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fiction lover

like stories that are compeling and with good discription of whats going on with filler events that make up the main source fo the content.


why has no one made this · 12:57am Sep 9th, 2015

In my search for story's that are compelling and funny with a bit of action i ask myself.... why has no one made a magicka story
or a magicka displaced story it would be an interesting read wizard is just walking around throwing death beams and light beams it would be awesome.

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all time low has hit me like a fucking truck from hell · 1:00am Sep 25th, 2014

i have just learned today at 5:30 my mom has one to two years left to live.

cancer in the lymph nodes... fuck just fuck im crying right now even as i type so I think my story is gonna be canceled indefinitely to those who know about it and to my favorite story writers please.... just... please keep writing and updating your story, im gonna go be with my mom now....... god dammit.

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Im at a loss · 8:23am Jun 11th, 2014

I have done so much to improve my story and even have an editor willing to find time in there life to help me with my story but even with all the work that is done I am starting to wonder if its worth publishing this story when only a few people are helping me or are motivating me to continue writing but im gonna try to see the silver lining in all this is this story or even writing a story is worth it.

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