• Published 14th Nov 2014
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My Little Heartbreak: More With a Kind Word and a Hard Hoof - Jet_Black1980

When Heartbreak falls ill, Fluttershy takes it upon herself to not only make sure she gets better, but afterwards try to teach her a lesson about kindness! But things are easier said than done, especially with the animals giving H.B. an evil eye...

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Growing Concerns...

Chapter Two

Growing Concerns...

“And then what happened?” Rarity asked, slowly slipping into the prepared luxury spa bubble bath. She smiled at Aloe and Lotus who had just paused at the door to check on their favorite customer. “Thank you; we shall call you if you are needed.”

The two ponies were so used to listening in on most of their customers’ conversations that it came as a surprise when their most valued customer had asked for some privacy. But, as they left, they noted that there were other rooms to attend to, with other ponies in them.

“What?” Pinkie adjusted the towel wrapped around her head. “Oh, then me and the girls went back to Sugar Cube Corner for some treats and more brainstorming! There was a few light drizzles and a couple of thunderstorms, after which the clouds parted and it was sunny skies. But the forecast is calling for more summer storms, depending on how the weather team performs!”

Rarity blinked before disregarding most of Pinkie’s weather report nonsense. “After which, I presume, the girls went home?”

“Yup-yup-yup!” Pinkie replied, as she continuing to adjust her towel. “I thought I would give H.B. a little R’n’R. After all, the doctors say that too much sugar is bad for you, and I’ve been told that I’m made of the stuff. But I say that you can never have too much Pinkie Pie!”

“I’m sure that H.B. would disagree with you about that.” Rarity concurred, tilting her head back and relaxing. “What have you been up to since then, Fluttershy?”

“Huh? Oh, well,” Fluttershy sat at the edge of the bubble bath, only daring to dip a hoof in. The water looked very nice, but if she washed herself too thoroughly, the animals would give her some strange looks. “I’ve been really busy taking care of my little friends. In the past few days they’ve been really keeping me on my hooves. Especially Angel; he’s been ever so demanding as of late...”

“Oh? Is he being picky about his food again?” Rarity asked, stretching in the water and allowing its warmth to seep into the stiff parts of her body. Ever since the spa ponies had been taking to using recipes from Zecora, the baths had gone from a mere indulgence to a divinity.

“Yes, though now that I think about it,” Fluttershy tapped her chin. “He’s been picky about a lot of things as of late. His bedding doesn’t have enough fluff, his water doesn’t taste right, and he’s constantly letting me know about any little problem he has with the other animals.” she looked up at her friends. “Especially some of the newer arrivals.”

“Oh?” Rarity asked, biting her tongue about whether or not this newest batch of animals were ‘problem pets.’ The last time I asked, it made her horribly uncomfortable. I’m just glad that I can mind my manners, unlike some ponies. “Who are these most recent additions to your menagerie, and what problems have they been posing to your dear sweet Angel?”

Fluttershy waded her front hooves in the water. “Well, there’s a full poodle whose owner is visiting from Canterlot.”

Rarity perked up. “A poodle from Canterlot? He must be of some fine breeding.”

“His name is Nigel, and he’s an awfully sweet baby, but Angel insists that he keeps muttering about chasing him!” Fluttershy replied with a genuinely concerned expression. “I did have a talk with him, and he claims to be innocent. So... I let him off with a fair warning and told him to behave himself.”

Pinkie popped out of the bubble bath gnashing her teeth and growling before returning back to her sunny self. “Ooo! If Nigel’s owner would let him, he could totally come to the party we’re having in the dog park!”

“Maybe...” Fluttershy replied, calming herself after Pinkie’s shark display. “High Class might not be ok with that. Which is really sad; Nigel looks like he could use a few more doggy friends to play with. And a good deal of exercise! Poodles have been bred for water sport activities, and the pond would be a great place to get some swimming.”

Pinkie’s towel drooped over her eyes, and she groaned before readjusting it. “There aren’t any new puppies for him to sniff?”

“Well, there is a fox that was dropped off,” Fluttershy grimaced. “His name is Foxiekins and his ...former owner was complaining a great deal about him. He apparently has a behavioral problem of sorts, but for the life of me, I don’t seem to see what it is... The only thing that I can think of is that he tends to insist on sitting on the curples of couple of visiting mares! Even mine.”

Rarity raised an eyebrow. “You don’t suppose that he is a lecherous fox?”

“I don’t think so,” Fluttershy replied. “I think it’s an insecurity from just being left by his former owner. He’s seeking comfort and security: after all he likes to pull pony tails over him like a little blanket.”

