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My Little Heartbreak: More With a Kind Word and a Hard Hoof - Jet_Black1980

When Heartbreak falls ill, Fluttershy takes it upon herself to not only make sure she gets better, but afterwards try to teach her a lesson about kindness! But things are easier said than done, especially with the animals giving H.B. an evil eye...

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Paging Nurse Fluttershy

Chapter Three

Paging Nurse Fluttershy

Now Fluttershy, the yellow mare thought to herself, pushing her forelock out of her face. There’s no real reason to be concerned. H.B. said she was fine. But then again, Pinkie Pie said she was having a cough! She pressed her hoof on the door to the Golden Oaks Library door.

“There’s no reason to worry about it, Fluttershy,” she said out loud. We’ll just do this one favor for Pinkie Pie and then go back home to make sure the animals have had their snacks. And if you’re a little late, Angel won’t mind helping you. She nodded and felt her shoulders relax before letting out a deep sighing breath at these thoughts as she opened the door to the library. Inside she found Spike standing at a podium, quill at hand, and assisting two ponies.

“Let’s see... Daring Do and the Sky Blues, Native Equestrian Plants and Their Uses, and finally, The Happy Little Jenny, all checked out to one Mint Julep,” Spike said, dragging his claw down a list. “Alright, the books are two weeks overdue.” He tapped his chin. “So, the fees come to, uhm...” He turned back to his paper. “Twelve bits even!”

“You are going to have to do some serious chores around the house when we get home, Minty C. Creme!” Julep said, glaring at the light green filly standing next to her. “I can’t believe you let your late fees go this far. This is the last time I let you check any books out under my card!”

“But moooom! I couldn’t find mine!” the little filly whined.

“Well, maybe if you cleaned that room of yours, you’d be able to find it!” Julep chided, placing the bits into Spike’s waiting hand.

Fluttershy whimpered as she watched the mother and daughter argue. It was always awkward seeing such things. After all, parents and their foals should always get along, shouldn’t they? However, it wasn’t her place to judge or make comments; if she did, she ran the risk of the parents turning on her, commenting on how she just wouldn’t understand because she didn’t have any foals herself.

Minty turned and smiled at Fluttershy before doing a double take at realizing who she was smiling at. “Oh hey, Fluttershy!” she excitedly bounded over, only to trip and tumble into the pegasi hooves..

Julep rolled her eyes and frowned at the filly disapprovingly. “Say you’re sorry, young lady!”

“I was just about to, mom,” Minty Creme retorted, rubbing her head. “Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“Uhm, hello Minty! It’s alright,” Fluttershy replied nervously. “Everypony has accidents from time to time.”

“That’s for sure,” Minty Creme replied, rolling her eyes. “Oh, hey! Can I ask you something?”

“Come on, Minty Creme...” Julep said impatiently.

“Would you give me a second, mom? I have a question I need to ask Fluttershy!”

Julep sighed. “Alright, make it quick.”

Fluttershy tilted her head at the little filly. “What is it you wanted to ask me?”

“Is Heartbreak doing alright?” Minty said, tilting her head.

Another pony asking if H.B. is alright? Fluttershy thought to herself. Oh dear, that’s not a good sign! “I don’t know, I’ve just recently been hearing some worrisome things from other ponies.”

“Well, you might want to check in on her,” Minty replied, her face turning from worried to slightly grossed out. “I was here the other day with some friends while they were checking out books and she came to the library. She looked like she was about to say hello to me, when she started coughing up a storm!”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened. “Coughing?”

“Yeah, when we asked, she said that it was just a bit of phlegm that she gets every once in a while,” Minty replied, her expression dubious. “But I’m not so sure about that...”

“Minty...” Julep said sternly as she walked halfway out the library door. “If we don’t hurry, we’re going to be late.”

“Ugh! Fine, mom,” Minty retorted. “Fluttershy, are you going to go check in on her?”

“Yes, I already planned on doing that,” Fluttershy replied, forcing a smile to cover up her growing concern. “You have a wonderful day.”

“Minty!” Julep shouted from outside the library.

“You too!” Minty exclaimed. “Coming, mom.”

As the little filly exited the library, Fluttershy could have sworn she heard Julep grumble something about Heartbreak. A small part of her wanted to know what she was saying, but this urge was easily overshadowed by her own concerns, which had been growing more and more troubling with every pony she’d talked to since that first conversation with Ghost Writer.

Fluttershy walked over and tapped the young dragon on the shoulder. “Spike?” she asked.

