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Sunset Shimmer has been trying to prove she’s changed but seemingly no one was willing to put the past in the past except for her friends. These five girls seemed to forgive Sunset for her past “boo-boo’s” but now in the semi-finals of the Battle of the Bands Competition Sunset made a mistake and is reminded once again of Canterlot High’s opinion of her. The irony is she could’ve dealt with that, if not for the lecture from her friends but she could’ve dealt with that as well if there was any reason to believe she did what she did for selfish reasons but there isn’t. Sunset makes a bold move when she asks her friends “what if it had been one of them?” she gets an answer that sends her off and in a time of need someone reaches out a hand to help her but who that hand belongs to could lead to trouble.

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Interesting. I'll be looking forward to seeing where this goes.

You are so right about the Anon-A-Miss part my friend. :pinkiecrazy:

An alternate and believable story? I am curious.


Frankly, that comic was horrendous: the drawing, the rampant OOC syndrome in the Humane Six and the final with the CMC getting off scot free after near ruining Sunset 's life for no better reasons than popularity and being plain jerks.
An absolute piece of garbage :ajbemused::pinkiesick:

Interesting. I'll be looking forward to seeing where this goes... notice the ...I got nothing.

The CMC got off free mainly because Sunset is bigger than her peers so to speak in that she is able to forgive. Also they did have to take down the page and a lot of detention.

Nice, I've had a problem with the human side of the elements of harmony for a while and seeing a story call them out on it feels fantastic. I've especially thought about everyone else's actions and how they're just automatically forgiven at the end of the movie despite not actually being controlled so I appreciate you pointing that out. Looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

Personally I feel Twilight put too much faith in the humane six to take care of Sunset after all they may be similar to her friends in Equestria but...

Sunset no don't give into the temptation of being one of them nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!:fluttercry: But I love how you wrote Adagio she was exactly how she was in the movie. You are getting an invite and I bookmark.keep it up.

Nice job breaking it, Rainbooms.

I'll be keeping an eye on this to see how it develops.

"What is up DramaAlert nation? I'm your host, Killer Memestar, and let's get rooooiiiiiigggghhhhttt intooooooo the neeeeewwwwzsss. Earlier today, the Rainbooms had an argument, and-

I'll stop now. Sorry.

Great story. Memestar isn't worthy of it.

7314025 I feel that all human counterparts of the ponies are complete donkeys (Rainbow Dash, CMC), or high maintenance (Rarity, Fluttershy) or somewhere in between (AJ and Pinkie). The only human characters that were actually as likeable and kind as thier pony counterparts were Dean Cadance, Sci-Twi, Vinyl Scratch, and maybe Derpy.
And it bothers me how the movie didn't give a tiny explanation of why the Rainbooms didn't invite Sunset to be in their band in the first place. I couldn't tell whether it was because they were afraid no one would see them play if Sunset was in their band or if they thought Sunset wasn't interested because she didn't ask them or show them her musical talents earlier.
A lesson about true forgiveness would be really nice. It bothers me how nobody forgives Sunset for her past bullying days. The fact that they don't forgive her, just makes them just as mean and bitter as Sunset's old self. I understand that Hasbro wants to teach little girls about being careful who you trust however that doesn't mean that they can't practice forgiveness and show compassion to others!!

7314574 I can sense much confrontation in the future.

7314069 Theirs also the fact that after the Battle of the Bands they did nothing to help the Sirens despite helping Sunset. Hell in the Friendship games, Midnight Sparkle almost destroyed the whole damn world yet she's given a free pass.

'Oh but Fennyo, Sunset and Twilight apologized and the Sirens didn't.'

So, as the paragons of Harmony, or Guardians or Elements or whatever, shouldn't they rise above that and help them anyway?

Sorry, didn't mean to rant. It's just that I love the Sirens and I felt they could have done more.

Your story is interesting. And it leads to a question: will Sunset's friendship be fixed or will it be ruined and become part of the Dazzlings forever :raritywink:

Keep up the good work, my friend. This is really entertaining to read. :twilightsmile:

7316138 And will Scootaloo get upset at her role model Rainbow Dash for what she did?

Sunset as a siren? I definitely want to see this.

You have definitely caught my attention with this one. I will be waiting eagerly for how things turn out.

ahahahhahahah... yessssss... This will be glorious! If it's a monster they want then it's a monster they get. I can already hear the "what have we done", the "I knew she never changed", the "you don't really want to do this", the "this isn't you". And I sincerely hope Sunset doesn't go back to being one of the Rainbooms. I love stories like this one.

Oh boy, the Rainbooms are in trouble now! Especially Rainbow Dash! :pinkiegasp:

I like this story.

You know, it's hard to tell if Adagio is just manipulating Sunset or if she's being sincere with her. Maybe it's both.

I find it hard to find stories based on that moment in Rainbow Rocks. I salute you for coming up with this and hope to read more of what's to come in the future.

This definitely needs one more chapter & an epilogue

I do hope you plan to finish this. :pinkiegasp:

Rainbooms.........sigh:facehoof:.....alright, Alucard. You know what to tell them:

Hope to read another chapter soon!

Sunset’s finger brushed the box and as she did she felt a small wave of power go through her

Do it... do it...!

And with that Sunset put the pendant around her neck and the moment she did it surged with power Sunset’s eyes began to glow red and a large crimson red beam of light shot into the sky!


I fully plan to continue this story I'm just a little stuck. But worry not, the best surprises are yet to come.

"I am Sunset Shimmer, and I experience friendship in my own way!"

And with that Sunset put the pendant around her neck and the moment she did it surged with power Sunset’s eyes began to glow red and a large crimson red beam of light shot into the sky!

(Play music starting at 0:44)

Whelp I'm going out on the limb here and say it's been abandoned.

Excellent chapter. The world better watch out the Dazzlings have a new sister.

7492064 Making the sirens lose and making this into an adventure story with sunset experiencing friendship as they jump from town to town might be interesting. (Just be sure they still have the pendants, or at least some of them. And the quest to repair the shards starts!)

Sorry...:facehoof: my imagination runs wild, too bad I can't write that well. :raritydespair:

7514663 "You don't start of writing great you start off writing crap" Stephen King

7505378 There hasn't been anything since mid July. :ajbemused:

7517983 No need to get snippy I didn't know that.

Looking forward to the next chapter.


But damn, that cliffhanger.

IT LIVES! :pinkiehappy:
A few grammar issues, simple capitalization in a few parts, but sans that, wonderful! Glad to see this story in my feed and can't wait to see what goes down next! :rainbowdetermined2:

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