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Part 1:From man to mare
Part 2:From man to mare: chaotic convergence
Part 4:
From man to mare: I love my mommy
Part5: From man to mare: Time to tell

It has been a year since the incident with Discord using Derry's broken mind to spread chaos across Equestria. It may have been short lived, but the adventure that Twilight and Cyclon had within "her" mind has awoken new feelings for Cyclon. Despite being a man at basis, having Silver's body has been nothing but trial and error. How will Derry deal with these feelings that he both appreciates and finds horror in when Celestia announces the end of his "exile"?

Perhaps Rarity will converge towards helping this growing relationship even when it looks more like "friendly" playing. There also seems to be a new stallion in town, one who is a good friend of the captain Bullseye of the royal guards. Where does he come into all this?

Naturally, Stalin the Stallion made that pic for me. Who else could've made it like this?

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:D Yayyyy more of this story :heart::heart:
I can't wait to read it!

errr nvm I might wanna wait till ur done with it so I don't freak out when a chapter ends on a cliffhanger. XD

My head just exploded from this continuation!!!!
This is a good thing?

let the awkward train ROLL IN!!



Ah yes let the gender bending mind fuckery begin!

Yes!! A sequel cant wait for the next chapter! :D


And, FINALLY you get around to this. It's about damn time. Looks like Silver hasn't learned that denial is more than just a river in Egypt.

0.0 ...that is all.

You will be delighted to know I've read every chapter in your "From man to mare" series all today. And they are all liked and faved. Why? Cause this actually feels like a book series to me, in a good way of course. So I shall wait and use this:

718854 Yup. You mad that I took so long?:trollestia:

719323 That is the manliest manly tear I have ever seen....

Mad? At you? Bitch please, you got nothing on Random. *shudder*

You drive me crazy!
Why doesn't he . . er . . she . . er . . . . . Silver just tell them that he was Male on earth! That would like, fix all his . . her . . . its problems.
Seriously this is the third story in the series and I am still waiting for Silver to reveal that he's . . she's . . . :facehoof:

720171 Because of strange feelings and how everyone already sees you, there could come terrible consequences. Only the princesses know, and they won't tell. Besides, I think you'll understand perfectly when I write the ending.

720289 Atleast someone noticed. Let's see if anyone else does.

The was shining bright as well...the sun.

I think a is missing

I found an amazing fan-fic series today, and I loved every second of reading it.

And then I read "From man to mare" :trollestia:

All jokes aside, read the whole thing up to here in a sitting, enjoying it so far :D

720295 It's a bit hard not to when you point it out it the comments -_-
Also the "someone" that noticed is the second person to comment, it's not like SO many people didn't pick up on it.

720866 You challenge me in trolling? We shall see...

720945 Looking forward to it :ajsmug:

720987 I'm looking forward but I can only see behind me. There must be a continuity error somewhere.:ajbemused:

I really like where this is going! I'm waiting for even more hilarity to ensue! Also "Swirling eyes".... I think we all know who this is.... wait was she saying it like when she went chaotic she saw the eyes or in town while walking in the present? Eh we will just have to see.

720992 You're gonna have to better than that, if you're going to take my words out of context at least make it make a bit of sense.

Not that I'm getting annoyed, just want to make it clear what REAL trolling is about, not some whacked out definition you have in your mind.

721210 Make sense? Clearly you've never been invited to the World of Illogic.

721219 Please, Illogic is like a third language to me: it comes naturally.

721234 Then you wouldn't mind joining the World of Illogic. You must simply give The Psychopath your sanity, and he'll let you in. You'll have much fun there. Anything you do there you can do in the real world afterwards.:pinkiecrazy:

721237 I gave up my sanity long ago, long before you or I was born. In fact I gave up my insanity too.


I like it! Only it was in Cyclone view then we heard Motels thoughts? I'm a little confused by the sudden change there but other than that it was marvelous!

new chapter yay cant wait for the next one :twilightsmile:

Ah, still waiting for Derry to admit that he's a guy, and the awkwardness that ensues. Especially by Rarity and Cyclone. Oh, that'll be good.

Still waiting.

After three stories I'm still waiting.

723892 I'll never have him say it, and for good reason. Once you see the ending to this, you'll understand why.

Lemme guess, something something something romantic relationship something something?

Or you won't make him say it, but the ponies will instead see it through some freak magic thing!

724326 There will be romance, but it's far from that. I won't give a hint because it will be obvious. The Psychopath is impatient and wants me to make the chapter right away, but NAY I say!

But you didn't deny the second part. Therefore I cling to the idea that it is true.


No hints? Not even one?

Well, I think you're going to end up giving me a hint, one way or another...

Want a cupcake?

Oh good, I'll send the invite to Dash.

724414 So you really want a hint?

Well, that too.

I just really don't like Dash. :pinkiecrazy:

724422 Hmmm, how to make it the least obvious possible. Let's see, it's something that noone likes to go through, and it brings alot of pain in the end.:trollestia:

So, having a conversation with you?

That breaks the picture size limit, doesn't it?


On topic, it's admitting that you have a problem. Might want to take some advice from your character there.

724497 Seriously though, take a guess, any guess.

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