“Huh? Just one second, Fluttershy. I have to double check to make sure that they gave me the right amount. Like Twilight told me: You can never be too careful!” Spike said, carefully counting the bits before dropping them in the collection box. “Two, four, six, eight, ten and tweleve!” He dusted off his hands and turned to his friend. “Alright, sorry about that. Being left in charge of the library while Twilight is in Canterlot has been really hard work!” He thrust his chest forward and his shoulders back. “But! Twilight trusted me with this responsibility, and she can always count on me! So, what can I do you for?”

“Well...” Fluttershy hesitated, taking a few moments to compose herself. Most likely you’re worrying over nothing. Yes, Ghost Writer said that she needed a tissue. And yes, Minty Creme said that she was coughing, but that’s no real cause for concern. I just need to—

“Well?” Spike asked, tilting his head.

“I’m sorry.” Fluttershy took a deep breath. “I’m not sure how to ask this, but—” She paused, and the little dragon in front of her drummed his claws on the collection box. “Could you tell me what books H.B. checked out on Wednesday?”

Spike frowned sternly, and took a deep breath. “It is strictly against library policy to allow a third party to be informed about what materials have been obtained by another party, as it is a violation of that party’s privacy.”

“Oh,” Fluttershy whimpered. The young dragon could be scary when he spoke in such an authoritarian manner.

“Unless!” Spike said, holding up a single claw. “Said third party is the parent or guardian of the first party.” He peeked over at Fluttershy and scratched the back of his head. “Sorry, I have to repeat that sort of thing any time anypony asks me.”

Fluttershy gave him an understanding smile. “It’s alright. Twilight entrusted you with a big responsibility, and you’re just doing your job.”

“Now, about those books,” Spike said going over to a small stack of papers. “Let’s see... H.B., H.B., where are you? Ah!” He turned and looked over his shoulder. “ For some reason, we had a pretty busy day yesterday. I’ve barely had any time for anything.”

“Oh, dear,” Fluttershy said. “Could you use some help? I might not have much time, but—”

“Nah,” Spike waved his hand dismissively. “This is Spike you’re talking to! I might not have time for anything while things are happening, but I can easily catch up.” He paused and tapped his chin. “By the way, I couldn’t help but overhear that conversation just now...” He turned and looked to Fluttershy, concern etched in one eyebrow. “Is H.B. alright?”

“Uhm, well...” Fluttershy was ashamed of herself. She could have taken just a little time away from looking after the animals to peek her head in and see what was happening! “I... don’t know,” she finally admitted. “I’m going to go check on her, right after I do this favor for Pinkie Pie.” She forced a smile that quickly wilted in the face of her concern. “Why do you ask? Did something happen when she was here?”

“Oh yeah, something happened,” Spike rolled his eyes before his muzzle scrunched a little. “I—” He paused and looked around. “I’m not sure I should be sharing this with anypony, but...”


“She had to use our bathroom,” Spike replied, looking a little bit wary about mentioning these fact. “Now normally I wouldn’t say anything. Because, you know...” He tapped the tips of his claws together. “But the noises she was making? They didn’t sound right. There was a lot of moaning, groaning and even whimpering.”

Fluttershy steeled herself. After all what a pony did in the bathroom was their business, and their business alone. “Well—” she started.

“And then there was the smell afterwards!” Spike unconsciously waved his hand in front of his nose. “Peeee yew! She told me she had eaten something that disagreed with her, and I left it at that, but really? She wasn’t looking so good.".

“Oh...dear,” Fluttershy replied. Well, if she hasn’t been eating right, that might explain everything else.

Spike nodded in agreement. “Yeah, but back to what you needed. Let’s see… it looks like she checked out ‘Pony Anatomy 101’, ‘Common Pony Illnesses,’ and ‘Daring Do and the Griffin’s Goblet.’”

The little dragon turned around, and found that he was talking to himself. “Fluttershy?”


As Granny Smith hobbled along the streets of Ponyville, she couldn’t help but smile at the feel of her new hip replacement. It felt, well, brand new!

Ha! Ah feel like a new mare! she thought to herself. Ah’d just like to see one of them young’ns get by me now! Just then, a pink-and-yellow blur rushed passed the wizened old mare. After gathering her bearings, she shook her hoof up in the air.

“Ya young wippersnapper! Slow down and watch where yer going!” she cried out.

Fluttershy slowed herself just enough to see that she had almost run into another pony. “Sorry! I... well... I— eep! Sorry!” She fumbled before returning to a full run and pressing forward, while trying to avoid any other ponies that she could possibly hit or who might stop her to chat.

