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A writer. I try to write at least... Video games are REALLY distracting though...and work...and life...Eh. Well if you have time go ahead and give my stuff a chance ^~^ I'm a pretty nice person


Twilight, thanks to her new royalty, has been in Canterlot very often recently. In fact, for the past two months she hasn't been able to make the trip to Ponyville.

Though, she has wrote them all plenty, her friends all want to see her. With this thought, the five close friends head out to surprise the new princess.

However, they may very well end up to be the ones who get surprised.

The mane six are obviously in here but I cannot put that tag up thanks to limitations.

Cover art by PnkLafter. THANK YOU!

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Photo Finish? Now that´s an interesting one. Follow it, can´t wait to hear the backstory how Twi got those four into her bed/as her mares! :pinkiehappy:

Maybe some more will join? :pinkiesmile:


Ikr! I was looking around randomly yesterday and couldn't find a single one.

Also. It's gonna stick with these four. But yeah.

I like where this is going, but not how. You really need to get a proof-reader/editor. Like, mega bad.


Could you explain please? Saying

mega bad.

is kinda off putting and doesn't tell me a thing.

2752417 I'll fix this one chapter to give a bit of a clue.

2752432 You'll see. I'll have another comment in a few.


Yeah how about you send it in a PM not a comment.

That'll make it easier to deal with and copy over changes, ect.

Pinkie on the other hoof wasn't giving any advice or directions. She was waving at Celestia. As Celestia neared the

Finishing sentences is for eggheads! Cool people don't need

Comment posted by Peppy Greyskull deleted Jun 21st, 2013

2752441 Well, a bit late for that now :rainbowlaugh:

Had to do it all in one go without distractions else I'd have gotten bored. I hate editing. I'd also like to point out that I'll never do this again, so make sure to find a proofer/editor.

EDIT: Above post deleted by and pm'd.


Yeah. All of that was written on a flip phone during break over the night shift so...Yeah. Not surprised now that I think about it.

Twinyl scrato finixia
Or twilight vinyl scratch photo finish trixie octavia
Shipping is great shipping

Comment posted by Truebutler deleted Jun 21st, 2013

Ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These were the expressions of the other mane 6: :applejackconfused::fluttershysad::pinkiegasp::raritystarry::rainbowdetermined2:. These were the other ponies: :coolphoto::twilightoops::trixieshiftright: and vinyl scratch wasn't here. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

"More defenses and less secret passages." Luna had always had a passion for strategizing and was let down by just how open the castle was.

No, see, the point of secret passages is that you know about them, but the enemy doesn't. That's why they're secret passages. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

I..... like this. It's a bit odd, but I like were its going. Please continue.

Huh, y'know that's true! I haven't seen one Twinish...PhotoLight? ever:pinkiegasp:
I've seen plenty of Twixie, at least 5 TwiTavia, and about the same for TwiScratch.
Let's see... there's been a couple TwiLyra's, at least one TwiBon, a number of SpitLight, a SoarLight series, Some TwiHooves, and at least 6 TwiDerps...:twilightblush:
Then, in the harem department, aside from the mane six and the princesses, there's been at least Twixifirelee...
Well I know at least one thing, there won't be anymore waffles left for breakfast:pinkiecrazy:

okay ... that was hilarious, you got my attention
EDIT: maybe Octish Twixyl would be a good shipname

sooo... when are you going to update? this sounds good :pinkiehappy:


The next chapter is looking to be alot bigger so I dunno for sure. Also a cute girl at work is taking up my attention more than typing the chapter out so...I dunno. I will write more soon though.

Don't you dare to leave this as oneshot:flutterrage::flutterrage:

It has too much promise to be left as such. Like and favorite well earned even though I hate giving either to incomplete stories less than 10.000 words long.


Go for it man. Just send me corrections in a PM and I'll give you credit.

uhm I could be wrong but as far as i know your description of monogamous and polygamous is not entirely correct.
monogamous means a relationship with on partner
polygamous with more then one
the difference is small but exists

Let's imagine a Man has three wives, he is in a polygamous relationship, but the wives are only with him, no one else, and not with each other, thus they are in a monogamous relationship

EDIT: how is it possible to make Octavia OOC? She is mostly fanmade, so that would be a very hard thing to do


Meh. The explanation fit for what I wanted to get across and she has a usually accepted attitude, just as Vinyl and lyra do.

70 upthumbs

Holy shit. ya'll are awesome.

Glad I took time to flesh out all this instead of throwing up a 1000 word pile of crap.

2774236 Who doesn't :twilightsmile:
Just kidding, I'm not that vain
but I got the idea when POSSIBLE SPOILERS you drew attention to pinkie and Octavia doing something different then the rest of the ponies at the table and I remembered that Octavia is sometimes portrayed as one of pinkie's sisters

2774368 Well . . . more often portrayed as a cousin, seeing as Inkie and Blinkie both have been given fanmade personalities that seem to be widely accepted.

For anyone wanting to get after me for Octy seeming OOC for what you've probably read... I have reasons.

I thought it was because Octavia is an background pony without any established personality in the show and thus anyone can do an Octavia with any kind of personality even though she has an prefered fanon personality(hell, there is even an story where Octavia is an prostitute spending time with Twilight because she was paid to)

Anyway, i was suprised that Princess Celestia did not know about Twilight's relationship as that seems to be an hard thing to hide.

I could be a proof reader if you are interested, I'm really open-minded about these sorts of stories and I'm very intrigued by how out of the box this story is. Hope you update soo


I tried to make it a bit obvious but maybe I didn't get it across well.

1. Twilight kept it secret. Only going in and out at night or when she was busy.
2. Celestia is not omnipotent. (Discord, Chrysalis, NMM, Sombra. You get the idea)
3. She doesn't seem to be very good at noticing the little things. ( Celestia that is. Luna ->NMM)


Well if you want to. Go over it and send ideas and edits to me in a PM

2774273 He explained it exactly as such. Two ponies in a relationship: Monogamous. More than two: Polygamous. :twilightsmile:

2774663 This


Now just to clarify, for the look over and editing stuff, do i check it over before or after you had posted the chapter?


Well if you wanna look it over go for the newest one posted and if you wanna keep editing my new ones I'll throw them to ya before their published

Which raises the question, how the hell did Twilight manage to hide her herd?
I mean i know it's been an few months since her coronation, but there should still be an few paparazzi following Twilight everywhere considering that is the last pony to ascend and also an national heroine and i imagine most ponies would still be very interested in her life.
Not to mention that three of her marefriends are famous, Photo Finish is an respected fashion photographer that can start model's careers like she did with Fluttershy, Trixie is well known for the events of "Boast Busters" and the events of "Magic Duel" only gave ponies more things to talk about and considering her personality i can't imagine her not bragging to everypony, and Vinyl Scratch is an DJ that managed to play at the royal wedding so she is also very popular, the only one not popular is Octavia and that is because i don't imagine classical musicians as being very popular.
Also, "Magical Mystery Cure" proved that Celestia stalked Twilight for an great part of her life(if i recall, since the first day they met when Twilight was just an filly) and old habits die hard so i imagine she still has an bit of Stalklestia in her.

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