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My Little Heartbreak: More With a Kind Word and a Hard Hoof - Jet_Black1980

When Heartbreak falls ill, Fluttershy takes it upon herself to not only make sure she gets better, but afterwards try to teach her a lesson about kindness! But things are easier said than done, especially with the animals giving H.B. an evil eye...

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Beware the White Hare

Chapter One

Beware the White Hare.

“Ah’ll see ya around there, Miss H.B.!” Cream Puff shouted, as she waved from the library.

“Yeah, see you around!” Heartbreak smiled uncomfortably, and waved back to the little cream coloured filly, before turning and continuing down the road that would lead her back to her house near the Everfree Forest. The colts and fillies at the library had totally drained her after an hour or two of reading, and the thoughts of laying in bed while munching on kelp crisps was sounding rather appealing.

“Cream Puff has certainly taken a shine to you, H.B.,” Fluttershy said, looking around at the trees. There wasn’t a chirp, a tweet, or a song from the branches above. The nature-loving pegasus gave a soft sigh. Heartbreak wasn’t too mean of a pony, but whatever magics that were bound into her kept most, if not all, of the animals away.

“She just likes the fact that I’m reading to her, Fluttershy,” Heartbreak replied, swatting at the whine of a mosquito. “Fetting blood suckers...” she muttered. “They all like me reading to them.”

“The colts and fillies are vamponies?” Pinkie asked tilting her head in confusion. “That doesn’t make any sense, H.B. I mean how would they get to the library during the day?”

Heartbreak rolled her eyes and gave her an incredulous look. “No, Pinkie, the mosquitoes. There seem to be quite a few of them for a place where ponies can actually control the weather.”

“Stop being so silly, H.B.!” Pinkie exclaimed while snortling. “Mosquitoes don’t want to listen to you read, they vant to driiink your bloood!”

Heartbreak almost gave an amused expression as she watched the pink powder puff pony make a vampire impersonation. “Pinkiiiiie, stop that...”

Almost got her to laugh! Pinkie thought to herself while quickly tapping her hooves on the ground to make disappointed click-clack noise. Close, but no cigar. “It’s just that there are more of them due to the substitution weather team not being as super awesome as Rainbow Dash!”

“Wait, Dash isn’t on the weather team any more?” Heartbreak asked, frowning as she swatted at a few more bugs.

“Oh, she's on the weather team all right! She's the best flier, the best cloud-bucker, and the best weather controller in Ponyville's history!" Pinkie cried, before gasping for air.

“Then why is there a substitution team?” asked Heartbreak.

“Because Dashie’s living the dream, and doing more training at the Wonderbolts Reserves! It’s like Wonderbolts Camp, but less campy!” Pinkie explained, before her mood suddenly dampened. “It might only be for a month, but I miss her sooo much!”

“Oh,” Heartbreak replied, mulling over what she had just heard. There was a small pause in chatter in the group, before Fluttershy broke the spell.

“Well, I think that Creampuff might have formed a bond with you, H.B.,” Fluttershy chirped, continuing the prior conversation. “She doesn’t offer to make eclairs for just anypony!”

“She did make them sound pretty good. Though the way that they were described, I thought they were profiteroles; either way, I could go for something that has chocolate on it.” She shook her head. “However, even if she did offer to make them for me, that doesn’t mean there’s a ‘bond’ between us, Fluttershy,” Heartbreak replied, rubbing her ear. “Creampuff is just being nice, that’s all.”

“Well, maybe you’re right,” Fluttershy replied submissively. “I really don’t know much about her.”

“Oh, please!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed as she bounded up in front of the two ponies. “When you arrived at the library, that sad poor little orphan’s eyes were just begging for you and you alone to read to her-”

“Which I did,” Heartbreak replied, cringing at the moment that Pinkie dropped the word ‘orphan.’ “Just like the rest of the colts and fillies there.”

Pinkie looked up with glistening eyes while holding her hooves to her chest. “And pleading with you to let her snuggle next to your side!”

“You’ll remember that she had to sneak up on me for that to happen...” Heartbreak replied, a ripple of irritation rolling across the surface of her voice. “But I didn’t automatically push her away, and I did let her be at my side, so long as she kept away from my mark.”