Common pony illnesses?! Oh, what if she is really sick?! The thought flickered through the mare’s mind. So sick that she couldn’t leave the house? So sick that she couldn’t send a letter from her fireplace? Oh, Fluttershy! Why couldn’t you have just made a little time to go over and say hello?!

As she finally cleared the streets of Ponyville, she caught sight of her little cottage out of the corner of her eye. There in the window was Angel; looking predictably excited at his owners return. This expression was shattered as she dashed straight past the window.

I’m sorry, Angel, Fluttershy thought. She bit down on her lip and fought back a tear. I have the feeling that H.B. needs me more!

As the poor pastel mare arrived at Heartbreak’s address, she couldn’t help but take in some of the scenery. Six tall aspen trees stood next to a mailbox that looked brand new. The imposing two-story house still looked like a mess, and the vines that had come from the Everfree Forest still clung to its architecture.

Cautiously walking down the rock path, she noticed that the grass could use a great deal of trimming – it was desperately trying to reach past her fetlocks. The other thing that was noticeable was the silence.

No birds played and chirped; no animals made a noise. Even the Everfree Forest, with its odd assortment of jungle-like sounds, was strangely quiet.

“Maybe she’s fine...” Fluttershy stammered to herself as the adrenaline in her veins turned to apprehension. “Maybe there’s nothing to worry about, and—”

Fluttershy jumped as two wide-mouthed snapdragons suddenly lunged straight at her! But on seeing what they were, Fluttershy was easily able to calm herself.

“Snapdragons! What are you doing this far away from Froggy Bottom Bog?” She asked, as she looked inquisitively at the plants. After all, she had only read about them in books and actually finding them in the bog was tricky. “Aww, aren’t you two the cutest?” she cooed. “And your berries are coming in quite nicely!”

Instantly, the animated flora’s expression of hostility turned to that of confusion, then submission. For them, the large thermal blob of a pony read in patterns that were not even remotely in the areas of yellow fear or the bright red glow of aggression, but instead seemed more in the range of comforting and indigo hues they associated with compassion.

The smaller plant stretched its neck out and cautiously started to sniff at the pony. This pony smelled like animals, morning dew, and of course the general pheromones that came with any pony. Not at all like the one that had claimed the house as its territory. That one smelled... strange.

Fluttershy smiled and responded by gently reaching up and tickling the leafy, fluffy tuft on the underside of both of the snapdragon’s ‘faces’. In response, the two plants quickly folded back their defensive foliage and emitted a low relaxing cooing noise.

“Isn’t that better?” the pegasus said in a soothing tone. “Now, you know I didn’t mean any harm. You two are just protecting—” Suddenly, a wheezing sound from within the house reminded her of the reason that she came here, and why it was so urgent! Oh Fluttershy! Nature can be so fascinating sometimes, but you need to focus!

“I would love to play with you some more, but...” Fluttershy paused. Snapdragons weren’t the brightest of creatures, but they did have a rudimentary nervous system and she knew from experience that Everfree creatures were often smarter than they had any right to be. “Do either of you know if she has left the house in the past few days?”

The snapdragons didn’t understand the pony’s words, but her thermal patterns and posture were now matching that of a concerned mother snapdragon tending to her brood. If this pony was concerned for the one that was in the house... The two plants retreated back under the porch, making whimpering noises.

“Oh...” Fluttershy whimpered as she raised her hoof. “I-I didn’t think so... Never mind, then...” she knocked on the door. “H.B.? Are you there?”

Fluttershy waited for a moment, with no answer she looked pensively at the door. “M-maybe she’s alright, just swallowed a bit of liquid wrong,” She reasoned. The yellow pegasus started to dance nervously on the porch, feeling frozen by her dilemma. To knock again, or not to? If she didn’t, and Heartbreak really was feeling under the weather—

Her ears flicked as they were met with a fit of raucous coughing, followed by a pained moan. Fluttershy swallowed hard and closed her eyes before knocking on the door once again. “H.B.?” she called out, stammering.

“Gaaaaah...” came the reply, interrupted by several coughs and a wheezing sound. “Uuuuugh, I’m coming!

Fluttershy whimpered. She is sick! Oh dear! I hope it isn’t really bad! You’re a terrible teacher, Fluttershy! You should have noticed she wasn’t feeling well when you—

The hook-shaped door handle rattled, before opening up to reveal exactly what Fluttershy feared she would find: a very sick Heartbreak.

