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A thousand years ago, Spike was yanked away from his home and thrown into a strange world of warfare and constant intrigue. A thousand years later, after succumbing to an ambush, he was returned to his erstwhile home... right at the moment he was gone, and in his original, small frame.

Cross-over with A Song of Ice and Fire / A Game of Thrones. Story will take place solely in Equestria.

Cover art by: myself

Featured on 15/11/2016 :yay:

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I'll keep an eye on this.


That's an interessting idea, i like it

A white-haired girl yelled desperately at my side, as the giant dragon laid prostrate on the ground, heaving difficultly. The wounds bothered him not, yet whatever poison that had tainted it had caused all his remaining strength to leech out.

He tried my best to maintain my composure and said to the assembled group of youth, who were looking at him with faces of dire concern.

In the first two sentences, you've been through three different point of views.
This story has an interesting plot and setting, but you desperately need to get an editor.

7590835 Please forgive me. :fluttershysad: I've already corrected it several minutes after submission once I discovered the issue, and you might be viewing an old cache. I've originally written the story in first person, but to bring it more in line to the source material's style, I modified it to a third-person narration. But it's a bit late here and in a hurry I blundered it. It should be alright now! I'm not usually that bad in proofreading and pronouns, please believe him her them me :raritycry:

Comment posted by DreamCloud deleted Sep 24th, 2016

So, how much knowledge of Game of Thrones is going to be required to understand this story?

7590854 I don't know who you are but I will find you and hug youi1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/572/599/667.png

I have wiedr feeling that Spike is now follower of "In Game of Thrones you win or die" and poor Twillight is now his way to achive power.

7591299 It should be minimal to understand, because I would give adequate description throughout the story via inner thoughts of Spike. But there might be some nudges and winks there as well that readers of ASoIaF might understand more readily.

7591306 Aww, *hug* Thanks!

7591361 Well... That would merit a dark tag, and perhaps even thriller and tragedy. :twilightsheepish:

7590800 7590830 Thanks!

7591933 I would love it if you did more please

Great idea keep writing loving it

7591933 is it foolish to hope for more because I want to see more

7591933 I like to see Blue Blood play The Game of Thrones and actually be a good player maybe be a bit inexperienced but slowly but surely start taking over Equestria and someone has to challenge him it'll be interesting seeing him play against Luna and Celestia also having to unite other nations against Equestria so he can take the throne I seriously hope you make blue blood a competent major villain because I would love to read that I would read the hell out of it like maybe Blue Blood wants to make equestrian only for unicorns or maybe he believes he would be a better ruler than Celestia since he sees that she's just too merciful like seriously some of the stuff she does in the show is pretty embarrassing like letting her student take care of everything I would love to see blue blood actually bring this up the first chapter is very promising and it makes me feel like spikes going to be a major player whether he knows it or not please make blue blood a major player

7592428 There would be more to come, I am not one to not finish what I've started! Your idea is interesting, I would think over whether any element of it is suitable for this setting or for spinning into a separate story. I lean towards the latter because any change in Equestria in this story would be caused by ol' Spike, and he's not the Littlefinger-type who fans chaos for benefit. He's, frankly, too old for this s-- tuff. But full-fledged wars and intrigue would be fun to write too, only that it requires good planning!

7592601 you read my idea i feel so good i see blueblood being more of a Littlefinger who cares about the wellbeing of his lands and family even if he has to remove them to protect his people not evil but not good neutral in the coming conflict unless it hurts his family

Blueblood playing around Luna or Celestia is not that hard when we count how many times Tailligh and co needed to save the day with McGuffin. So I have feeling that after Twillight ascension on alicorn Spike might belive that she would be better ruler then Celestia and Luna.

Great chapter keep it up.

"I dreamt I was old." My favorite line from the show, I'm happy it was here.

7593093 Cheers! :twilightsmile:

7592884 Well, I think it's certainly possible to portrait such a scenario. But still, this Spike is over a thousand years old mentally, and by then, he has little ambition for power himself. The line I shamelessly ripped off from the show (wink wink 7593470) hinted at his characterization. Even if conflict does come to this world, he would not, or at least would strive not to be its progenitor.

that would be kind'a weird to just live another life just to go back to your old one

I honestly want to see Spike follow them and either defeat the dragon or just talk him into leaving :pinkiesmile:

Hmm, Twilight is being extra slave ownerish in this, kinda makes me wanna slap her.

7594102 There would be plenty of chances for him to interact with Equestrian dragons, don't worry!

7594114 She's a Good Master. Nay, it was morning grumps at first, but she did grow a bit paranoid afterwards. :twilightsheepish:

Okay, I buy it.

