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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


Opposite-spin on "Trixie apologizes" stories. This time, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack are the ones apologizing, to Trixie.

Because, honestly, I strongly believe that they should.

Picture really has little relevance to the story. It's just Trixie, and Trixie is good.

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Lium #1 · Oct 31st, 2012 · · 4 ·

What. There's no possible reason for them to apologise to her. They did nothing wrong.


Well depends on how you see it, they did interupt and critize her show...anyway


1539922 What did Trixie do Wrong?


Interrupting a free show somehow doesn't need an apology?

Yes, Trixie wasn't really nice. But they heckled her. And since Trixie couldn't continue her show, responded to the following challenge. That and Rarity did damage Trixie's property.

Lium #5 · Oct 31st, 2012 · · 5 ·

So? Criticizing doesn't mean they have to apologise.
I dunno, lying? That's generally considered wrong. I never said it was Trixie's fault everything got ballsed up, I said that no one had to apologise because of it, particularly Dash, Applejack or Rarity who did absolutely nothing to warrant it.
And? She deserved the heckling she got.

1539977 She is a show mare its her job to make herself look good if she doesn't look good she doesn't eat.

Heckling a show makes you a total turd who ruins the show for everyone else.

I enjoyed this a lot.

Another nice Trixie story. The likelihood of it happening is almost none, but I liked it. Especially, Trixie's reaction after everyone left and her diary entry.

The only ones who have anything to apologize for are Snips and Snails, for dragging bearzilla into town.
Trixie could've come a lot better out of it if she dropped the "stage personality" after the attack, and mane6 could've just walked away instead of flinging shit at a free performance, like the story made a point of.


They didn't have to apolgize, but Trixie doesn't have to apologize for anything, either. And there are tons of fics where she does (and also loads where she's forced to *shudders*)

I just felt it would be nice to have it the other way around for once, and in my personal opinion, AJ, RD, and Rarity were more in the wrong.

If you think about it though, the same thing they did to Trixie happens on YouTube all the time: People watch a video, don't like it, and feel the need to comment about how bad and pointless said video is, and then fans of the video are always telling them to just not watch it if they don't like it. The difference is that, in Trixie's case, they actually interrupted the show in real-time, just to be haters.


They were ones who should apologize. The town obviously does do a good job raising its kids. Trixie lost her house. She was only doing her job, being an entertainer. Rainbow, Rarity, and AJ took it on themselves to heckle her.

Trixie even put herself in harms way casting the first spell against the Ursa, even knowing she had no chance. Sometimes the plot of the episodes were fundamentally flawed. Like they are trying to force us to someone as a villain.

See also, Gilda, Ironwill.


Gilda I'll admit had an attitude problem, but then we never really got to know her. If Dash was her only friend in flight school or something like that, then you can start to sympathsize with her, 'cause she was probably jealous of Dash hanging with others. However, she's definitely not a villain, and I personally would certainly welcome her back in future episodes.

As for Iron Will, I don't he got as bad a rap as Gilda or Trixie. Fluttershy seemed to like him (in my headcannon, they still meet up for tea ^_^), and he left them quite peacefully and happily. It was really only Rarity and Pinkie who seemed to have anything against him, by calling him a monster. Which kinda makes you wonder if they actually learned anything about judging people from the whole Zecora incident.

1540081 thank you
i have pointed this out to at least 50 different writers
and my words fall to the side every time
i so glad you did this
you made my day so have a thumb
all my mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:
and some of my derpys :derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2:
some because only a fool would give away all his derpys


I am pretty sure ponies are racist.


Well no it doesnt, but if you dont like something you usually just goes away or complain in silence, you doesnt screem out loud how bad you think the show is. If I see a street performer that i dont like i dont go up to him and say "this stinks, you are bad." And if i did i think most people would think i was a brat that just goes around and hate.

Since the comments section has turned into a discussion about whether Trixie was in the wrong, I'll throw in my 2 cents. (and, for the record, I've disowned my fanfic, Trixie's trial. I'm not sure what I was thinking with that)

Both sides were in the wrong. Rainbow, Applejack, and Rarity shouldn't have heckled Trixie ike they did, but, at the same time, Trixie shouldn't have humiliated them like she did either. There really wasn't any good reason to make Rarity's hair green, or hogtie Applejack, after all.

