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My Little Heartbreak: Creativi-Tea - Jet_Black1980

It's a week later and Twilight is nagging Heartbreak about her first letter to Celestia.

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Three Point Perspective.

Chapter 12

Three Point Perspective.

Twilight mulled all this over in her head. Heartbreak had said that her world was very similar to Equestria, save for the fact that it was run mostly by machines. The beings there drank what were called, “energy drinks”, magic was practically non-existent, and their dietary needs were entirely different.

Whatever that means,” Twilight thought to herself. Twilight found herself unable to imagine a world without magic. Magic was her element, her passion, her very being and her sole purpose for existing! Her special talent! It was the reason she had her cutie mark! “How would anypony survive in a world without magic? If the Elements of Harmony are any indication, is Heartbreak’s world one without any Honesty? Or kindness? Where its people never laugh or smile, only think of themselves and where loyalty to friends has no meaning at all?” Twilight rolled her eyes at this thought. “That would be just ridiculous, Twilight Sparkle. No species would survive that long if they didn’t have some semblance of Harmony. Besides, she shows some of those things.” Twilight sighs. “Well, sometimes..

She looked back at the now closed hat shop. It was weird that Heartbreak took an instant distrust to the pony there and even weirder that she was actually right in identifying him as a con artist. “But I don’t know too many con artists who are too resentful about swindling ponies out of their bits. More than often they’ll just run away and move on to the next town, right? I mean, that’s what Trixie and the Flim-Flam Brothers did anyhow. High Hat, on the other hoof, was crying and gave me a refund!

Twilight sighed. This was a very different situation from when they first left the library. How did, ‘We’re going to help you find your special talent, Heartbreak,’ become, ‘Heartbreak demeans some pony, who then turns out to be a con artist?’

Give her a break, Twilight. She said she has been having nightmares about Princess Celestia. Hay, I would have nightmares if Celestia threatened to erase my memories.” Twilight shook her head. Normally, she was so sure of herself! There were times that she did doubt herself and her abilities. But, everything did turn out for the best as long as she could turn to her friends. “But I really can’t do that right now. Applejack is busy with Zap Apple Harvest, Fluttershy is counting baby bunnies, Rarity is attending some fashion show in Fillydelphia to take a look at the latest in spring trends, I could ask Pinkie Pie for advice but she’s far from organized. That leaves Rainbow Dash. I doubt she could be any help in assessing the situation as it stands.

Twilight paused and realized she wasn’t even sure what the situation was. Spike was right in her not having a lesson plan, but really, like she could express in one easy lesson what the element of Magic was. Let alone help Heartbreak discover something, anything profound about herself.

How do you get a pony who thinks they know everything, to learn anything?” Twilight thought to herself. “I wouldn’t know-” Suddenly, Twilight’s thoughts were interrupted as she turned a corner and ran into some ponyelse. “Ugh!” She cried out falling to the ground. “Oh!” cried a familiar voice. Twilight shook her head and groaned. When she regained her senses, she was greeted by the friendly but concerned face of her zebra friend, Zecora.

“Zecora?” She asked. “I’m so sorry! I was so distracted that I didn’t see you there!”

“So sorry for making you fall. Your thoughts seem heavy, can I help at all?” Like always, Zecora spoke in verse. Twilight often wondered if all zebra spoke like that, or if it was something else entirely.

“Only if you have something to fix fundamentally broken ponies...Otherwise a hoof up would be nice.” Twilight replied, reaching for Zecora.

Zecora quirked an eyebrow. “Helping you up will be no trouble, but tell me Twilight, what has sent your thoughts into a frothing bubble?” She replied, reaching for Twilight.

“Well,” Twilight gathered her thoughts. What she could and couldn’t tell anypony, even somezebra like Zecora. That nagging voice in the back of her head telling her, that even Zecora wasn’t to know the full truth about Heartbreak. “I have this friend, more of an acquaintance really, actually she’s a student that I am tutoring.” Twilight slumped as she explained her relationship to Heartbreak. “She’s what you would call a, ‘Foreign exchange student from a rather distant part of Equestria', and is having trouble coping with things. Her studies, the ponies here,” Twilight rolled her eyes. “Particularly what she’ll eat. Where she’s from, they don’t apparently eat too much hay, or grass.”

