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My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken - Jet_Black1980

Anthony didn't have it easy in love. Now he's a pony named HeartBreak. Find out how she'll cope.

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Shattered Glass

Chapter Four

Shattered Glass

Right now I am remembering things. Memories of rainbows, of clouds, of sleepy little houses below me, and finally of glass windows. Particularly the glass window. The memories of it shattering run through me, along with the sound of it breaking are standing out. And then, landing in something soft. I moan and put my hand to my head. Or my knuckles...I can't tell, my head is pounding and the world is still kinda spinning..

Despite that all I try to look around. There is something...soft under me. I tap it. It's cloth or pillow like. I can't really tell. It's dark in here. That's when I hear the sound of footsteps coming up some stairs.

"What in the name of Celestia was that?!" Says a female voice.

Panic strikes me as I hear a door from behind me open.

"Hello? Anypony in there?" she asks.

I am not sure how to answer and try to move forward.

"Ah!" Comes from my throat as I realize that there is a cold sensation trickling down my arm, and a sharp stabbing from the glass embedded within. I hear her enter the room.

"There is somepony here! Oh my gosh! When I heard the crash I was worried!"

I desperately want to run. I hear her getting really close to me and turn rather quickly. Apparently I am not good at judging distances, because our heads smack right into one another with a rather unpleasant cracking sound. There is a crackling sound that accompanies this collision. Like an electrical crackle..

"Ooooow..." I say in a low tone. But something is wrong with my voice. Even in a low tone it shouldn't sound so.. high.

"Ugh..Oh Geeze! Ouch, that hurt. Are you ok?" She asks.

"I...don't..." I try to clear my throat. There must have been something in that liquid that I was pushed through. I attempt to clear any liquid from my throat. "I'm -ehm- I'm -eeeeehm!- Alive?"

"That's always good, right?" She asks. Her voice. I know her voice. Where do I know her voice from? The shadow of someone...? lurks amongst the doorway. I hear a voice come from them.

"Hey, Twi', whatever hit us knocked out some of the power, I flipped the breaker..." He says, just before he flips a switch.

The light goes on and now I am shocked at what I am looking at. There is a dusty purple-ish unicorn. She has a dark blue mane and tail that has a few streaks of pink and purple.

"So then. Oh my you're.." She starts out.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!” Comes a terrified scream from my throat.

She jumps back and looks at me questioningly.

"Are you sure you're alright...?" She asks.

"Y-y-you're Talking." I reply.

"Yes. Um...maybe we should start this over." She clears her throat. "My name is-"

"Twilight Sparkle." I interrupt in an abrupt manner.

I can now see the being that is standing in the doorway. It is a purple dragon with green frills and rather large green eyes. He looks at me and then at Twilight.

"You know this pony, Twilight?" He asks.

"Uhm, no I don't." She begins.

"Oh, Hi!" He says in an almost casual and pleasant manner. "Were you the pony who crashed into our window? My name is-"

"SPIKE." I interject once again.

Twilight looks at the little green dragon.

"Um...You know her?" She asks.

"Twilight, if you don't know her, most likely I don't know her. So, no. I haven't seen her before in my life." He explains.

Twilight turns her attention back to me. She blinks as if she just remembered something and her face twists up again.

"Right. You're bleeding. Spike get me a bit of cloth to wrap this injury." She looks at me and her horn starts glowing. “Alright...this is going to most likely hurt. I've never had a chance test my medical skills...Spike be ready with that cloth wrap." He salutes her and has the cloth ready. Within moments, I feel something free itself from my arm. Then there is a pressure as the wrapping goes on.

"There! Easy as pie." She exclaims.

The shock of a talking unicorn and dragon is wearing off. I lift a hand to feel the wrapping.

"Um, thank yoooou-AAAH!"

"You shouldn't touch a fresh wound!" Twilight exclaims.

The scream isn't from touching the wound. I don't even get to do that. It's from the fact that I have just looked down at myself. I don't see hands, I see hooves. I don't see an arm but a leg. A horse's leg.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god..." I start jibbering.

"What's wrong?" She asks.

My mind blinks for a moment at the question.

