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Eight years.

Eight years full of conflict and war – eight long years she has spent living a life a thousand years in the past. Eight years of fighting for various lords and ladies, all leading up to a final duel against the warlord Apollyon.

Now, the Warden has returned to her own time and must reacquaint herself with the culture of the twenty-first century and the life she left behind. However, she is not the only one who remembers the conflicts of Ashfeld…

Crossover wiþ For Honor. This takes place just after Rainbow Rocks, so the events of Friendship Games have yet to happen. This concept is inspired by the story Springtime for a Drake; I highly recommend giving it a read.

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For Honor is a video game focusing on medieval combat. ‘Tis basically a “Who would win in a fight?” game between knights, Vikings, and samurai.
Here, I’ll leave a link to þe cutscene depicted in þe first chapter. I... may have tweaked þings in my version a little.

Cutscene starts at 2:38.

Looks interesting.
Well-written enough for the grammatical errors to not bother me. You could still use a pre-reader, nonetheless.
While I'm not open for such a position, I know there are many groups who are.

I'm keeping an eye on this one.

Þank you! :pinkiehappy: I’m grateful for þe compliment, but I’d actually prefer it if my errors were pointed out. Poor grammar irritates me as well, and I’m always trying to improve. John Grisham or Kkat I æm not.
Regarding þe pre-reader, I couldn’t agree more. Right now, I’m essentially my own pre-reader; as such, I’m always looking for anyone who’s willing to help.

Wow. that was great! Was not expecting ARIA to be the leader of the Vikings.

Þank you! :pinkiehappy: I’ve been working on þis for quite some time, and I’m ecstatic to see such a positive reaction.

Regarding þe spoiler… you’re close. Aria is among þe Vikings (specifically as a Shaman of þe Drekiheim clan) but she is not þeir leader. Þat honor goes to Jarl Vegarðr, an O.C. of mine; þe only leader in þe room was Ayu... in hindsight, I probably should’ve made þat more clear. :facehoof: My bad.

I love this fan fic it’s amazing canny wait to ver mas no e leído lo que recommended but I will read it now

Not nearly enough for a fourþ chapter at þe moment, but I have been working on it, I assure you. Unfortunately, I’ve written myself into a corner and, as of now, I haven’t þe slightest clue as to how to get out of it. I know what I want to happen, just not how to make it happen.
My sincerest apologies. One thing I despise is when auþors disappear wiþout a word, and here I am doing þe exact same thing. :facehoof: I’ll try to keep everyone posted from now on.

Most definitely. :ajsleepy: I’ve managed to write myself into a corner wiþ þe next chapter, and I am in severe need of an editor. If you’re offering, I’d be honored to accept.

GAH! I so want this to continue! Writer's Block sucks though, I know.

Trust me, I want þis to continue as much as you do; :ajsleepy: unfortunately, I have written myself into a corner wiþ þe next chapter, and ended up forgetting about þis story completely until þe Marching Fire expansion came out a few weeks ago. I’m trying to get back into þe swing of þings, but work is keeping me a bit... distracted right now.
Þe fic’s not dead, þough. I promise þe fic’s not dead.

I shall await an update with baited breath... And then I'll remember to breathe and wait normally.

I’m deeply sorry to put þis story on hiatus, but I cannot in good faiþ string you guys along any longer. Real life is swamping me right now, and my drive to continue On Shimmering Steel has nearly fizzled out.
Þe story isn’t dead – I do plan to continue þe story someday – but I’ve currently written myself into a corner and lack the creative spark needed to get out of it. I’m sorry, but I’ve no interest right now in continuing þis story… and from þe lack of feedback in þe comments section, I don’t þink þere’s much interest fröm you guys eiþer. I won’t lie… þat’s a big factor as to why I can’t bring myself to continue; it feels like I’m only publishing þis for my own sake, and þat’s not enough.
Clay Pigeon

I am willing to help. Sorry I am late. I hope others sill agree that this story is awesome, and I personally like it a lot, and we wait for it's return.

I've been looking for another For Honor story to read, and I'm happy to find this. Been enjoying it so far, and I'll be looking forward to continuing reading this whenever you decide to update this. :twilightsmile:

Hey, if you like for honor stories, I have a for honor story that isn't displaced. Though it does have humans put into equestria. Just click my name and look at FOR THE HONOR OF EQUESTRIA.

My sincerest apologies for getting to þis so late! :ajsleepy: As I hinted at in my previous comment, real-life kind of has me at a moment where I really need to get my shit togeþer and writing does not take priority, unfortunately. If you’re willing to help in any way, I’d be honored to accept.

Yes sir. I can write a chapter, and send it for approvel, or edit chapters as you do them. I also can help with direction. The story is slice of life, and her transition home. A fight here and there, but it isn't about those.

Any and all of þose would be perfect. I’ll send you a DM wiþ a link.

I just noticed.
This story has ZERO dislikes at the time of this comment.
In my eyes, that speaks highly of the quality of your literary skill in and of itself.
If you want some actual praise, i honestly feel like leaving it off on the cliffhanger you did is the only low point.
But that is more a personal nitpick out of bias against cliffhangers.

Also, it'd be some funny shit if Sci-Twi was sent back in time as well.
Have her be either an orochi or nobushi.
That'd be a fricking headspin.


I honestly feel like leaving it off on the cliffhanger you did is the only low point.

I’ll admit, þis cliffhanger has aged poorly to me; originally, ‘twas done because I was uncomfortable wiþ writing action scenes yet and wanted to publish what I had lest I never do so.

Also, it’d be some funny shit if Sci-Twi was sent back in time as well.
Have her be either an Orochi or Nobushi.
That'd be a fricking headspin.

As cool as þat would be, I’m going to have to joss þis one. Sunset was þe only character to travel þrough time; þe Dazzlings got to þe present þe normal way… by waiting. Þat’s why Aria is surprised to see þe Warden’s spitting image in þe present – it shouldn’t be possible.
I’ll have similar characters to þe present day – such as Countess Celeste/Principal Celestia – but þese are distant relatives, not þe same character.

So when’s new chapter coming out

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