Allright! Good luck with your new friends Trixie! :pinkiehappy:

1539922 Rewatch the episode, they started it!

Someone's been paying attention. This is something I like to bring up all the time, and it's even a driving factor in my last fanfic (in which she gets heckled by Waldorf and Statler). Trixie is a showmare, so it's her job to be boastful and flashy to get the crowd excited, and to tell tall tales as well. The ponies in question were standing right at the front of the crowd badmouthing her show. If they didn't like it, they could have left. By challenging and humiliating them, Trixie was standing up for herself. And when she ran away with her final boast, she was desperately trying to save face.

It's very likely she's actually a sweet and friendly mare behind her stage persona.

Unfortunately, you seem to have forgotten an important character who wasn't reacting very well either. (Seems a percentage of the fandom doesn't give a shit about Spike unless they need him for the butt of a mean joke.) Spike really should have come with the three ponies and offered his apologies as well. I say this partly because he is a little gentleman and partly because I love the idea of TrixieSpike shipping. Even though it's clear this in no way would ever be a shipfic, it would have been nice to see those two interact and become friends. Would've made this story gold in my eyes.

1539977 Right, because stage performers never tell tall tales or act flashy to get their audiences excited.

This story...I like it....


And now i have read the story and must agree with fellow reader above

This story...I like it....Another....or an update on your Twixie fic:twilightsmile::trixieshiftright:

Um... no.

First off Rarity and Applejack didn't really do any heckling, it was mainly Rainbow Dash. Second why doesn't Trixie apologize for humiliating them, yeah it could be argued they had it coming in a way but there are ways of handling hecklers without making fools of them. And what about Snips and Snails, they're the ones who brought the Ursa to town because they were in full fanboy made(No one else, even the other foals, seemed to take the whole Usra story literally).

This story's promise is good, but it washes over the fact that nearly everyone in that episode messed up in order to make Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash look like the villains while Trixie comes out smelling like a rose.


In my eyes, Spike's behaviour was nowhere near as bad as the other three. He never directly disturbed Trixie's show, he simply agreed with the others, and begged Twi to show her up. Keep in mind that Spike strongly believes that Twi is the best Unicorn ever. To him, she's somepony he has high respect for, so when a challenger comes along, natrually he'll want Twi to prove that she's better. But since Twi didn't, it's understandable that he'd get frustrated, and keep pestering her to do something.


Well keep in mind that, when Trixie was heckled in front of all those ponies, her options were limited.

A) Retreat - Not very Great and Powerful, and if she did that every time she got heckled (keeping in mind that haters are everywhere), she'd never have a successful show.

B) Ask them politley to shut up - More civil approach, but again, not very Great and Powerful. And chances are, if somepony's heckling you, they're not going to back off with just a "please". Remember that Trixie doesn't know these ponies, and for all she knows, they're complete douche-bags, who are hated by the entire town.

C) Make them shut up - More Great and Powerful, but simply attacking them would drive the audiance away. So she goes about it in a way that promotes her image as the "greatest equine who ever lived", by challenging them to best her, and then beating them at their own games. If she lost, then she would be forced to withdraw, but if she won, then she would win the crowd over, and shut the hecklers up (which is indeed what happened). You have to admire the amount of confidence she has in herself to be able to take such a huge gamble like that, because if she lost even once, then her entire show would be ruined.

You're right, though - she could have done it in a way that didn't humiliate them as much, but again, she didn't know them. Her first impression of them wasn't exactly the best, so she had no reason to hold back, and as far as she was concerned, if she didn't humilate them, it would be the other way around.

It's true that everyone messed up, but I think Trixie did the least wrong, as most things if not everything objectional she did can be justified by the fact that she was putting on a stage show. And as soon as shit did get real with the Ursa, she almost immediately admitted that she couldn't take it on, so she didn't really endanger anyone. So if anyone (other than Snips and Snails) should apologize, it should be Rarity, Applejack and RD.

Their names were… I forget, but for now, I’ll just call them Hayseed, Marshmallow, and Pega-Trixie.

You, my friend, get a thumbs-up for that line alone. :rainbowlaugh:

Good story, if a little short. Nice to see an alternate take on the whole Trixie Affair, and I appreciate that Trixie was neither a meek little woobie nor so egotistical as to blow them off.

exactly my thoughts Yukito...and the standard response from most performers

you don't see Don Rickles politely asking a heckler to be quiet...he rips into em til they are bawling for mommy and the audience loves it