"Mirror! I need a mirror!" I exclaim in that annoying high girly voice.

"Um...Ok...But really, despite a couple of scrapes and the glass, you look fine. I'd say that you're a very lucky pony.." She says her horn glowing and pulling a standing mirror from a bookshelf out in front of me.

I feel ill as I see an image staring back at me that shouldn't be there. A pony. A pony with a curly dark brown mane, a tannish coat and striking ice blue eyes.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no,no,no!" I say. It suddenly strikes me as to why my voice is all high and wrong.

"That's not right, that's...Not...Right..." The reflection in the mirror rears back, trying to stand on its back legs, only to be forced back down.

As...she...is forced to do so, I can hear the clattering of hooves on the floor below me and the sensation of vibrations going through my ..legs..

"That's not my voice! Oh geeeze what did they do!? Fff.." I try to spit out what is a well known swear to me, but for some reason my mouth isn't forming the word. "Ffff! Ffff! Fe-e-e-etlocks!" I finally exclaim.

Twilight looks in the mirror at me confused.

"What's wrong? For how you fell through my window, you look like you took minimal damage.." She says as if to calm my nerves.

"No! Everything is wrong!" I exclaim. I look down to my hooves. "These are wrong! This face is wrong! This Voice is Wrong!"

"How?" Twilight asks."You sound perfectly normal for a mare to me."

My brain glitches over that statement "perfectly normal for a mare".

"Uh...Twilight. You think she hit her head a bit too hard?" Spike asked.

"This is too much, too much, tooo much...." I can hear the clattering of my hooves on the ground as I try to comprehend what is going on. It's too fantastic, too weird, too much like a dream. Wait. Too much like a dream.

"That's it!" A rather large smile flashes on my face.

"What's it?" Twilight asks in a concerned manner.

"I'm dreaming! Ha! That makes sense! They kidnapped me and drugged me up! That! Explains! Everything! Yes!" I reply. It does after all make sense. Being in a world that was based off a tv show that had a good five years running that I watched on an almost constant basis? Of course!

"But why just kidnap me and drug me...?" I ask myself. "Unless that was part of the drugging as well!"

The two of them look at each other questioningly.

"Twilight...you think we should get her to a hospital?" Spike asks.

"Maybe...we sh-" Twilight begins.

A sudden gust of wind is felt coming from the broken window.

"Ah-Ha! I knew if I followed that rainbow trail long enough I'd find the culprit!"

There in the window is a sky blue winged horse with a rainbow mane and tale. Her brilliant wine coloured eyes glare at me with a determination that I recognize all too well.

"HA! Oh Wow! Best Dream slash Hallucination Ever!" I exclaim stepping forward. "Rainbow Dash!"


The three of them are now looking at me in a rather strange manner.

"Um, Rainbow Dash...Do you know her?" Twilight asks.

"Um. No..." She gives me a strange and perturbed look. "Wait a second...You're not a unicorn..."

For some reason, it's the funniest thing I have ever heard.

"Pffft-Ha! Darn it. Why couldn't I ever have these kind of dreams years ago?" I ask out loud. I stomp my hoof down. "Oh! What would make this even better is if Pinkie Pie just showed up out of nowhere!"

"Twilight...Who is this pony and how does she know our names?" Rainbow Dash asks.

"That's...what I'm trying to figure out." She said looking at me in the face.

Just then there was a knocking at the front door of the library. "Twilight! Twilight!" Shouted rather sophisticated female voice. "Are you alright up there?! I heard a crash and some shouting!"

I rolled my eyes. "I was hoping for Pinkie Pie..." Damn, seemed that I don't have much control over what happens in this dream. That's most likely for the best.

The sound of hooves clip-clops up the stairs and a white unicorn with a purple mane pokes her head around the door. "Twilight, what is going on up here?" She asks in a concerned manner, her sparkly blue eyes looking concerned and slightly horrified at the mess.

"I guess Rarity will do..." Sure there were lots of fans of Rarity, but she was always so serious, and work obsessed.

She blinks at me. "Twilight, who is that?" She asks me. "And what exactly will I do for?"

"Um Twilight...This is getting kinda creepy..."Spike comments. "I mean ponies falling from the sky is one thing. Ponies falling from the sky that know your names and the names of your friends?"