“Which was very nice of you, H.B.,” Fluttershy said smiling and tilting her head.

“And when it was time to leave, she was silently screaming at you!” Pinkie fell to her knees and threw her hooves in the air. “Please! Take me with-” Heartbreak’s face twitched as her hoof almost involuntarily jumped into the pink mare’s mouth.

Pinkamena Diane Pie, enough!” Heartbreak’s mane twisted and curled as she looked into Pinkie’s eyes. “I don’t know why you’re even bringing this idea up, but never repeat what you are about to say or suggest it ever again! Because, in case you've forgotten, Princess Celestia might still mind-wipe me before the year is out! Even if I wanted to, and even if I did, what exactly do you think would happen to Creampuff if the Princess decides I haven't earned enough marbles!? It’s a bad idea and should not happen, have I made myself clear?” she explained through clenched teeth.

Pinkie looked surprised before nodding and giving a muffled ‘Yes, H.B.’ from around the hoof.

Fluttershy looked at Heartbreak in quiet disapproval. Then again, Pinkie can be really... uhm... Passionate? Intense? Yes, intense about things. Still, H.B. could have asked in a nicer tone… couldn’t she?

Heartbreak’s eyes flickered over at Fluttershy, and she took a deep sigh before removing her hoof from the pink pony’s mouth. “Thank you, Pinkie. I didn’t mean to get upset, it’s just... that would be a terrible idea. On top of what I just told you, there’s the fact that I don’t know the first thing about taking care of p-ponies.” She sighed, and her voice went low. “And I don’t want another ‘mark’ incident. Right now, I’m O.K. with the deal that the Crusaders set me up with: they visit me every two weeks, and I go out to the library on Tuesdays to read to the colts and fillies.”

“And you’ve been doing a wonderful job of keeping to your promises, H.B.,” Fluttershy interjected, before Pinkie could get a word in edgewise, and continue what would have been a horribly awkward conversation topic. “The Summer Readers rarely ever have one full time reader that they really like. Especially since Twilight’s gone to Canterlot for an advanced magical studies course.”

Heartbreak paused, and looked at Fluttershy questioningly. “Wait. I thought I came up with this ‘summer reading program’ idea. Twilight said that they hadn’t had one before.”

“Actually, there used to be a reading program,” Fluttershy said, nosing underneath a shrub. “But then the reader, Page Turner, left for Manehatten...” She paused while Heartbreak and Pinkie looked at her attentively. Not used to having others focused on her, she pulled away and stared at the ground. “That’s what I heard when I was a filly, at least. Summer reading programs haven’t been very... successful since then...” she said, scuffing a hoof over the path in thought.

“Yeah! Normally, any readers that come along quit after doing it once or twice,” Pinkie blinked and tapped her chin. “Something about the colts and fillies purposefully picking books ‘not age appropriate,’ whatever that means. Face it H.B., you have the Ponyville Summer Readers’ sticker of approval!” She picked herself up off the ground and bounded back after the two ponies, before placing a golden star sticker on Heartbreak’s cheek.

“I guess having their approval is better than nothing...” Heartbreak rolled her eyes while attempting to rub the sticker off her face, only to find that it stuck to her hoof. Pausing in her walking, she tried to get it off with her left hoof, only to have it switch hooves. Frustrated, she raised her hoof and took it off in her teeth - and, to her surprise, a sweet taste hit her tongue. She blinked and continued to chew the ‘sticker.’ Huh, candy stickers. Clever Pinkie... very clever.

“What do you mean?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yeah! Those colts and fillies have been nothing but super excited to see you for the past few weeks!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed as she bounced in time with a song bubbling and brewing in her head. “Even Mars has taken a liking to hearing you read. He says that you do the Danger Mare voice perfectly!”

“I wasn’t talking about the reading part,” Heartbreak replied, looking down at the ground. “Or the Readers’ approval.”

“Oh? You weren’t? I’m sorry, I thought you were.” Fluttershy looked over at Heartbreak who was grumbling while she kicked her hoof on the ground.

“It’s O.K., Fluttershy. I was talking about when their parents came to pick them up. Did you see some of the looks they were giving me?” Heartbreak took a deep breath. “I swear they were judging me under their breath. Especially Mars’ mother. What was her name again?”