Zecora nodded, her eyes slowly blinking. “And if you show her something that does not meet her approval, then you dear Twilight, are met with a harsh refusal?”

“You have no idea,” Twilight began. “She’s...difficult to explain. She was practically dumped on both me and my friends and pretty much left here in Ponyville with no way back to where she came from for a year. I try helping her but she shuts down claiming that she can do it on her own. Even when it’s apparent to everypony around her that, ‘no, she can’t do this on her own.’ She’s not quite herself and unsure of where she fits in here.” Twilight sighed. “I mean she has only been here a week, but I’m on a timed schedule with her. She has a monthly report to turn in and it has to be turned in on time or else!” Twilight shouted, gasping and looking rather frantic. Her ears drooped as she turned at the slightly spooked Zebra before her. “I’m sorry to have talked your ears off with all this...”

Zecora smiled of understanding. “This mare’s demands never seem to relent and you poor Twilight, sounded like you needed to vent.” She put a comforting hoof on Twilight’s shoulder. “You say that she has only been here but a week? Twilight, you are clever, I am sure you will have a solution, come next we speak.” Zecora started to head off. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have things to do! I am trading tea recipes with the Earl of Grey and his Subtle Brew.”

“Yeah, thanks Zecora...” She said, slightly feeling better after venting her frustrations. Suddenly a spark of inspiration came to her, like a light going off in her head. “Of course!”, “ Zecora! Wait!”

“Hmmm?” Zecora paused in her walking. “There is something more? Twilight, not to rush you, but I would like to get there before they close the store.”

“I know and I am sorry, but I really could use your help in something. I mean other than just venting out. You see, this pony, she and I were at the tea shop earlier, because she is used to drinking tea. Strong tea apparently. But she didn’t like any of what Earl Grey and Subtle Brew were offering her.” she grimaced. “She could apparently taste the hay they put in the tea.”

Zecora shook her head and nickered. “Even to this day, I will not understand why you ponies defile your tea with something like hay.”

“I guess I never thought about it really,” Twilight replied rubbing her head. “But, just now I remembered that you also make tea. I mean I don’t know how I could totally spaced out on that! And because you don’t put hay in your tea blends, she’ll approve!” Twilight beamed.

Zecora thought about this and looked at Twilight’s hopeful and positively glowing face. She couldn’t just walk away from a friend like this. There were still ponies in Ponyville that referred to her with odd names. Twilight was of those who didn’t and she valued her friendship above all others. “After I explain things to Earl of Grey and Subtle Brew, we can go back to my place, and see what I can do.”

Twilight was grinning from ear to ear. “Thanks Zecora. This could really get her going and out of bed in the morning. I mean if it isn’t too much trouble.” Twilight began following Zecora. “Where she’s from, they have this super strong sugary drink instead of tea. So she’s used to something with more of a ‘kick’ than normal. She says it, ‘helps get those creative juices going!’”

Zecora nodded and then halted for a moment, a sly grin spread across half her face. Twilight looked at her and blinked. “Is something wrong?” She asked.

“No, but it just occurred to me, I know of such a tea. It is the perfect blend, and when we get back to my home, I’ll make it for you, my friend!” Zecora said, trotting along.

“Oh? Where’s it from, and what’s it called?” Twilight said curiously.

“It is from far across the sea, a wonderful brew called, ‘Creativi-Tea’.” Zecora replied.

“Creativi-Tea. That sounds exactly like something that Heartbreak would like,” She replied. “And for an artistic pony, exactly what Heartbreak needs.


I walked slowly away from Twilight and Spike. This was more than frustrating, it was utterly depressing. Twilight had said that she was disappointed with me. And what’s more, I suspect that she doesn’t really have any errands to run, she just doesn’t want to see my face or hear my voice right now. Not that I blame her. In many ways, someone else being disappointed in you is worse than them being angry with you.