Twilight sighs while I giggle at this whole situation. If they only knew that they were nothing but products of my drug-addled mind. I bet it would blow their socks off...if they were wearing any that is...

"I haven't a clue who she is Rarity, just that she crashed into my window, then freaked out over something that I'm not sure about and Rainbow Dash has been looking for her.." She explained pointing at an ever growing impatient Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah, because I won't be able to clock out until I find out why in Equestria or even how she teleported into one of the rainbow vats up in Cloudsdale!" She says clopping a hoof.

"My word!" She looks at me in a concerned manner. "Is she alright?"

"Aside from a shard of broken glass, scrapes, bruises and various cuts? Yes." Twilight looks thoughtful. "Which is exceptionally lucky for a pony falling from Cloudsdale."

Rarity shudders a bit. "I would say it is."

"You would have first ha-haa-hoooph!" I try to force the word out of my mouth. It comes out all warped instead. My lips smack together. It must be part of the dream.. Why else wouldn’t I be able to say ‘hand’? "Experience with that, right ,Rarity?"

She blinks and looks at Twilight questioningly.

I blink and look at the two of them.
"Oh come on!" My eyes roll and I use my hooves to express the best exaggerated expression I can. "Don't you remember? It was the day that Rainbow Dash took you guys up to Cloudsdale for the best flyer competition. Rarity got herself a pair of butterfly wings and a b-b-buu-pfffflank load of attention causing Rainbow Dash to spazz out and nearly lose it. All while she was trying to do her job too." I rub a hoof on my head trying to remember what else happened.." Oh Right, So then the competition starts up. Rarity is in the back putting her face on, while Rainbow Dash is getting worse and more spazzy by the minute. So much so that she just starts trading numbers with other ponies just to avoid her spot in line. After all the tension, the fear of failing in front of every b-b-bpppf...One is just too great, too racking, too much. All of you are starting to wonder where she and Rarity are. Cause it's getting close to the end of this whole thing. And Rarity comes out. I swear it looked like she had at least half a pound of makeup on. Everything was over done Over the top, bigger and fancier than anything she had done before." I pause for a breath. "Then the both of you are told that you have to go out together cause well there just isn't any time! So Rarity goes out all confident and starts flapping up really high. Rainbow Dash starts to do her routine and is kinda messing up here and there. Rarity gets up as high as she can and lets the light from the sun shine through her wings. She feels wonderful and beautiful and well...um loved...Until the moment that her wings combust and she starts falling. By this time Rainbow Dash is in her last leg of her routine and about to attempt a Sonic Rainboom!"

The four of them are just staring at me. Heh, telling stories like this is kinda fun..

"That's when she hears the screaming from down below! The Wonderbolts then go diving after Rarity, but in her panic she knocks each of them out! Dash looks down and doesn't think. She's Rainbow Dash! She reacts! She dives down as hard and as fast as she can, Nopony can watch what will happen! Will she make it? The ground is pretty far down and nopony wants to think what will happen if she fails now! Tears streaming in her eyes Dash pushes through where she failed once before and through sheer willpower and absolute hope the air starts to crackle around her hooves! All ponies who looked away now are looking in wonder and hope! Will she do it?"

I pause again.. The room is rather quiet.

"And then BOooOM! A Circle of Light and Colour and Sound Shatters the silence and she catches the three Wonderbolts and Rarity just in time before they even hit the ground! Whoooosh! A contrail rainbow trails behind her as she arcs back up to Cloudsdale, just happy in the moment that she had saved not only her heroes but her friend! That's when the roar of the crowd and cheering can be heard! Even normally quiet Fluttershy is cheering at the top of her lungs! And to top it all off she wins her crown and a day with the Wonderbolts!" The four of them are blinking at my antics and stunned into silence.

I look at them, suddenly I am filled with a feeling of dread. "Um...that's.. how.. it.. happened right? I know I kinda skipped over some things..."

Twilight shakes her head as if a spell had been cast on her. "No.. in fact that was very, very accurate..." She finally replies.

"A little too accurate if you ask me..."Rarity comments.