1540529 1540728 Yeah, I'm not seeing the whole justification for humiliation thing that way at all. There were better ways to handle it, and saying that because she didn't know them, she had no reason to hold back strikes me as being a terrible/cruel way to justify her actions. It's like saying, to use my knowledge of Pink Floyd as an example, Roger Waters was right to spit on a fan during the In The Flesh Tour, because he didn't know said fan. While said spitting incident did lead to the epic Rock Opera The Wall, it was because he realized (after the fact) that there was no good reason to do that and it was a sign that he was dehumanizing his audience and getting way too wrapped up in his own ego (I've heard that he thought it was turning him into a cold, destructive person, but have been unable to substantiate this), which also made him realize that he was becoming something he did not want to be. Humiliating someone in front of an audience for a bit of heckling is no better in my mind. (My source for the whole Pink Floyd example is Comfortably Numb: the inside story of Pink Floyd, if you're curious)

Also, I would like to point out that Applejack and Rarity did not actually heckle Trixie, but merely commented on her performance amongst themselves, specifically answering Twilight's question about whether there was anything wrong with being talented (and there is no evidence to say otherwise, from what I can tell) and Trixie used that to piss them off and get them on stage before humiliating them, so no, even by your own logic, they didn't deserve their humiliation because they weren't heckling, and I rewatched the episode to confirm all this (I admit I got a few points wrong in my first comment), and had no reason to apologize, except to make Trixie look better.

And lastly, she said she could do anything better than them, but she didn't do anything of the sort, instead just using items they used to prove that they were more skilled than Trixie, which she challenged them to do, (Rarity being the exception on the item thing, but otherwise an example) to humiliate them, and this was seemingly for her own ego, and not the audience's entertainment (at least judging by the lack of crowd response), so I'm not seeing how Don Rickles response to heckling is comparable to this.

At least be completely honest about what happened, since it's so easily verifiable (thanks to Youtube).

ah, a nice change from the typical "Trixie redeems herself" which is pure bullshit. I'm glad to see those three apologizing for interrupting, hackling and vandalizing Trixie's show. So refreshing!
Though, I was expecting the cave to have some nice crystal illumination and a little jacuzzi like pond. Seems something easy to do and something Trixie would enjoy.

The names Trixie use for the trio were perfect, hee hee

I like how you wrote the journal entry at the end. Both having Trixie being secretly happy to have new friends, and well, Dash really does fit the title of Pega-Trixie.

1540519 None of them lowered their voice or kept it down or talked out the side of their mouths or anything. They were in the front row and did not keep their odd displeasure to themselves. Trixie says, 'neigh-sayers' As in plural. She heard all of them, but tried to keep the show going until Dash's rude heckling. Which took place about 49 seconds into her show, to boot.

All three were massive hypocrites to boot. They all 'boast' and brag. And for the record, Rarity commits destruction of private property and vandalism making her dress. Trixie would've been in the right to call the police on her.

I shall read this later, but right now the very premise is appealing to me.

EDIT: Just finished. Rather nice, here. About time someone had them say they were sorry for their rude behavior.

xTSGx #32 · Nov 1st, 2012 · · 1 ·

So nice to see people willing to give Trixie some leather pants. Next, they'll be saying she really could defeat Twilight in a magic duel.

I liked it. I like the fact that they owned up to their mistake themselves too, they didn't have to be forced to go apologize. Hopefully they will become good friends

This was an interesting read. Its certainly nice to see something from a different angle, and not one demonising Trixie. That said, I take general issue with parts of this. To cut things down a bit, 1540927 says pretty much everything I think on this, with not actually living up to her challenge and that they were talking amongst themselves for the most part. An important thing missed though is Trixie's expression such as well when was responding to Rainbow Dash, and her words. Her manner was hostile and she clearly intended to humiliate them.

I have to say is that her whole manner was just arrogant. There's a difference between wowing a crowd while putting on a performance, acting in a certain way, but her attitude was simply rude. It boiled down to "I'm amazing, look at what I can do, I'm better than all the other unicorns". Performers have stage personalities, yes, but would you like to go along to a show and have the performer say to you "I'm amazing at what I do and far better than of you so, you should be in awe of me". Even if its true, people don't like to have that thrown in their faces. Yes, you can say "I'm good at this" but when pride becomes arrogance its just off-putting.

That, and it seems like a damn silly idea to claim to be able to defeat monsters while in a town two-shakes-of-a-lamb's-whatsit from a forest known to contain scary and powerful monsters. Someone might want her to prove it or deal with a monster.

Sorry going longer than I meant. Despite what I've said, I just think Trixie isn't all that pleasant a pony. She's not to blame for the Usra attack, its hardly her fault a pair of idiot children where that stupid.

Wow, so much heated debate over who was more in the wrong.