“Angel must be very jealous if he’s doing that with you, Fluttershy darling,” Rarity replied, sighing. “That is, after all, usually his favorite perch.”

“I have had to gently push them apart more than once,” Fluttershy replied, nodding. “Then there’s a burrowing owl. He has a sprained wing and doesn’t really like to stay in my cottage. He’s taken refuge in one of the nearby abandoned gopher burrows, but tends to keep to himself and doesn’t bother anypony too much.”

Rarity frowned while looking up at the ceiling. “Does Angel have a problem with him?”

“No...” Fluttershy replied meekly. “Well... maybe a little one, but it’s only a teeny, tiny, miniscule problem that was brought up just once. And that was that when the owl was first entering his new home, he was very disappointed to find that it was abandoned and that there weren’t any juicy gophers in there for him to eat.”

Rarity’s relaxed expression turned to that of one of abject horror. “F-for him to eat?”

Fluttershy nodded while smiling. “Oh yes, you see, burrowing owls in the wild hunt by finding a burrow of a gopher or some other burrowing animal, and eating the occupants before turning the burrow into their own nest.” the pegasus opened her eyes. “Angel didn’t like overhearing our conversation, but I assured him that the owl would only eat what I provided. Once his wing is mended, he’s going to return to the wilds with his family.”

Rarity blinked, the horrified expression on her face refusing to leave. “Do you have any safe arrivals?”

Fluttershy whimpered as she realized that she was making her friend uncomfortable. “Well, there was a lovely black and white tuxedo cat! He’s very playful and arrived sometime in April. The poor dear was very confused about where he was and what was happening. He kept meowing about some strange room with blinking lights, and monster sized cats that were poor at hunting. He was so confused! But once we called him down with some milk and a warm blanket, he settled right in.”

“From what I have heard, tuxedo cats characters regarding temperament are a bit... questionable, but I do think that their black and white coats are ever so adorable!” Rarity quipped approvingly.

“He’s such a sweet cat; it’s a shame that he hasn’t been adopted yet. I’m not terribly sure why Angel is upset with him or if he is, though he has taken up to spending time with a raccoon-”

“Oh! That reminds me!” Pinkie interjected suddenly. “H.B. told Applejack’s cousin that she had a pet raccoon named Fingers!”

Rarity blinked and shook her head. “That’s a particularly odd name for a creature.”

“Well, raccoons are a species with fingers,” Fluttershy said, she paused and looked thoughtful. “You don’t think that H.B. was...”

“H.B.?” Pinkie Pie snorked and laughed. “Don’t be silly, Fluttershy! If that were the case, then we couldn’t give her sugarcubes!”

Pinkie’s two friends looked utterly lost at what, if any reference she seemed to be making.

“Pinkie, darling...” Rarity started. “Are you alright? You seem to be extra... How shall we say...”

“Pinkie...” Fluttershy supplied.

“I am?” As Pinkie tilted her head in confusion, her spa towel finally toppled off. She sighed and put it back on. “Maybe I am,” she said in a moment of clarity. “But I’m just preparing for my turn with H.B. She must be a tough nut, because she didn’t even crack a smile at my song! But one day I’ll get to her! One day she’ll know that there are ponies out there that care about her! Even if I have to drill it into her head.”

“Oh!” Fluttershy jumped. “Speaking of drilling, a very handsome looking pileated woodpecker is going to be with us for the summer. He has a bright red crest and beautiful plumage. But... he can be quite loud when he’s looking for his dinners.”

Rarity nodded. “Just as long as he doesn’t start pecking on ponies’ houses. Woodpeckers can be quite the nuisance. Why, when I was a little filly one kept making such a racket near my home that I couldn’t sleep for a week!”

“He’s only looking for the best tasting grubs,” Fluttershy said softly. “And at least he’s not as bad as the small group of hummingbirds!”

Rarity looked over at Fluttershy in confusion. “Those wonderful gems that flicker and flutter about through the air? Why, whatever could be wrong with hummingbirds?”

“Pfffft! Hummingbirds are easy to keep up with! Now hedgehogs? That’s a different animal altogether!” Pinkie exclaimed, splashing the water. “Besides, don’t you love all animals?”

“Of course I love all animals,” Fluttershy looked down, ashamed that she had spoken so harshly. “It’s just that these hummingbirds have been rather... aggressive about getting food. I do try really hard to keep up with them, but they’re so fast! And with the way a hummingbird drinks nectar? It would be ok if there were just one of them... But three is quite the hoof-full to take care of. Thankfully, now that the larger trumpeting flowers are starting to bloom, they’ll have more nectar and might calm down...”

