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A writer. I try to write at least... Video games are REALLY distracting though...and work...and life...Eh. Well if you have time go ahead and give my stuff a chance ^~^ I'm a pretty nice person


Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity have been told about a mare who has been volunteering her time to teach stage magic to the fillies and colts during recess.

Rainbow Dash worries that she may be some sicko and follows her after she leaves. What she finds out prompts a confrontation between herself, Applejack, Rarity and the mysterious magician, Ms. L.

[One Shot]

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I immediately thought of Super Paper Mario
>Ms. L


Aaaah, that's why the name sounded familiar to me! Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Also, nice story :3 Always nice to see these four settle their past differences and become friends (and ny sharing the blame equally, not just from Trixie taking all the blame herself) :twilightsmile:


That's awesome to hear from someone who writes as much Trixie as you seem to.

Nice to see ponies act like grown ups for a change.

"Trixie would never harm the little ones"

At least, not without a massive personal hatred of the kids in question and a crazy-making amulet.


Well we never actually "See" her hurt any kids. Just whips the air above them. Cracking the whip and what not.


She forcibly merged them into some sort of horrible conjoined gestalt and worked them pretty harshly.

Not too bad, here. It was rather nice and almost original to see those three admitting any sort of wrongdoing in that episode. You did a rather good Trixie here, too.

2640018 They're the foals that brung an Ursa to Ponyville, that destroyed her home and reveal her as a fraud. If they were older, I would have expected her to do worst to them.
As for this story, I like it. Keep it up.


I am responding to a claimed tautology. Whether or not you think the reasons are justified are irrelevant. I have a tendency to point out, often humorously though sometimes critically, when characters or viewers make claims of how someone would never do X, despite evidence that they not only would do X, but have done X, and may very well be the only example of X having been done, or at least X done by a main character.

The admin of the great and not obsessive trixie signs off on this being a part of my group.

also love how everyone seemed in character

also Miss. L sounds like missile

No, I was expecting the Spanish Inquisition.


I liked this, but I think Trixie forgave them too fast.
Breaking and Entering plus Assault needs more than granny setting another place at the table, the promise RD will pay for damages. And those three saying they don't mind if she stays.
Maybe a ch 2 where RD is slow roasted? :trixieshiftright:

But as was already mentioned, it was nice to see them all behave like actual adults, and everyone admit their part of the blame.

Very sweet and fun but still unimpressed at the idea that the main 6 should do anything other than apologize. They were the ones heckling and interrupting her show which was her livelihood. Other than that quibble this was really solid, I loved her compliments for the fillies too:pinkiesmile:

A wonderful little read there. This has been sitting on my self for far too long, I'm glad I finally got around to reading it. Terribly underrated as well, I hope you pick up more likes in the future.

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