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fiction lover

like stories that are compeling and with good discription of whats going on with filler events that make up the main source fo the content.

welcome and know that we are always guiding you to your destiny

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Thank you for favouriting Soul in the Sword!

Ooh, I love it! :pinkiehappy: Thanks for the help!

I know that song! That's a good thought, especially come considering this takes place right after Rainbow Rocks.

also add like a song that she sing "rise and conquer, fight for honor allies and brothers our fallen fathers all died for honor" just that tid bit from JT music that would be a shout out in some way or form you have a universe forming before you as you write it.


think military some times it helps as for how to get to the goal of the story try adding small events like at this class in history the thousand yard stare ptsd of the teacher talking about the dark ages/medevil times or like the end of chapter 3 soon to be the dodge ball massacre that sunset will bring the small things added like the filling of a sandwich (crazy analogy i know) can help you along the road to the end/ sequel OR prequel of the story.


DON’T LET THIS STORY DIE, OK‽ I have seen too many fics go to an early grave lately, and it's getting depressing/annoying.

You need not worry; I have no intention of letting it die. The only problem right now is that, while I know where I want to go with this, I’m not quite sure how to get there.

…include PTSD that is a must especially sword combat that's up-close personal killing that the world has distanced from and I mean memory dreams and flashbacks that kind of thing.

I had always planned for Sunset’s past as the Warden to be a driving point of the story but had not thought of taking it as far as post-traumatic stress disorder… for some reason. :facehoof: Why didn’t I think of that‽

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my wisdom on current stories and outside events in the real world

lost light is currently still in production
i am also taking a week vacation on the week of the 4th of July
with family so i wont be updating it till i get back though i would like to continue while i am on vacation there is no internet in lake Shalan.

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why has no one made this · 12:57am Sep 9th, 2015

In my search for story's that are compelling and funny with a bit of action i ask myself.... why has no one made a magicka story
or a magicka displaced story it would be an interesting read wizard is just walking around throwing death beams and light beams it would be awesome.

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