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You call this romance, Charlotte?


Yes, Virginia, there are such things as angels. And there's one pony in particular, a carefree, prideful unicorn mare who just happens to be one.

There's only one problem: She's a little too prideful and carefree for Heaven's liking, so they've booted her to the colorful world of Epona. Her only chance at returning to that realm of gold-paved streets and beautiful music is to protect Ponyville from the armies of the devil.

It'd be a lot easier for her if she hadn't decided one day to become a famous musician. So one day, a fellow angel descends and hits her over the head with an ultimatum: Defeat the Taraxippus that's been haunting Ponyville for months or you won't ever return to heaven.

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Funny how things turn out. Trixie, disgraced from both her failures in Ponyville, is a vagabond who finds solace in a bottle. Until one day, a griffon shows her the truth behind her lineage: The Lulamoon family were once proud demon hunters. And the griffon nation of Prussia is in bad need of a demon hunter.

One of their sacred castles, Fortnight, has fallen prey to an onslaught of demons. And as it turns out, Trixie's the only demon hunter left in the land of Equestria. Except for the part where she's not really a demon hunter.

As if a castle of horrors isn't bad enough, Trixie also has to put up with a mysterious girl haunting and fighting her every step of the way.

This is being written solely to learn more about action scenes, so please comment on what needs to be done better. It's also inspired by Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Rising, and Bayonetta. Expect references, both subtle and explicit.
Cover art by MScootaloo; used with permission. It's how Trixie looks in the story.
[NaPoWriMo 2013] Entry One
Link to Entry Two.

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In the Equestrian Rim, the best known trader is Beatrix, or "Trixie", captain of the small freighter Lulamoon. Some would even call her a merchant princess. That's how well she's done for herself. She's never particularly cared about what happens to others, only that she gets paid.

But when a routine contract leads her to the backwater Outer Rim, to a colony called "Ponyville", things change. First she almost has a run-in with the nanite-infested Sombrans, and then learns the Sombrans have been raiding Ponyville regularly. So why does she now care about what happens to others?

Sci-fi AU.

Written for the EqD story event that happened May 13, 2013. The prompt was "Fireworks and the open road. Sun, rain, sleet and hail. Through it all, Trixie travels. It's up to you to figure out why she travels, and the reason she performs. A friend she left behind? Wanting to show up Twilight? Something else? It's down to you."

Cover art is The Great and Cosplaying Trixie by pikkinon, so graciously commissioned for me an age ago.

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Stories written for the 30 Minute Ponies tumblr. All stories written in 30 minutes or less, with minimal editing.

Also Trixie is the greatest pony who ever lived, therefore all stories are about her.

#218: Autograph
An autograph seeker is dangerously close to Trixie's bad side...
The Prompt: I resolve to preserve self-control.

#220: Trixie's Quest
Trixie strives to become friends with her once-mortal enemy.
The Prompt: I resolve to make the change.

#222: Preparing for Her Big Day
Trixie prepares for a big event in her life - performing in Canterlot!
The Prompt: I resolve to be noticed.

#225: Pitfall
Cloud Kicker saves Trixie from a pit, in a ruined Canterlot.
The Prompt: Two ponies go on a journey.
At least one of the characters must be a canon character whom you have never written before.

#226: Pinkie's Mech
Pinkie Pie and Trixie pilot a mech against the enemies of Equestria!
The Prompt: It came from outer space.

#227: Detective Derpy
Derpy's getting to the bottom of a crime and Pinkie, Golden Harvest, and Trixie are her suspects!
The Prompt: [redacted for spoilers].

#229: Pockets
Trixie heads to the Crystal Empire to get crystals to become the most powerful unicorn.
the prompt: The cold winter air carries the call of wild geese flying south. I long to follow them.

#231: Antediluvian Confession
Trixie has a confession to make.
The Prompts: “Twilight discovers magic of a different nature.”/ “Pinkie’s parties perk up ponies!” / “Rarity’s generosity knows no bounds… even when it should.”

#234: Lost in Canterlot
Trixie finds herself separated from her companion in a ruined canterlot. (Follow up to 225, Pitfall)
The Prompt: Phantom faces at the windows. Phantom shadows on the floor. Empty chairs at empty tables …

#243: Astonishing and Spectacular
A bedtime story.
The Prompt: Somepony tells a bedtime story.

#338: Door of the Moon aka Holy Crap It Took Forever For Me To Decide To Write For This Again
A motley crew descends upon an ancient treasure hoard...
The Prompt: “Keep All Princesses Away From This Door”

Special thanks to my friend for suggesting the name "The Trixie Zone".

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Carrot Top's been an adventurer for a while, and the one ruin she's sought to explore is finally in her grasp. Hopefully Derpy tagging along won't make too much trouble...

Not a Castlevania crossover. Coverart simply inspired this fic.

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Everyone has a journey in their life, a place they have to go. A road they must walk. But all journeys must come to an end. Even Twilight Sparkle's.

Cover from 'a walk in the forest' drawn by Ventious. Used with permission.

Featured on Equestria Daily on Dec 1st 2012.

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While attending a magic conference in Canterlot, Twilight is summoned by the Princess. A crisis in the north is brewing - a clan of druids who have learned how to manipulate magic despite not being unicorns has been discovered. The damage they could cause due to their lack of control could ravage the northern lands - or worse, open a portal to Tartarus.

Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash are sent to assist an intelligence agent defuse the situation. There they meet an old acquaintance, friendly druids, and an ancient evil filled with vengeance.

Additional tag: [Pulp Adventure]. So don't expect incredible character development or nothin'. This was written primarily to get a trashy adventure story out of my system. Constructive criticism very much welcome.

Cover artwork is from the Dark Souls Design Works artbook. I honestly can't say what it is of.

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Upon the disappearance of my dear uncle, I discovered the following documents underneath a floorboard in his house. It tells a strange story indeed, and I find myself turning to you for assistance. I realise you do not know me, but rest assured I have word from Princess Celestia Herself that you are an authority on strange occurrences. I beg for your assistance in this matter.

Additional Tag: [Cosmic Horror]

Image used under the umbrella of a creative commons licence.

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A cutie mark appears on a pony's flank when he or she finds that certain something that makes them different from every other pony.

But you knew that already, didn't you?

But what you didn't know, perhaps, is that a common past time is guessing what a pony's cutie mark stands for. This is a story about one such game.

Written for a creative challenge and a contest on Reddit.

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To sleep, perchance to dream. But for Lyra Heartstrings, sleep is a distant memory.

Ever since the royal wedding, her dreams have been filled with the horror of being a slave to the changelings. And they seem to be getting worse. They're getting so bad she can't even sleep through the night anymore. And with her sleeplessness comes new obsessions. Obsessions with a strange song. Obsessions with a strange word that doesn't seem to be in the dictionary - any of them!

Lyra must discover if she's going mad, or if there's something more sinister at work.

Cover pic is "The Stars in Her Eyes" by Zephyrsdaemon on DeviantArt.

thanks to sqarishoctagon for prereading.

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