• Published 12th Apr 2013
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Millie - totallynotabrony

In the underworld of Equestria, one mysterious pony is fearfully whispered about. Only Vinyl and Octavia know why he left a trail of destruction through the criminal ranks. Now he's back, and, well...not a he anymore.

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Chapter 7G

I stood patiently as ponies raced about the backstage area preparing for the fashion show. The show’s location was an odd one, a jazz club, The Metronome. Not a place I would expect to hold a fashion show. In addition, I never thought I would be somepony who would be asked to partake such an event. Still, I hoped it would be simple. Smile, walk across the stage, keep smiling, stand for a moment, walk back, and don’t stop smiling until you’re off stage and out of view.

“Five minutes, ponies,” said Bright Light, the stage manager for the show.

There was a general murmur of acknowledgement from the group of us, mostly mares but with a few stallions mixed in. Glancing back over to Bright Light I winced as the flustered stallion rushed about making last minute preparations. I felt bad for him. He was more of an intern than a professional, apparently just out of college but doing his best to keep the show running smoothly. There should have been somepony else here to help the poor stallion, somepony with experience. Even I could see that.

I snorted. The idea of me as a model was still rather humorous. I’d always thought the whole idea was rather silly. Yet here I was just the same about to present myself to the world in some silly getup. Still, it was what Photo Finish wanted, so I had come to infiltrate Fleur de Lis’ show.

Honestly the idea of "infiltrating" a fashion show sounded like a silly idea to me. Then again, I didn't understand fashion shows in the first place so who was I to judge? I wasn't sure what kind of information Photo Finish wanted exactly, she hadn't bothered to inform me, so I planned to give her everything I saw and did. Every detail I could recall about the night. As long as Photo wasn't complaining and I was getting paid I'd be happy.

Let me be the first to say that Photo Finish was eccentric. The first time we met, she’d instantly taken a liking to me. I don’t know why she wanted “sompony on the inside” or why fashion required a cover identity, but I had stopped questioning things like that. I already had too much on my mind, like my outfit.

I didn’t think the clothing Fleur put me in was any good. It was far too flashy and the color clashed horribly with my charcoal grey coat. It also hadn’t been designed with pegasi in mind and my wings were pressed uncomfortably to my sides. Still, it was good money and Photo needed her information, whatever it actually was.

Eager to get underway and get this over with, I began to make my way towards my starting position, 'places' as it was called in the theatre biz. Passing the curtain I snuck a peek at the audience. I knew it was unprofessional but I couldn’t help myself. My eyes quickly scanned the room before I slipped away from the curtain. It hadn’t been a large crowd but they seemed to be mostly wealthier ponies.

The music came up and one by one we all took our turn on stage. I went through my routine just as planned, feeling silly but trying not to show it. The meager crowd seemed to be paying close attention, except for one pink mare, a unicorn, over by the bar who stared morosely. Maybe her foul mood had something to do with her tattered mane.

The show took some time, but I was in no hurry. I kept a mental inventory of everything I could. When Fleur decided we were finished, I received my pay with the other models and we returned our outfits. I left the club as the sun was setting and headed towards Photo’s studio to collect my second paycheck.

After Photo let me in, I told her what I had seen and done. She listened carefully, remaining completely still. In the entire time I had known her, that was a first. She was usually more animated.

My debrief completed, Photo nodded once, a quick up-down movement. “Excellent. Thank you, Miller.”

I frowned. “Wait, I told you my name was—”

“Nonsense! Come back tomorrow!” Photo paid me, shoved me outside, and closed the door in one quick movement. I stood there for a moment feeling confused before the cold air brought me back to my senses.

Shaking out my wings, I looked around and tried to figure out what to do next. Well, it looked like the rest of my evening was free.

Author's Note:

This chapter written by Treilacl with editing by me.

Regular chapters will be returning soon. Until then, have fun speculating :trollestia: