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A guy who writes about fat horse, among other things. If that's not your thing, no one's stopping you from looking someplace else.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders, supervised by their sisters, go out to trick-or-treat for Nightmare Night. But what happens when they come across a strange house near the Everfree Forest?

Another oldie, which admittedly I wrote last year but it's high time I put it here! Hope you like it!

Quick note - I wrote this before "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" aired, so the original was a bit out of date. I took the liberty of making some quick edits!

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Is Spellbound from something?

What is the sex tag for?

7689369 Possibly because some folks consider this fetish stuff. ^__^;;


I get that ranbom comedy is kind of a right of passage on FimFic, but why on earth did weight gain become some sort of genre on here

I know it might be some sort of fetish, and I admit that I kind of have a transformation fetish (EQG is basically pron to me, lol) but I don't go out of my way and start a transformation group, lol

7690912 Well everyone has their own 'thing' they just love to see. No one's making you read anything to don't like. And I know it can be confusing. There ar some interests I just 'don't get' either, but it's all in good fun. :twilightsmile:

7688536 Ah yes, from something I wrote prior to this, and I'll be uploading at Christmas :P

7689369 Honestly it's just a requirement for uploading this sort of thing, you understand :twilightsheepish:

7690912 Basically what Drakin said :P

I love how big and round the three crusaders get in this wonderfully written story. I do hope there will be a sequel to it. This was a great fiction and I enjoyed it a lot.

7991181 Thanks! I might write a sequel in the year :3

7991564 Looking forward to it. I love how fat and round the fillies got and can't wait to see if they get even fatter and rounder. Your story was very well written and very good too. I loved every part of it.

7991901 You are most welcome I have always loved stories where the ponies or fillies in the story get fattened up and turn into big round soft balls of bellies and plumped up bodies. I think the ponies would look very cute all stuffed and round. I love how big and fat you made the fillies in this wonderful story and would love to read more of them getting bigger, fatter and softer. Perhaps where Fluttershy feeds them until they each get so big they have to be rolled around the town in order to move around. Just a thought for a story idea is all.

7991911 I may be able to do something with that :3c

I loved every moment of this story! So hot! We need more stories of the Cutie Mark Crusaders getting fattened up. Why should the adults have all the fun?

8179479 Glad to see it has a fanbase! I might do more in the future~

8185949 *crosses fingers* :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by doomie-22 deleted Sep 13th, 2017


How does Fluttershy know this Spellbound pony?

8989759 This story should clear things up.

Agh, would've responded myself if I'd seen this sooner. Thank you kindly for that :rainbowkiss:

9061994 You're welcome. I hope to see more from this story soon.

6 ponies becoming blobs in 1 chapter might be a new record! (nevermind, the whole town of ponyvile gets huge in https://www.fimfiction.net/story/358495/1/winter-weight-up/im-not-giving-him-cake-im-assaulting-him-with-cake)

"Aww c'mon," A familiar raspy voice chuckled deeply from the blue dollop, "What'sh Nightmare Night...without shome...indulgin'...?"

rainbow lost all that weight from https://www.fimfiction.net/story/346908/1/grounded/eat-yourself-at-home only to wind up immobile in fluttershy's cottage all over again.

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