With others being angry with you, you can ask for forgiveness pretty easily. Plus there is the off chance that it wasn’t you that did something wrong, but the other party that might have misunderstood or might have been mistaken. But disappointment is harder to fix. Like breaking another’s trust or, their hearts. Those kind of wounds linger and stay. I glare at the broken heart on my flank. A wound of my own, it’s black shape seethes and writhes about as I walk. It feels slightly warm and almost alive. In my werewolf game, it would be the exact description I would use to describe a “fetish,” a spiritually imbued object of power. I wonder if actual cutie marks feel that way and ponies just ignore the sensation or get used to it.

I snort thinking about what just happened at the hat shop. He was a con artist. I know he was. He had that hand-drawn look of a con artist. And to think, I almost, almost apologized to him. “I guess Kylie was right” my right hoof kinda wobbles.”Heartbreak is an apt name for me, after all, that’s all I seem to be spreading around right now. Seeing that I practically had the guy on the verge of tears. I think he was sweating bullets.” I blink, for some reason that sentence makes me twitch a little. I haven’t a clue why. I can still hear Spike and Twilight talking in the background. I hear something about Spike coming along with me so that I don’t get lost.

“I guess that is what I get for meta-gaming. See a sleazy character and jump to the conclusion that he’s going to con you out of something, deny him/her the chance to con you, Twilight decides to take that bullet for you and tries to act noble,” I think to myself, sniffing. “See if that’s the last time I try helping you with things like that Twilight! Better that you learn for yourself and write a fucking letter to the princess.” I find myself so distracted that my left hoof hits a random crack in the sidewalk and I nearly take a stumble.

“Hey! Heartbreak! Wait up!” Spike calls out as I catch myself. Ugh. I don’t know whether to be insulted or not. I want to kinda turn around and shout at Twilight that I know the way back to the library and that I can get there myself. Kind of. But something holds that little gremlin back. Spike is, after all, an innocent being factored into this equation. I roll my eyes. “Pfffffffffffffff, Innocent my ass.” I sigh as Spike catches up with me. “Yes Spike, what do you want?” I ask. I cringe at myself, that must have sounded like I was in the mood to kill, stuff and mount him. Afterwards put him up as a fireplace decoration.

Spike raises an eyebrow and then continues to walk with me. “Um, any chance you want to talk about what happened back there?”

I eye him. He has been writing in a notepad ever since we walked walked out the door this morning, I just know it’s something about me. All the little commentary that he’s been doing in the background, almost makes him sound like some Ponyville shrink trying to pick my brain. “Nope.”

Spike grimaces and rolls his eyes. “Don’t tell me that too would lead to a, ‘Spinning vortex of insanity from which there is no return,’” He says making quote marks in the air. Watching him do anything with his hands sends a twinge of that horrible jealousy through me.

“No Spike,” I sigh. “It won’t do that, at least I don’t think it will. It’s just that,” I glare at the ground trying to gather my thoughts, “I know Twilight was trying to be nice and buy me a hat. But the whole situation, causing her to nearly go...uhm” I try to think of a word that I can say in all this. Something pg, something that works well to describe it all. “Twi’Rage? Rage-light? Screwball? I don’t know, you know what I mean right?”

“Uhm, Yeah. I think so anyway.” He pulls out a quill behind his ‘ear’ and that notepad from his side.

“Confound it Spike!” I turn and look at him. “Put that thing away! You have been scribbling in it non-stop since this morning and it’s starting to get on my nerves! And secondly, where do you even keep the note pad?! I can understand the quill behind your...uhm, frill? But the notepad?”

Spike blinks. “In between my scales. See?” He lifted a few scales showing off a few choice things that slipped between some of them.

I blink and I can feel my face droop. “Oh. Well. That explains that.”

“Don’t they have something similar where you’re from?” He asks me.

“Yes. But we call them, ‘Pockets’.” I reply.

“You had pockets in your skin? What were you, a kangaroo?” He asks me.

I smack my face and really hope that we aren’t too far from the Library. “No Spike, I wasn’t a kangaroo. Stop with the questions that are designed to try and figure out what I was, because I am not going to tell you, alright?”

“Alright,” Spike replies. “I’m just trying to get to know you better is all.”

I roll my eyes. “And have you actually thought about the consequences of actually getting to know me better?”

“What do you mean by that?” Spike asks me. “How could anything bad happen by learning more about another pony?”

