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You all should know whothis is and if you who don' t I am Obsidian Raindrop the admin for the Great and not obsessive Trixie

The reason why you are receiving this letter is to inform you phase 4 will be comencing. What is Phase 4 well I will answer that once I explian to everyone waht the last few phase were.

Phase one was meant to get word of this group out and send an invitation out to all those whom may want to join. (You can call it spamming, but with over 201 people in the group it's hard to question the effectiveness)

Phase one point five was simply to catch any who were had recently added a story or who had update a story before I could get to the story.

Phase two is me making sure you and I both understood what this group is meant for and clearing up any issues you may of had.

Phase three is where things get tricky as the admin it is my job to sort through all the fics and sort them out to make sure if they rightfully so belong, and eliminate any that don't. (if you find a story tell and I shall contact the author and we shall come to an understanding) On March first I would like for phase thee to commence. Phase three is the solid gold and epic one-shots folder please send any Story you think worthy of the of that folder to null or DerpyMuffins15 and we shall sort through it all and decide if it truly belongs or if we should not it.

Phase four Is reviews Since I have or will read every fic in this group I have decided on reviewing them and tell you what is good and what bad.Now I understand that this is a very subjective thing so here is what I will do as a rating system.

1 stars = I stopped read it half way through.
2 stars = I read it all the way through.
3 stars = I will read it again, but only my favourite chapters.
4 stars = I will read it again.
5 stars = This is going in my top ten and soild gold folder.

I will be doing all the stories so that includes yours, if you would like to read the review it will be in ablog post every frieday I'll make 10 reviews. So that means if want to see it your going to have to watch me.

Phase five I was having the Idea of having a contest of best one shot and people in the group get to vote on thire faves the winner gets their story added to the solid gold folder.

Thank you for your time and contribution to my group,

Obsidian Raindrop

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