“Marmalade!” Applebloom shouted, as she and the Crusaders galumphed up to the three mares.

“Eeek!” Heartbreak jumped as the three little fillies managed to catch up. The mare caught her breath and calmed herself from the sudden surprise. She tapped her chin and gave a small giggle. “Marmalade. I really hope her husband’s name isn’t ‘Toast.’”

“Why would her husband’s name be Toast?” Pinkie asked, before realizing the joke and snickering. A pun! That’s a good sign! “Ooooh! I get it! Marmalade and Toast! Haaa! Good one, H.B.!”

“Actually, his name is Blood Orange,” Fluttershy interjected.

Heartbreak blinked, and was taken aback. “Really?”

“Oh, yes. I don’t know much about them, but I had to treat their little puppy dog, Peal!” Fluttershy smiled widely as she explained. “He had a terribly upset tummy from eating something he shouldn’t have, and needed some special medication. But he’s all better now!” she recounted, smiling.

“Wait,” Heartbreak blinked and rubbed her forehead. “Their dog’s name is ‘Peal’?”

“Yeah,” Applebloom interjected as she trotted up next to the three mares. “Him and Winona got inta barking match one time when ah was taking her fer a walk! He was being really mean ta her.”

“I’m sure he was just defending his territory.” Fluttershy smiled, and looked over at Applebloom . “Animals, especially canines, are very protective of their homes and the ponies who they view as their families.”

“But he was jumpin’ an bitin’!” Applebloom started to protest, and shuddered at the memory. “It really scared me...”

“He’s a really sweet puppy, once you get to know him.” Fluttershy explained. “A perfect pet, suited perfectly to the pony that he loves. He just needs a little time to learn that not every dog that passes his yard is a threat.”

“Aaaaand maybe if you introduced Winona to Peal in the dog park they could become friends!” Pinkie exclaimed. Suddenly, she jumped up, her legs stiffening in excitement. “Oh! Oh! We could have a dog party in Doggoneit park! With cakes and bones and chew toys!”

“Doggoneit?” Heartbreak blinked and smirked. “Heh. I should add that to the list.”

Pinkie nodded and pranced in enthusiasm. “Yeah! It’s this awesome little dog park on the west side of Ponyville!”

Fluttershy smiled, nodding to Pinkie. “Ooh, that’s right! There’s lots of open space for the dogs to run around,” she gushed. “Plenty of trees, water bowls, and a small stand that ponies can buy treats from… and lots of new friends!”

Applebloom smiled and gave a small chuckle. “That might be fun.”

“That could totally be fun!” Scootaloo interjected.

“And we could help with the decorations!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed.

“An’ as a crusader, or CMCHM… Ya’ll could totally assist us too!” Applebloom suggested as she looked over at Heartbreak.

Heartbreak’s eyes went wide, and she looked at Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie for a moment before her head dropped. She laughed nervously. “Yeah... I don’t know about that one girls.”

Scootaloo looked at Applebloom questioningly. “CMCHM?”

Applebloom nodded. “Cutie Mark Crusader Honorary Member!”

“It could be really fun!” Sweetie Belle gave Heartbreak a slightly cute expression. “We’re not saying that you have to, just give it a little thought...”

Heartbreak blinked and looked up at the sky for a moment. “Yeah, thought about it. You’re going to have to forgive me here, girls,” she replied as her face suddenly took on a terrified expression, “but it’s one party that I will have to opt out of. On account of-” she paused, and looked down wistfully. “-things.” The CMC looked concerned at the sudden somber tone that now clouded their new friends’ face.

“What sort’a ‘things’?” Applebloom asked, tilting her head.

“Nothing you girls should worry about.” Heartbreak replied, with a small unsettled laugh.

“Hey! As a HCM- uhm- mc?” Scootaloo asked, looking to Applebloom in confusion.

“CMCHM,” Applebloom corrected, rolling her eyes.

“I thought it was ‘CMCHMCM’,” Sweetie Belle interjected.

“Gaaah!” Scootaloo groaned. “Whatever! As an honorary member, you shouldn’t feel like you need to hide anything from us!”

“What makes you think think that I’m hiding anything from you? I’m not hiding anything! Oh Hey! Here we are at-” Heartbreak swallowed hard as she realized that they had arrived at the small cottage just outside of the Everfree Forest. “The Flutterhut...” She said in a meek attempt at a joke.