“Angel doesn’t seem to have too many problems with them?” Rarity asked, adjusting herself in the tub and trying to relax once again.

“Not really... the animal that Angel has been really having problems with is this adorable little rat-”

“Rat?!” Rarity asked, nearly jumping out of the tub with a dreaded look on her face. Once she realized that Fluttershy was only talking about a rat, she slowly sunk back into the tub. “Not a wild one I hope.”

“Well, he was living on the streets of Canterlot for a while,” Fluttershy said, swirling the water in the bath. “But he’s a pet rat! He’s a lovely brown colour with striking yellow eyes.”

“Yellow eyes?” Rarity whimpered, remembering her rat-scare at Heartbreak’s house the month before. “I hope he’s had all his shots...”

“Rarity, you know that I give all the animals I care for their proper vaccinations,” Fluttershy replied sternly, tilting her head and looking at her friend. “It’s really hard to look at their faces when they see the needles, but I give them a comforting hoof and make sure that they know that I’ll be there for them when it’s all over.”

“Right...” Rarity went back to relaxing. “I’m sorry, Fluttershy. Please continue.”

“Oh, right,” Fluttershy paused and thought about where she was going with her part of the conversation. “The two of them haven’t been getting along too well. And they seem to antagonize each other if I leave them alone. I tried to have a sit down and talk out their differences, but... it hasn’t gone terribly well...”

Pinkie suddenly jumped up. “Oh! I almost forgot, J.C.’s birthday is coming up next week!” Turning to Fluttershy, she gave a bright eyed wide smile. “There don’t happen to be any new bugs in your zoo crew?”

Rarity raised an eyebrow. “J.C.?”

“Jeepers Creepers!” Pinkie exclaimed. “That little colt that really likes collecting bugs!”

Fluttershy backed away while giving a slightly unnerved smile. “Well, no... No new bugs,” Pinkie’s expression drooped as her hopes were dashed. “But we do have a new arachnid! A lovely rose tarantula!”

Rarity once again started to look uncomfortable. “T-tarantula? Like a spider?”

Pinkie softly poked Fluttershy’s shoulder. “Heeeeey! I thought you said you didn’t have any new bugs!”

Fluttershy rolled her hooves over each other. “I did. Spiders and tarantulas aren’t bugs, they’re arachnids.” she replied. “And this is a rose tarantula, a species that is more at home in the Everfree Forest than anywhere near Ponyville! You see, it camouflages itself to look like a rose bush. So much so that its fangs look like butterflies! Right now, she’s in a molting stage and needed to find a place that was relatively safe.”

Fluttershy’s friends once again found themselves at a loss for words. Sometimes the pegasus’ knowledge of animals and their behavioral habits was not only a little too detailed, but downright disturbing.

“Oh, uhm, so...” Fluttershy broke the silence she created by attempting to change the subject. “Do either of you know what H.B has been up to?”

“Can’t say that I do,” Pinkie replied frowning. “Like I said, I was giving her a bit of R’n’R and some R’f’P. I think I overheard somepony saying that she was actually in town, but I’m not sure when that was...”

“It couldn’t have been terribly long ago, darling. After all...” Rarity paused for a moment. The whole ‘frienemies’ between Heartbreak and her hadn’t been fully explained to the other ponies and she wasn’t sure how they would take it. “I hesitate to say this, due to the fact that we have been giving her a little bit of space,”

“Buuuut?” Pinkie Pie asked eyeing Rarity in a manner all too closely.

“Well, in the past month she has taken to walking past my beautique, mostly on her way to the library, but sometimes on a lunch outing. And the two of us have been taking part in a series of light hearted jabs - as part of our newly established ‘frienemiship’. She’s been doing rather well with our little verbal jousts - “ Rarity looked away, a bit of shame crossing her face. “-But when she stopped by two days ago on her way to the library, she seemed... how shall we say, less than up to par?

“Two days ago? But that was Wednesday and the girls agreed to meet with her only once every two weeks,” Fluttershy blinked in confusion. “Why was she going to the library?”

“I believe she said that she had to check out a few books,” Rarity replied. “I didn’t get a chance to ask about what - I was hard pressed to get several new dresses done before a client arrived - but along with the less than stellar banter I couldn’t help but notice that she had a bit of a cough.”


Fluttershy pulled on the strap on the saddlebags. Spending time with the girls and talking about the little things in their lives was for the most part always a good way to relax.