"I thought it was pretty awesome..." Rainbow's face looks like one of mixed emotions. "But...How.. Do.. you know all that?"

I can't help but laugh. "Why wouldn't I know it? I mean this is my dream, and in dreams anything is possible. Particularly seeing that I watched the whole thing." I chuckle. "I'm glad to see that I got most of the details right. I thought I would leave the part out were Rarity was being a clutz in the weather factory and distracting all the workers." I snirk. "Particularly the Male workers. She did after all have the -snirk- biggest...wingspan?" I give Rarity a wink-wink and a nudge-nudge. Rarity blinks at me and looks a little offended.

"And what do you mean by that?" She asks.

"I just mean that you were a bit...Showy with those wings.." I try to explain.

"Showy?" She quips.

"Well yeah. I mean wings must be an attractive feature for pegasi right? The filly or colt with the biggest wings Must have an advantage over the rest.."

Rarity glares at me "And you think that I was flaunting them about in a manner suited to your average street pony?!"

"I didn't say tha-" I begin.

"You didn't have to say it!" She exclaims.

I find myself fighting a laugh, but it starts out as a snirk, then a chuckle and finally it can't be contained anymore.
Rarity's face is burning with a bit of a blush.

"You think this is funny?" She says getting up and close to my face.

I calm down my laughter. "Um..." I start looking around. "Actually...yes?" I chuckle nervously. "I mean, I've never been berated by a marshmallow before."

Rarity's eyes go blank for a moment. As if she doesn't know how to process this information. And then I can nearly pinpoint the moment that I can see something snap in her eyes.

"MarSHMallow?" She mouths. I almost nervously nod, but haven't the time as she glowers over me. "MARSHMALLOW?! Miss...Who-ever-you are- You listen here! I have been woken up in the middle of the night to find my friend Twilights library window smashed to bits..."

I back away from Rarity only to find that she keeps hovering above in a threatening manner. Her hoof points up at my chin. If she had fingers she would have been using her pointer finger at me.

"Woken up from my beauty sleep mind you! I have been filling orders All Week, And I will be sooner thrown into a garbage heap, than be berated by some strange pony calling me a ...Marshmallow!" And as to drive the point home, she jabs her hoof right into my right shoulder.

The shoulder that had apparently taken the brunt of my fall. The sore aching-ness of a mere bruise turns into a screaming puddle of pain which forces me down to the ground.

"AAAAGH!" I involuntarily grasp at the sore spot.

"Rarity!" Twilight says racing to if I am alright.

"What? I barely touched her..." She says frowning.

"Yes and she just survived a skydive from Cloudsdale, through a glass window and into a rather unpleasant crash with what is most likely a wall!" She exclaims.

"But she..." Rarity begins.

"Yes she called you a marshmallow. And she's also not in her right mind. She might not know what she's saying." Twilight explains.

I am twitching in pain. It does fade, however a strong realization hits me and with it a chill runs through my body. "That...hurt..." I say quietly.

Rarity smirks but then is greeted by Twilights' disapproving look. She rolls her eyes. "I am sorry, but you provoked me." She cranes her neck down. "Are you going to be alright...?"

I can feel a bit of sweat hitting my brow as the panic starts to kick in again. This time the calming idea that this is a hallucination or dream isn't doing the trick...

"No! That. Hurt!" I exclaim.

"Look I said I was sorry ..I don't see what more I can do." She says.

"No! Don't you see?!" I push myself up.

"Uh no, Darling...I just told you.."

"I know what you told me! Oh No, no, no, no, no,no,no,no.." My hooves are rubbing against my face again. I look at them horrified. They really are a part of me.

"Twilight.." Rarity says looking at her rolling her eyes, she sighs.

"Then what's wrong...?" Twilight asks.

I blink, I am almost hesitant to tell them. Telling them would only confirm my fears. "You don't feel pain like that in dreams..." I explain cold sweat starting to drip on my forehead.. I'm starting to pace.. "If it hurt like that...Then I'm not dreaming...and.. this..this.. oh, no, no,no,no....” I cough and nearly choke on my words.”This. Is. Real."

Author's Note:

New Chapter Art for _old_ chapter Right Here.

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