Applebloom looked up at Heartbreak. “Flutterhut?”

“Yes! A Flutterhut! That’s a great nickname for Fluttershy’s cottage!” Pinkie squealed as she began to dance and sing in place. “♫ A Flutterhut! A Flutterhut! Coltucky fledged Scootaloo and a Flutterhut! ♫” She sang out before nabbing Scootaloo and holding the little filly in the air.

Scootaloo glared down at Pinkie Pie. “Please put me down.”

Heartbreak raised an eyebrow at Pinkie questioningly. “Pinkie, sometimes the things that come out of your mouth disturb me.”

“That’s Pinkie just bein’ Pinkie, H.B. Ya get used ta it.” Applebloom paused, and confusion was painted on her face as she started to look around at the homely and normally peaceful cottage. “Huh, that’s strange.”

“What’s that?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Don’t ya hear it?” Applebloom asked, her ears twitching left and right.

Scootaloo raised a hoof to her ear. “What do you mean? I don’t hear anything.”

“Exactly! Normally Fluttershy’s cottage is all abuzz with all sorts of critter noises!” She held her hooves close to her chest fearfully. “But it’s gone all... quiet like.”

“Maybe there’s something wrong with the animals!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed. “Fluttershy, do you think there’s something wrong?”

“Uhm... Well-” Fluttershy’s eyes darted to Heartbreak for a moment before returning back at the three little inquisitive fillies. “You see-”

“Oh hey!” Scootaloo pointed over Applebloom’s shoulder. “There’s Angel!”

The ponies looked over to see the little white rabbit glaring out of the cottage window. His face twisted in a very displeased frown. As the little lapine glanced at Heartbreak, his ears turned back and he scowled darkly.

“Wow, I’ve never seen Angel look that angry,” Scootaloo said, backing away on her scooter. Angel was a small rabbit, but even as a small rabbit, he could be quite intimidating. “What did you do to get him that mad?”

“Yeah! Even when we were taking care of him that one time, he never looked that upset!” Sweetie Belle replied, nodding.

Fluttershy moved her mane away from her eyes, and smiled at the three little fillies. “Oh, I’m sure that he’s just a little grouchy because I’m late for his-”

Suddenly, a loud thumping sound reverberated through the ground. The ponies turned and saw that Angel was standing in the slightly opened door. His little arms were crossed, foot hammering the ground as he stared at Fluttershy.

“-afternoon snack. All the animals get a little hungry and unhappy when-”

Angel suddenly let out a mighty ‘ehem!’ Or at least as mighty as it would sound coming out of a rabbit of his stature.

“Oh...” Fluttershy looked down sadly and walked to the door, before she turned around and waved. “Right, well... It was very nice to see you again, H.B. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and-”

The mare gave a startled ‘eep!’ as she felt her tail being tugged on. Looking back, she saw that Angel was growing ever more impatient, and his expression, while not tainted with anger, was anything but pleasant.

“Ihopetoseeyoureallysoonbye!” Fluttershy quickly squeaked, before she was practically dragged back into her cottage.

Heartbreak waved at the pegasus for as long as she could, before dropping her hoof dismally as the door slammed shut. Then, she bit down on her lip and began to walk homeward.

Scootaloo zipped up to Heartbreak’s side. “What the fet was that about?”

“Scootaloo, please don’t use that word...” Heartbreak groaned, a bitter tang tainting her voice.

“Hey, I was just asking. No need to get all Polly Polite on me,” Scootaloo replied, raising her eyebrow. “Besides, you use it all the time!”

“That might be, but I just don’t want you to get in trouble,” Heartbreak replied, her eyes fixated on the ground in a distant solemn gaze. “Alright?”

“Ah think ah know what that was about...” Applebloom said trotting up next to the mare. “They don’t like ya, do they?”

“Who doesn’t like her?” Sweetie Belle asked, tilting her head.

“The animals!” Applebloom exclaimed, before covering her mouth in realization of how loud she was.

“Oh...” Sweetie Belle sighed.

Scootaloo looked up at Heartbreak, whose expression only seemed to worsen as Applebloom had gone about stating what should have been obvious. “Is it because of... you know?”