Though it seemed like I was the one doing most of the talking! Fluttershy thought to herself. Normally it’s Rarity who does most of the talking on our spa trips. Though to be fair Pinkie-

“Fluttershy! Hey! Wait!”

Fluttershy eeped and quickly turned to see Pinkie coming out of the spa. “Yes, Pinkie?”

“I was wondering if you could do me a super-duper quick favor,” Pinkie started as she tussled about with her saddle bags.

“Anything for a friend,” Fluttershy replied smiling gently. “Just as long as it isn’t anything too big, Angel and the others are expecting me to come home soon. What would you like me to do?”

“Well, it shouldn’t be anything too big, in fact it’s based on a tiny detail that Rarity left out of her story!” Pinkie exclaimed. “And seeing that Rarity wants to have another hour of spa time and I have to get things ready for J.C.’s party, I was wondering if you could stop by the library and see what books H.B. was checking out!”

Fluttershy looked confused. “What books she was checking out?”

“Yeah...” Pinkie waggled her hoof and started to walk down the path heading back into Ponyville. “I don’t know what it is, but some of Rarity’s story has me a wee bit worried. Just a wee bit.”

“What do you mean?” Fluttershy asked following her friend.

“Well, it just seems odd for H.B. not to be in the mood to snark with Rarity, or for her snarking to be less than snarky.” Pinkie tapped her chin. “That, and when she was walking back to her house the last time I saw her, she was coughing a little bit! It might be a small thing, but you know what they say: Discord’s in the details!” Suddenly, the normally bouncy mare covered her mouth and meeped at Fluttershy. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s alright, Pinkie.” Fluttershy sighed, remorsefully. “You don’t have to apologize.”

“Are you sure? Because-”

Fluttershy sniffed a little before nodding. “It’s just better that I don’t think about it.”

“Will you still go see what books H.B. was checking out?” Pinkie asked, fluttering her eyes. “And maybe even peek in on H.B.? Just in case?”

Fluttershy took a deep breath. “Of course I will.”


Ghost Writer tapped a pen against his chin and looked over the things he had written that strange day back in April.

The spelling is terrible, grammar half hazard, and this rhyming scheme?! What was I thinking! Then again, I was under the influence of that tea at the time of writing this... He sighed and set the pen down before picking a cup of tea up. He shook his head before the warmth from within touched his lips and he went on a critical outlook of the strange string of poems.

“And in the valley in which I stood

surrounded all around by The Weeping Willow Wood,

T’was a single hill, atop which bore

Three things that stood out in this gently sloping moar.”

Ghost Writer frowned. Moar? What did I mean by that?

There sat upon a single throne, an aged crone,

And behind her, a single large stone,

This stone t’was a marvel, a sight to see!

For grew out of it: a single towering tree.

The imagery struck the normally verbose stallion as a bit stiff and stilted. Here was a scene of an old wizened mare sitting on a throne that was in the middle of a strange valley. Behind which was a sight that was meant to cause awe and wonder, but it seemed to be... lacking something. He took out the red quill and marked it as ‘rehash this later’.

And the Crone did rise and look around,

Pointing at figures in the distance, their shadows polluting the ground.

And behold!

A horrifying sight -

“This poem is a horrifying sight...” Ghost Writer muttered to himself taking another swig of tea. “Ugh, I used ‘sight’ twice. Hmm... Vision, perhaps?”

I beheld three great giants, hoving Lan-gal-eers.

Their very presence pushed forward hidden fears

I was but an ant in their looming graces

Quaking but did not knowing the true meaning of terror nor horror till I beheld their faces.

The Olde Three, did I see.

Their names were: The Ch'tilg, The ‘_____’, And The Void -

“Excuse me?” A young unicorn asked, an annoyed expression at being ignored for a few moments.

“Oh!” Ghost Writer peered over the counter. “I am most terribly sorry. I didn’t see you there. You see, I was a bit wrapped up-”

“Yeah, yeah...” The filly frowned, her hoof tapping on the ground. “I need some new quills and I am in a bit of a hurry. My mom says if I don’t do my summer school homework tonight, there’s going to be no gaming tomorrow.”

Ghost Writer took a deep breath and covered up his displeasure. Foals these days, he griped to himself turning and plucking a few quills off a shelf, before placing them gently on the counter. No sense of respect! Why when I was her age, my grandpony would have taken a swatch to my flank! I ought to- The stallion caught himself before taking that thought any further. Jenny would be gravely disappointed in you for even thinking such things, Ghost. After all, you were the one lollygagging about in your poems! If anypony deserves the swatch, I’m sad to say it is you... “That shall be three and a half bits, please.”

