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Applebloom accidently over hears her sister using a word she's never heard and when she repeats it to her friends they believe it to be a "sentence enhancer" and are eager to show off their new word, but strangely the more they use their new word the more trouble they seem to get in.

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I got a chuckle or two, but a story like this is funnier when it's either explicit or a joke word left til the end of the fic.

I see the CMC were having fun with their sentence enhancers. :twistnerd:

:unsuresweetie: shame on you three :applecry::scootangel:

People get upset at you for using the word "fuck" but not the word "damn" when "fuck" just means to hit something, and "damn" means to condemn someone to eternal suffering. :fluttershysad:

4184413 "Fuck" can also be used to describe a very you-know-what kind of action. P.S. it's NSFW.


It can only be used to describe that action, when that action is very rough and involves things smacking into each other repeatedly with force. Thus the phrase "I'd hit it." Fuck is synonymous with hit, or beat. You can use all those words to refer to various sex acts, but when someone says "I'm gonna fuck you up" they generally do not intend to do anything other than beat you black and blue, non-sexually.

Are you making a sequel? :pinkiegasp:

This is Based on the Ppwerpuff Girls Episode "Curses" Isn't it?
I LOVE IT!!! :pinkiehappy:

Ok havent read it but i know il love it

Finished and pffffff hahaha im lmbfo from this bit “I said no pony ever ******* listens to me” said Sweetie Belle confused. “Oh I know” she said “You’re gonna tell me “a lady must ******* never raise her voice in conversation” right Rarity?” asked Sweetie Belle. “I’m sorry, I just feel like they aren’t taking my suggestions ******* seriously enough, sometimes I feel like everything I say goes in one ******* ear and out the other ******* ear.”

This isn't actually a bad topic for the writers. It demonstrates firmly just how dangerous one little word can get.

And :trollestia: help the poor soul who says it within earshot of Flurry Heart.

This was all APPLEJACK'S FAULT! ( I was Laughing like crazy when AJ realized it was her fault)

7564881 I believe that fic is called Suncered.

This should have been an actual episode

What word was it?

My guess would be Fuck and Fucking.

:twilightblush: aw shucks, it was just a guess.

I think it’s also based on Rolie Polie Olie episode "Dinglie Danglie Doodle"

Very good! I didn't think anyone would get that.

Huh. Does it matter which one?

is that a part 2 to the cmc and the new word ? shadowlord

so no part 2 ?

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