Well, here's hoping the four of them are on good(ish, at least) terms in S3! ^_^ Also Twixie


THank you! Finally, fic where THEY apologize to Trixie and not the other way around. Laughed at her letter, and whole 'waking Trixie up at 3 p.m. just to apologize' is funny too. And yeah, they should apologize to her, nice for you to say that.

I don't think "Draco In Leather Pants" means what you think it means. There's a difference between excusing everything a VILLAIN does (which is the Leather Pants thing) and looking closely at what an ANTAGONIST does (which is what's being done with Trixie) and realizing that the antagonist wasn't entirely in the wrong and the protagonists weren't entirely in the right.

It seems the show's creators might even agree, since I'm pretty certain that Trixie was confirmed for a Season 3 return. I'm not sure since I don't really keep up with the latest crap, but yeah.

does this take place in the same canon of your twixie story


No, if I ever make any stories with linking canons, I'll note it in the description. The Twixie story will most likely just be the one story, though.

1545210 okay here another question when in the my little pony canon does your story take place i mean does the events in your story occur after the season 2 finale or during the show


Originally, this story was supposed to take place shortly after Boast Busters, and the three (AJ, RD, and Rarity) started to feel bad shortly after Trixie had left.

However, there are points in Season 2 (most notably Sweet and Elite and Mare-do-Well) where the three (AJ not as much, but definitely RD and Rarity) start to actually act like Trixie did (arrogant/boastful/lieing to look better), so you could also think of it as: they started to see a bit of Trixie in themselves, and started to feel guilty for treating her so harshly.

I'll leave it up to you to decide.

1545286 i kinda was talking about your twixie story

TV Tropes defines Draco in Leather Pants as: "When a fandom takes a controversial or downright villainous character and downplays his/her flaws, often turning him/her into an object of desire and/or a victim in the process." (Underlining added).
Turning Trixie into the "victim" is exactly what this story did and what many of her fans do.

In addition, the TV Tropes article even has a section on Trixie:

Trixie from "Boast Busters" had fans protesting she was just a traveling entertainer (true) whose audience was being unnecessarily mocking and hostile, and that she was justified in humiliating Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash in front of their friends and neighbors, largely ignoring that she's a boastful, lying egomaniac both on- and off-stage. She did seem guilty about one of her lies indirectly leading to an Ursa Minor attacking Ponyville, but after the threat is dealt with, she's right back to being all bluff and bravado.

It's doubtful that the writers would side with Trixie as that would undermine the episode's morals and could be seen as promoting bullying (someone argues with you? Humiliate them!). The episode she'll more then likely appear in is "Magic Duel", which suggests those "Trixie seeks revenge on Twilight" fics will be jossed.

The episode's moral was broken anyway. Half of the morals in the series are.

And I'm not sure anyone's turning Trixie into a victim - the argument (and my personal view) is that both sides were being total asstards. Rarity, AJ and RD for heckling the show and Trixie for dealing with them mega-unprofessionally.

But the problem is the episode acts like Trixie was acting like Hitler while Rarity, AJ and RD are total badass heroes, and that just isn't the case at all. So then it goes on to pretty much blame Trixie for everything that happened, even though it wasn't really her fault. So I guess some fans reacting by downplaying Trixie's flaws is to be expected in retaliation to the episode.

I'm biased toward Trixie, so I love this little fic. (They need a smiling Trixie emoticon :trixieshiftright:)

This is great. it should happen. pega-trixie. enough said

yeah you tell them! THe real moral of the episode is that three of the girls bullying on another one is perfectly fine and defending yourself is absolutely wrong and you should be compared to a monster forever! And being controversial! Somehow!

Actually the real moral of the episode is "don't be an arrogant asshole and make blatantly false claims you can't back up". Gotta love your use of the word "bullying", a word which is quickly loosing its meaning thanks to misuse.

The Draco point appears to be irrelevant, with all signs pointing toward the writers upgrading Trixie to full villain status with "Magic Duel" (what with her taking over Ponyville and "banishing" Twilight). Enjoy your sweet, innocent, victimized Trixie while you can, because canon is going to rip those leather pants right off of her. Why should I compare her to a monster when canon's going to do it for me?


... what "sweet, innocent, victimized Trixie"? Dude,now you're just grasping for straws.

anyway, this was an excellent take on the double standards that happens. I hope more people keep doing intelligent works like this instead of classic "Baww baww, trixie is bad, she's a monster for not being part of the main characters, baww baww"

And I hope you continue to enjoy them, because after December 1st, you won't be seeing too many of them.

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