Heartbreak frowned and glared off into the distance. If she were a pegasus, dark clouds with small charges of lightning would be forming under her hooves. “What do you think, Scoots?”

“She doesn’t know, H.B.! She’s not the Professor of the X-Ponies!” Pinkie interjected while making a silly face and rubbing her hooves on her temples. “She doesn’t have incredible mind reading powers! That’s why she asked, silly!”

Heartbreak looked behind her, her mouth open and ready to respond, when she spied a small group of animals peeking out from the greenery of Fluttershy’s cottage. Spotted; most of them ducked for cover, while a few hissed and chittered angrily. The tan mare glared for a moment, snorted, and sighed sadly before she continued to chew on her lower lip in an attempt to cover up a lamenting whisper desperately trying to escape her lips.

Pinkie, meanwhile, looked back at the animals and then frowned, before whimpering sadly as Heartbreak passed her by. The pony’s mane and tail had gone from curly to droopy almost instantly. And though they were covered by the green cap that High Hat had sent her, it was more than obvious that no pony’s ears should have been hanging that low.

That's all I can stands and I can't stands no more! Pinkie shook her head and pulled up on her forelegs like they were sleeves, before snorting. Pinkie Perk-up Program activated! Target acquired! Initiate aggressively-super niceness! She zipped up to the emergency depression face in front of her. Starting with a serious expression, she burst into a goofy grin and booped Heartbreak’s nose. The pony only responded with a flinch before moving so that the party pony was out of her way before continuing back down the path to her place of safety.

Pinkie looked at her hoof and then back at Heartbreak, her mane wilting. But.. my Pinkie Perk-up Program never fails! Better try another tactic! She zipped back up to her target, and attempted to make the pony smile by demonstrating what it was to smile. This just might work!

However, it did not work, as Heartbreak merely rolled her eyes and grumbled.

Pinkie’s mane fully wilted before springing back to poof. That’s a serious grump! And a serious grump requires seriously serious somethings! I didn’t want to do this H.B.! But it looks like we’re going to have to get seriously serious! SERIOUSLY!

Pinkie dipped and dived in front of Heartbreak again before blowing a horn and tossing some confetti in her face.

“Hey!” Heartbreak shouted, pushing the coloured paper away. “Pinkie! Stop that!”

Pinkie sighed. “I’m just trying to remind you that you shouldn’t be such a grumpy McSad-sass all the time... would it hurt you to smile? Just a little?”

Heartbreak squirmed and muttered, still biting down on her lip before turning and looking at Fluttershy’s cottage. A small cluster of angry yellow eyes peered at her through the window. She sighed and looked away. “There’s nothing to smile about, Pinkie...” she lamented, despair saturating her voice.

Pinkie let out a dramatic gasp and jumped to Heartbreak’s right side. “Well! That’s no way to look at things!”

Scootaloo quickly zipped up to the mare. “So what if those animals didn’t like you?” the filly asked gruffly.

“Yeah!” Sweetie Belle interjected, racing up to Heartbreak’s left side. “You’ve got us, right?”

“An’ a whole bushel of other ponies that care about ya, H.B.” Applebloom added, trotting up to meet her friends.

“See?” Pinkie Pie wrapped a foreleg around the distraught pony’s neck, a smile exuding nothing but optimism adorning her face. Suddenly, she started to bounce a little, and her voice turned musical.

“♫ There’s always something to smile about! It’s true! Because there’s always somepony around that cares about you! ♫”

Heartbreak’s face twitched involuntarily. “Pinkie, please don’t-”

“♫When the world feels a bit confining! ♫” Sweetie Belle sang curling up into a ball in the middle of the path.

“Fet...” Heartbreak facehooved. She opened her mouth to tell the little filly to get off the ground and out of the pathway, only to be interrupted by Scootaloo jumping up in the air and pointing at the sky.

♫ Remember that every cloud has its silver lining! ♫

“♫Every heart, young and old, has it's gold!♫” Applebloom sang, holding up a hoof-drawn heart over Heartbreak’s mark. However, she suddenly jumped back as the paper burst into flames.

Heartbreak’s face went from depressed to horribly pained. She turned to ask the three little fillies to stop singing, only to find them huddled together for a chorus.

