak was practically shooting daggers out of her eyes at Rarity.

"Agent HB isn't baggage! She's not even cargo! She could only pass for cargo if she was sneaking around in a box!" Pinkie protested.

Rarity only glared back. Heartbreak’s composure broke and her expression turned sad.

"Don't give me that look Miss Heartbreak. There is a matching set of blinders to go with that bridle you know. Would you like to try them on also?" Rarity said in an almost musical manner. Heartbreak averted her gaze and returned to looking at the ground. "That's what I thought."

Pinkie grimaced. Even if Heartbreak was a spy with a cutting tongue and way too much knowledge of everypony here, that was way too much sad to cover a face. Even spy ponies needed to be loved and smile once in awhile.

"I'm in for the carriage!" Pinkie said racing to Applejack's side. "Hey AJ, She's looking a little uncomfortable on your back."

"Ah'm sure she's fi-"

Pinkie lifted Heartbreak with a sudden swiftness while flipping her around. Applejack gacked while Heartbreak made a whinnying sound.

Pinkie zipped over to the side that heartbreak was now facing. "Much better right?" She looked around and bent down to whisper. "Don't Worry Agent HB, if things turn sour at the castle, you signal me by flopping your ears around."

Heartbreak didn’t respond much, save the rolling of her eyes.

“Don’t worry about it AJ, with the extra cash that I have had on hoof, covering two extra ponies isn’t going to be any trouble at all.” Rainbow said walking over to the two well dressed carriage ponies.

“Two extra?” Rarity asked.

“Uh Yeah. I don’t think these guys will see Heartbreak as luggage Rarity. Or cargo for that matter.” Rainbow Dash replied.

“Well, thank ya kindly girls. When we get back ta Ponyville there’s going ta be some of Granny Smith’ special cider for ya’ll on me.” Applejack replied.

“So Gentlecolts, how much for a ride to Canterlot Castle?” Rarity asked the two stallions. One of them tipped his hat and looked at the group.

“Well... Our evening fare price is five bits a head, that would be thirty bits right Slim?”

“That’s before tip there Jim.” The other replied. Their accents denoted that they were not from Canterlot in the slightest.

“But there’s a problem Slim.” Jim said.

“Oh yeah Jim, This is a four pony carriage. Either one of you girls is going to have to lay on the floor. Or you’ll all have to find a bigger carriage.” Slim replied.

“Oh, that’s alright, we have a little... luggage that can lay on the floor.” Rarity replied.

Rainbow Dash looked at Rarity and then waved her hoof. “Uh Guys, could you give us a moment?” She then took Rarity aside. “Seriously?”

“Whaat?” Rarity asked.

“Rarity, I know you two got off on the wrong hoof, Her calling you a marshmallow and all, but give it a rest. If anything about where she came from is true.. Not that I am saying that I really buy into the ‘alternate world’ story. Though, it is more more plausible right now than Pinkie Pies ‘Secret Spy’ idea for some reason..” She shook her head. Now she was rambling like Pinkie, again. “Besides. If anypony is going to lay on the floor, It’s going to be me. Got it?”

“Rainbow Dash...” Rarity began.

“No! My Mind is settled on the matter.” She tossed ten bits into the payment box located next to the door.

Rarity gave confused look to Rainbow Dash. It wasn’t too long ago that because of this pony, Rainbow had been covered in pie and fruit. Now she was just willing to give her seat up to lay on the floor?

“Fine. But I am not sitting next to her.” Rarity replied putting her bits in.

“Uh Rarity?” Applejack said hinting at Heartbreak.

Rarity rolled her eyes. Heartbreak soon found herself lifted aloft and seated in the nice comfortable carriage.

Pinkie tossed her bits into the box. “If you’re not going to sit next to Agent HB Rarity, then I’m going to!”

Applejack followed her friends into the carriage. “Don’t ya’ll worry. We’ll be at the castle in no time and soon enough Princess Celestia will fix up what needs fixing.”

Heartbreak didn’t look reassured by those words.

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