“Arrrgh, never mind Spike,” I say. “Returning to the subject of Twilight. There was the argument about eating hay and grass, which lead to the situation of her trying to force it down my throat. This, of course, led to the build of of unresolved emotions and me taking them out on ‘Mr. High Hat,’” I quip mockingly. “I recognized what I was doing and tried to stop myself. But then ‘Mr. High Hat’ had to go and play his little marble game! And like a sucker, Twilight played it!”

“Yeah...I know. Couldn’t she see that guy was trying to play her?” Spike asked.

I pause. “Did you really see it or are you just trying to agree with me so that I continue talking or something?”

“Oh, I saw...something.” Spike says rolling his wrist. “The guy was all friendly like for a few seconds, trying to be nice, watching you get all flustered in your attempts at an apology and just out of nowhere it’s, ‘play my marble game! Win a free hat!’” Spike says talking in an imitation of High Hat. “Really, what pony does that?”

Spike gets it. He sees what I did, there is a moment of connection here. A real bro-moment. “I guess my behavior didn’t quite help her see that.” I sigh. “I am really trying to not upset her, but it’s almost like it is too easy to do so. Granted, I am sure that none of this has been easy for any of the ponies, yourself included, but particular pressure is being placed on Twilight. She’s like the head teacher, while everyp-pony else is under her. And we both know how Twilight gets under pressure. Gawds, you’d think by now she would have learned how to calm down, take a step back and-”

“Hey, Heartbreak?” Spike stops me. “I hate to interrupt you, but we’re back home.”

I look up. There is the Library Tree. “Huh. So we are.” I sigh, my mouth forming a half smile. “Well, we’re back to the closest thing that I have to a, ‘home.’”

“Allow me.” Spike walks over to the door and opens it for me.

“Thanks Spike,” I reply walking into the library, Spike in tow. He closes the door behind us. Everything is as we left it. The papers still on the table, ink now dried and feather quills reminding me of what I was doing before this little excursion out into Ponyville. I feel myself about to slump into my quagmire of doubt and annoyance again, when suddenly I feel something poking and tickling at my side.

“Gah!” I shout, turning my head to see what is going on. Spike is there, his claws attempting to unbuckle the saddle bag’s buckle. “Spike!” I cry out, shocked.

Spike gives a nervous grin and moves his hands away from the buckle. “S-sorry H.B., I was just trying to remove the saddlebag is all.”

“Well...be more careful please.” I tell him.

“I didn’t scratch you, did I?” He asks me.

“Noo..” Great. If there is one thing I know about Spike, it’s that above all his personality traits, he has a pension for finding big shiny red buttons and then pushing them.

He lifts a clawed finger at my side. “Uhm I didn’t...tickle you, did I?”

I turn my head and shoot him a scathing glare. “Don’t. You. Dare. Spike.” He is covering a grin and trying to be sneaky about his intentions. I, however, am not finding this amusing at all. “I will kick you, Spike.” He looks at me and fights his urge at any further attempts.

“Alright...Eeeesh. Sorry.” He says undoing the buckle on my saddlebag.

I sigh. ”He’s trying to be nice and hit an unexpected button, H.B.,” I tell myself. “Just apologize and explain yourself. Then we can get on to doing what Twilight asked us to do originally...” I frump a bit, reminded of what happened at the Hat Booth. “It’s not your fault Spike, It’s just that I am not, -oof!- ready for that level of physical contact. Ok?”
Spike’s eyebrows raise and he nods sagely. “One step at a time then.” He proceeds to remove the brown paper bag with the mint tea in it. “The first step being, that I am going to make you this tea. The step after that being that you find a comfortable place and start drawing.” He says smiling and walking into the kitchen. “Mmm, Minty.”

I look around the room I am currently in, the library part of this library, and spy a couch that is near one of the windows. I begrudgingly pick up the saddlebag in my teeth, and drag it over there. I set down the bag on the couch, and pull myself up to lay down. Dumping the contents out of the bag, the sketch book falls open and to a particular page.

The one that Derpy signed. I look over the signature. I hadn’t really actually read it at the time, I was just too enamored by the fact that I actually got to talk to her and that she took the time to sign my book.
I blink. “Derpy Ditzy Doo Whooves?” I quirk an eyebrow. “Really?”