7596646 *Cha-Ching* Thanks for your purchase!

So far a nicely detailed and interesting story. Hope to see more.

Can't wait for more this is so good.

Oh my sweet Jon, please more. This is simply too good.

Ha! Can't wait for the next update!

Yeah... I'm watching this now.

This story is so good. Keep it up!!

7613176 7624892 7625104 7625248 7625560 7625569 7626794

Aww... (Heart melted into a puddle of caramel)

Thank you very much for your kind words! Will try my best to keep going!

hm... so this isn't going to be a standard "story" but more of a collection of events, since this chapter has so little to do with the previous one

7631263 Like the original series, this story will not be strictly sequential. The story will be told through the perspectives of different characters, and there might be gaps and overlaps in terms of location and time. Still, there would be adherence to certain themes across adjacent chapters, and cross-references would certainly be included in future chapters (i.e. read on! :twilightsmile:).

Another good character. I can't wait for Spike to meet other dragon. Keep it up!

It's kind'a sad how spike remembers the girl like he does but she's just a dream :pinkiesad2:

I thought this was the weakest chapter so far. What I've enjoyed about this story is seeing how Spike acts in circumstances from the show, or how he interacts with other characters from the show. This chapter had none of the former, and very little of the latter. I'm still interested, this just wasn't my thing.

7631755 Thank you! Your support is my drive to write on as always! :twilightsmile:

7632625 Yes... sad indeed. Still, for a dragon this age, who witnessed so many losses in his life, he was not some drake to dwell on them always, lest he could not even pass a day without mournful regret. Still, Calla's appearance in his dream is not there just because.

7632873 Alas, I am very sorry that you feel let down, but I can only ask for patience. To Spike, his life in Westeros still looms large in the forefront of his mind, and happenstances in Equestria will inevitably remind him of certain points in his long personal history. This is also the most straightforward way to give hints to his past and his likely action in the future without making him spill the beans.

Don't worry though, such 'flashback' or dream sequence will not dominate the story, as I have noted that the main stage of the story will be Equestria, and interactions with Equestrians are the topmost elements. This is also just a very early part in the whole story, and before Spike's actions cause too much divergence, references to canon events will be there (This chapter also has it, actually).

Well, there's unlikely to be more Westeros dreams... unless our good princess Luna is called in to do something about it :trollestia:

Perhaps it's because I haven't rewatched the earlier seasons recently, but I didn't notice references to canon events this chapter. The references in chapters 2 and 3 were obvious, but even upon rereading this chapter I couldn't find any references. What did I miss? Or would telling me defeat the point of the exercise?

7633697 It will be expounded upon in the next chapter, since Spike's departure was the background of a certain episode. One thing I would like to stress, though, is that there will be divergence in events and perspectives from early on, and it's a stylistic choice. Hitting stations of the canon all the way down by recreating the contexts and adopting the POVs of each episode does not fit with the planned structure of this cross-over, which would also involve significant events from Westeros' history and Spike's past.

Some canon events are going to change significantly or even not happen at all as the logical conclusion of previous actions or choices of this Spike. In essence, I would hope for this story to be more than a series of reskinned MLP episodes and this Spike more than a surrogate of an ASoIaF aficionado.

7633397 I was hoping their was some reason for her to be in his dream :pinkiesmile:

Great chapter.
Thanks for use the mlp comic and talking about the dragon that live there.
I'm glad that you are using Spike as very intelligent dragon,for the peace treaty
Loving the story keep it.:moustache:

it seems like celestia suspects something but she doesnt know what

Celestia is going to be surprised.

I wonder if he'll ever come clean with anyone, and to that, both who and how? Perhaps to Luna, contemplating dreams and if his experience was one... I don't know, but I can't wait to find out

I feel dumb :rainbowderp:
I couldn't understand half the words Spike said :unsuresweetie:
Great. Chapter :pinkiehappy:

7670005 Thanks! Well, certainly he has ample experiences to draw from the other world. If there's anything he's seen too much in Westeros, it's incessant politicking. This meeting is tame stuff on the surface of it...

7670111 The seed of doubt is there, that's for certain...

7670134 Ha, let's see how this pans out!

7670354 Coming clean, either intentionally or unintentionally, would certainly be a big moment. For now, the dragon is determined to seal his lips as tight as possible, and his worry is manyfold.

7670978 Haha, Spike's certainly being flowery in his words in some parts, wanting to show how he could help beyond standing around. He's also trying to get a funny reaction from her with the overly detailed description of the 'Twilight diary', that's for certain :rainbowlaugh:

This story is by far my favorite out of my library, so to the I congratulate you. And as a side note, how's the next chapter doing? I'm trying to predict but I feel I'm way off.

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