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You call this romance, Charlotte?


Stories written for the 30 Minute Ponies tumblr. All stories written in 30 minutes or less, with minimal editing.

Also Trixie is the greatest pony who ever lived, therefore all stories are about her.

#218: Autograph
An autograph seeker is dangerously close to Trixie's bad side...
The Prompt: I resolve to preserve self-control.

#220: Trixie's Quest
Trixie strives to become friends with her once-mortal enemy.
The Prompt: I resolve to make the change.

#222: Preparing for Her Big Day
Trixie prepares for a big event in her life - performing in Canterlot!
The Prompt: I resolve to be noticed.

#225: Pitfall
Cloud Kicker saves Trixie from a pit, in a ruined Canterlot.
The Prompt: Two ponies go on a journey.
At least one of the characters must be a canon character whom you have never written before.

#226: Pinkie's Mech
Pinkie Pie and Trixie pilot a mech against the enemies of Equestria!
The Prompt: It came from outer space.

#227: Detective Derpy
Derpy's getting to the bottom of a crime and Pinkie, Golden Harvest, and Trixie are her suspects!
The Prompt: [redacted for spoilers].

#229: Pockets
Trixie heads to the Crystal Empire to get crystals to become the most powerful unicorn.
the prompt: The cold winter air carries the call of wild geese flying south. I long to follow them.

#231: Antediluvian Confession
Trixie has a confession to make.
The Prompts: “Twilight discovers magic of a different nature.”/ “Pinkie’s parties perk up ponies!” / “Rarity’s generosity knows no bounds… even when it should.”

#234: Lost in Canterlot
Trixie finds herself separated from her companion in a ruined canterlot. (Follow up to 225, Pitfall)
The Prompt: Phantom faces at the windows. Phantom shadows on the floor. Empty chairs at empty tables …

#243: Astonishing and Spectacular
A bedtime story.
The Prompt: Somepony tells a bedtime story.

#338: Door of the Moon aka Holy Crap It Took Forever For Me To Decide To Write For This Again
A motley crew descends upon an ancient treasure hoard...
The Prompt: “Keep All Princesses Away From This Door”

Special thanks to my friend for suggesting the name "The Trixie Zone".

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Comments ( 33 )

This was based on an idea I had scrapped. It would be a dark fantasy adventure building off of the S3 premiere where crystal harvesting leads to a plague of demons upon the land. C.K. would be the hero who must defeat them and return Equestria to its former state.

So, I dunno. If you liked the concept presented in this story, comment or something so I know if I should actually write it.

Question, if Trixie is best pony, then why is Rarity in your username? :raritywink:

(Joke) Alt. Title: I Went Through The Trixie Zone

1943423 I just had to say that I LOVE your avatar.

These are all great. :twilightsmile: You hit the mix of awkwardness, self-defeat, self-importance, and false bravado that is Trixie spot on. Also, I think the last one does have promise. If you can think of where to take it from here, go for it. :pinkiesmile:

Yup. I read them all and with less than a thousand words you made them work. Well done!

when in doubt

drink gin

time to break out the gin again trixe:twilightsmile:

trixie is best pony?
i disagree <_< (looks knowingly to the left)

anyways, nice stories
favourite moments were the canterlot scene with the guard (so simple, yet so funny)
and....the gin (alcoholic trixie is best trixie):twilightsmile:

I'm enjoying these little shorts, so far. Each one is like a full-length story, just waiting to be told. :D

Hope you keep 'em coming. :)

Grace and Peace, and Happy Writing.


1943837 Blasphemy! :pinkiecrazy: Mark my words! ONE DAY YOUR UPPANCE SHALL COME

1943893 niet:twilightangry2:
vinyl scratch and stiggerzz do not get their cumuppance, you hear me? NO CUMUPPANCE!!!!

1943936 Dont you get it :pinkiecrazy: . Shes already DEAD :pinkiehappy:

VINYL NOO!!!!!:raritycry:

a pox on you pinkamena:twilightangry2:
may you be banished the the deepest crater in the darkest corner of the moon and never return:flutterrage:

wait....i have cloning technology
*clones vinyl* haha, one does not simply murder a friend of stiggerzz

there's still a pox on your for killing the original though:twilightangry2:

1944176 You and I both know that cloned vinyl has no soul! the real Vinyl shall always be dead :pinkiecrazy: and I shall dance on her grave. With a hot cup of tea. and a croissant :rainbowkiss:

1944141 She shall rule the world with cuteness and dawwws :rainbowkiss: .

how could you say such a thing?!?!?!:raritydespair:

of course she has a soul, you can't be a DJ if you have no soul to put into your music
silly filly:twilightsmile:

1944439 Swedish house mafia and DJ Tiesto dont have souls. Ya know why? Cuz they are MACHINES! Vinyl is a fleshy sack of doo doo :trollestia:


As much as I love getting comments, can you take this to PM's?

1944539 lol, sorry:twilightsmile:
guess there is such a thing as too much fun

1944539 I'm sorry. It's just that when I'm right I need other people to agree with me :pinkiecrazy: and if they dont I make them. Also :twilightsmile: >:trixieshiftleft: :trollestia:

You look like you got a god something here. :pinkiehappy:

Trixie doesn't trust spaghetti, either.

I’d like to say in advance: I’m sorry.

No you aren't. :ajbemused:

ew shipping

Also I can't take credit for Trixie's pickup line. During the planning stage a friend said it and I tweaked it a bit.

This is just like Facebook

Don't believe in yourself, Trixie! Believe in me who believes in you!

Spaghetti... falling out of her pockets.

How could you, Trixie?!

I don't suppose Luna's heard of paper shredders yet.

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