♫We will search for our place to belong ♫

♫We will work hard all of the year long ♫

♫We won’t give up till its done! ♫

♫Until our purpose is wo-on! ♫

Heartbreak fought the urge to cover her ears and shut out the overly cheerful singing. Ugh! Can’t they see this is the last thing I need right now!?

Pinkie pulled her foreleg away from Heartbreak and spun around, holding her hooves close to her chest. She threw her hooves up into the air, and a shower of assorted candies came falling down as she continued on with the song.

♫So just remember: life is sweet, not sour! ♫

♫And don’t be troubled by your silly dour-- ♫

Pinkie suddenly found herself unable to sing, as something hard landed on her mouth. Looking down, she found that once again, Heartbreak’s hoof had found its way there. Only this time it was attached to a very upset pony.

Before, Heartbreak had been fighting every urge to let her feelings show. Now, she couldn’t help it. She was looking away, her eyes tightly shut, tears creeping out and falling to the ground. She shook her head several times. Pinkie’s mane drooped as the hoof pulled away from her mouth.

“I... I know you’re trying to help, Pinkie. I know you’re all trying to help...” Heartbreak whispered. “But... not right now... Please. I’m really tired. I just want to go home, flop in my bed and not think about... this... I’m... I’m s-” She stopped mid sentence and coughed before sniffing and wiping her face. “I’ll see you all tomorrow.” She continued down the path back to her house, her head hung low.

Pickle buckets... One day, Pinkie Pie thought to herself sighing. One day I will see her really smile. One day, I will hear her really laugh.

She heard a knocking coming from inside her head. Pinkie! That’s not the issue! She’s sad because the animals don’t like her! What if Gummy started to dislike you for no apparent reason!? You’d be super sad too!

I know all that! But there’s nothing I can do! Not until she lets us into what’s going on! Turning, she looked at the now morose Crusaders. In the meantime, there’s no sense in these three being sad! She trotted over to Applebloom, who sat on her haunches looking down at the small pile of ashes that was once a drawing. “Wow! That’s the worst case of heartburn I’ve ever seen!”

“Ah don’t understand it,” Applebloom looked up at Pinke. “Yer songs can cheer up even the saddest of ponies. Why didn’t it work this time?”

“I don’t know...” Pinkie replied sadly, before turning and looking at Heartbreak. I bet it’s because she’s from another world, Pinkie. She rolled her eyes at herself. I know that, and you know that, Pinkie. But it’s not like I can tell these little fillies that! They’ve already been exposed to her strangeness enough as it is. However, better play this cool and try to come up with a different reason. Evasive maneuvers! As Heartbreak walked away, she lifted a hoof to her mouth and coughed into it.

“She’s most likely just exhausted from the ongoing construction work and reading for all of the little orphan foals and-and-and-Oh! Brain-Blast!” She looked at the three little fillies while tapping her temples. “I just had a great idea! Aaand I lost it - Wait! There it is! Maybe we could all get together and plan her a really big super secret ‘Thank You For Being Such An Awesome Summer Reading Reader Party!’ to show how much all of you have appreciated her reading to her!” Pinkie paused, putting on The Serious Face. “I can see it now...” she said, wrapping a hoof around Scootaloo’s shoulder. “Butterflies and lights in the sky...” she waved her hoof over the sky. “‘Thank you, H.B.! Signed... Uhm... Everypony!”

Scootaloo jumped a little, then tapped her chin. “That actually sounds like an awesome idea...”

“An’ showin’ our appreciation fer all her hard work in readin’ ta us could boost her self esteem...” Applebloom continued.

“Yeah!” Sweetie Belle chimed in. “We could do it with magic and fireworks!”

Pinkie Pie smiled. All according to plan. “Yupperinies! We should get planning that really soon! Summer is nearly halfway over!” She said bouncing back in the direction of Ponyville.

“You had to remind me...” Scootaloo rolled her eyes and let out a long groan, before the Crusaders followed Pinkie Pie, who was whistling a happy little tune.

Author's Note:

It's good to be back! This chapter was brought to you by Verandure who took the time and effort to make a comic for this story. I personally think that he did a really good job, and should keep drawing. For those who can't see:
Click here to see what the singing would look like in comic form!