“Here you go,” He watched the filly place the three and a half bits on the counter before taking the quills.

“Have a most pleasant day,” He said as the filly began to turn away.

“Yeah, sure... Pleasant.” She replied, rolling her eyes and muttering to herself.

As Ghost Writer began to shake his head, he heard the filly yelp out an irritated ‘Hey! Watch where you’re going!’ Concerned, he set down his poetry to see what the commotion was about.

“Oh my goodness, I’m terribly sorry,” Began a beautiful soft spoken voice. “I didn’t see you there when I turned the corner.” The filly looked up at what was none other than Fluttershy. “Are you alright?” She asked bending her head down.

“Yeah... But you should really watch where you’re going,” The filly’s sour expression softened and she turned her head away not daring to give the kind, if not the kindest of ponies in Ponyville any sort of grief.

“I’m sorry about that,” Fluttershy’s ears dropped and she looked a bit upset. “And normally I would have been paying attention to my surroundings more carefully, but I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

“You? In a hurry?” The filly looked confused.

“Oh yes,” Fluttershy said, her hooves dancing a bit. “I’m afraid that a friend of mine might be coming down with something, but I’m not terribly sure so I’m going to go check on them after a quick stop to the library.”

“Oh...” For a moment the filly stood dumbfounded. “Well, you have a... pleasant day.”

Fluttershy smiled and tilted her head. “You do the same.” she replied before turning back on her way. Ghost Writer quickly ducked back into his booth before the delicate mare came walking near his shop.

“Good afternoon, Fluttershy,” Ghost Writer said, smiling and trying to make it look as he was still attending to his poetry.

Fluttershy looked up and then returned the smile. “Oh. Hello Ghost Writer. How are you doing today?”

“Fairly well, fairly well,” He replied, awkwardly. Whether she knew it or not, Fluttershy was something of a rare beauty in Ponyville. With a long flowing mane and tail that were of soft pastel yellow and pink, delicate sparkling moderate cyan eyes. Whatever stallion to be lost in such eyes, I dare say, would suffer from a case of in-cyan-ity! But-

“Is there something I can help you with?” Fluttershy asked, breaking the pale stallion out of his thoughts.

“Oh!” Ghost Writer found himself so startled that he bumped over a small inkwell. “Nothing really, I was merely saying,” He coughed a little. “Hello.”

“Oh, hello then,” Fluttershy replied pulling back. “I’m terribly sorry, but I need to get to the library... Pinkie Pie asked me to-”

“Find out what books a friend of yours was checking out,” Ghost Writer interrupted finishing Fluttershy’s sentence. Almost instantly, the stallion bit his lip. “Do forgive my intrusion, I couldn’t help but overhear part of a conversation that you were having...”

“Oh,” Fluttershy replied with a wide if not uncomfortable smile. “It’s alright. I really must get going, there might be somepony that could be sick, and I might need to check in on them.”

Ghost Writer coughed and realized how unnerved the mare was becoming with their minor conversation, when something suddenly struck him. “This pony wouldn’t happen to be Heartbre- I mean, H.B., now would it?”

“Actually, it would,” Fluttershy found herself caught off guard by the question. “Why do you ask?”

“Concern for a-” Ghost Writer tapped his hooves together. What was Heartbreak to him? “-an acquaintance. You see, I saw her about two days ago. She stopped by here in need of some new erasers. After some casual conversation, mostly involving reaffirming of personal boundaries, she asked if I had a tissue that she could use.”

“A tissue?” Fluttershy asked walking more towards the stand.

“Yes,” Ghost Writer replied. “I would not have thought anything of this, but due to her hoof condition? She had me hold it for her as she blew her nose.” He cringed at the memory of all this. “It was quite the mess, when I attempted to ask if she was feeling well, but she insisted that she was fine and told me that it was merely dust from the road before heading off to the library.” He tilted his head at the mare.

“Oh dear!” Fluttershy began to look a bit more nervous.

“Has anypony been to check on her in the past few days?” Ghost Writer asked as he gave a genuinely concerned head tilt.

“I don’t know but,” Fluttershy began to dance a little as her concerns began to rise. “I’m sorry but I have to go!”

“And with that... the lovely mare took off to the library.“ Ghost Writer sighed as he watched the pegasus scamper away. He looked at the time. “Perhaps a luncheon is what I need to get back into my creative flow...”