“Oh... hey Fluttershy,” Heartbreak said weakly. She sniffed hard, and rubbed her nose.

“Oh no! You are sick!" Fluttershy blurted out, not sure how to react to the pony as she leaned on the door frame for support.

“Uhm... yup,” Heartbreak replied, lagging behind Fluttershy’s reaction to her state for a moment. “But-” she cleared her throat before snorting hard. “-but... I’m ok.”

“Y-you look terrible!” Fluttershy stammered out as she reeled from the sight of the poor pony before her.

“Nonsense!” She pushed herself away from the door frame and stood shakily. “I am perfectly fine,” Heartbreak asserted, before going into another coughing fit.

“Ooooh!” Fluttershy whimpered, her voice going from soft to panicked in mere moments. “How can you say that you’re fine? Just look at you! Your mane and tail are drooping, you look like you haven’t slept in days, and you can barely stand! I think we need to get you to the hospital right away!”

Heartbreak waved a hoof at her before turning to go back inside.“Your concern is... appreciated, but there’s no need to do that,” she said, fighting a cough. “The books I got from the library say that I’m going through the last dregs of what I have...”

Fluttershy walked in after Heartbreak, ignoring the cluttered state of the front room to focus on the sick pony. “So, you know what you have?”

“Mostly.” She covered her mouth, coughed and then painfully sneezed. “Gah! Oww... According to these books, I have almost every non-lethal foalhood illness known to p-pony kind, including pony pox, frog and tongue disease and...” Heartbreak shuddered and rolled her eyes. “The trots. That was pretty much yesterday, but don’t worry, I followed the books’ advice and kept hydrated! Though that meant more trips to the bathroom.”

Fluttershy’s mouth dropped in horror. Even the sickest of her animals had never been this ill. “How did you get so sick?” Heartbreak took a deep breath and focused on trying to gather her thoughts.

“Right, I have a theory about –” she started to hack and cough before clearing her throat and continuing “– about that. See, there are many universal constants. Cucumbers are one of them, but the other deals with colts and fillies.”

“Colts and fillies?” Fluttershy asked, surprised at how coherent Heartbreak seemed to be.

“Yes, but-but let me finish...” Heartbreak stuttered. “See, it is a universal must!” She paused, and her eyes drooped. “A must that all things young are automatic germ factories.” She walked away from the books and towards the kitchen door. “And I happen to have a brand new body. Apparently, one without any natural immunities to what they have!”

“N-no natural immunities?” Fluttershy asked before quickly rushing to the swerving pony’s side. “Then we should really get you to a doctor!”

“It’ll be all over soon enough, Flutters.” Heartbreak rolled her eyes. “The books say—”

Oh! I don’t want to do this! Fluttershy thought as she steeled herself. But it looks like I have no choice! The normally diminutive mare looked Heartbreak squarely in the eyes and took a deep breath. Prepare for the stare!

“H.B.! Listen to me,” she said in a voice she hoped would be compelling. “You’re sick! And dangerously so! It is part of my job to make sure that you adapt to your life here as a pony, and part of doing that is making sure that you are making sure to keep yourself healthy. And right now, you are clearly not healthy, so I’m going to take you to a doctor and we are going to get you the care that you obviously need.” Fluttershy leaned forward, extended her wings and narrowed her eyes at Heartbreak. “Do. I. Make. My. Self. Clear?

Heartbreak blinked a few times before she raised a hoof to cover her mouth. At first it seemed like she was trying to cover up a cough, but the longer she held up her hoof, the more apparent it became that just wasn’t the case.

“Flutters?” She asked, wheezing and snickering. “You’re not using the ‘stare’, are you?”

“I, uhm, well—” Fluttershy began.

“If the stare won’t work on Discord, what makes you think that it would work on me?” Heartbreak asked, resting her head against a wall.

“It’s just...” Fluttershy stammered, fidgeting. “I don’t want you to, well—”

“I know you care, Flutters – but really, I’m fine.” Heartbreak waved a hoof dismissively, before covering a cough and heading towards the kitchen. “The books say that I have passed through the worst of it. I just need a day or two, and I’ll be right as rain! You’ll see... I’ll... be… just...”

“H.B.?” Fluttershy asked, tilting her head. Heartbreak’s gait faltered, then she fell to the floor, unconscious.

“H.B.!” She screamed, rushing forward.

Author's Note:

I would also like to thank all my proofers and creative monkey team for their efforts in helping getting the ball rolling. I hope they stay with me for the whole of my endeavors. Chapter art can be found Here